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  1. RT @incarceratedbob: #Knicks Arron Afflalo is M.I.A. and KP in foul trouble ... looks like a disaster 2nd half coming

  2. RT @BishopLamont: @tommyspinelli Yes it will. Also physical copies(of course), a deluxe version, and limited edition special vinyl.

  3. @incarceratedbob Are you gonna root for Johnny Football last 2 weeks?

  4. @THE_ELPRESADOR Jets have been known to make careers out of opposing QBs, 1st Kaepernick, now Manziel.

  5. RT @TrentStarkey: Same. @wizkhalifa https://t.co/p4GhqwiBTu

  6. @Thirteen_Time @RapSheet you cared enough to comment

  7. I was 50155th with 0 points in the Talking Dead Quiz! http://t.co/SrfSrjZgKS #PlayDead

  8. RT @incarceratedbob: You deleting your Twitter tonight or waiting until after the Super Bowl @nfldraftscout -- ??#Cam "Not an NFL QB" http…

  9. RT @CBSSportsNBA: 24 points. 14 rebounds. Six blocks. One Big Apple in the palm of his hand. #Godzingis Knicks up 1 with 1:22 to go https:/…

  10. RT @Bigbuttfanpage: Saved this beast from the road @THE_ELPRESADOR https://t.co/16yliNW5UU

  11. RT @harrison_barron: *Spits out drink* https://t.co/vjJCT9HNw6

  12. RT @incarceratedbob: Eagles fans lit after beating Giants ? https://t.co/ckbWjMmMCA

  13. @THE_ELPRESADOR That's why he's known as Barnkowski

  14. RT @Schubes17: Oh my goodness @kporzee' smile after meeting Dirk was adorable. https://t.co/UOFm91vcD7

  15. @THE_ELPRESADOR NFL Relevancy Report is a bit overdue, you should do it this week with the week 7 picks

  16. RT @BroadwayKrol: @incarceratedbob tannehill is best QB in division

  17. RT @RealSkipBayless: I'm not the biggest Landry Jones fan - saw every play he played at OU - but highly doubt Steelers win this game if Vic…

  18. @incarceratedbob https://t.co/UC0J55J30G you got mentioned on wikipedia

  19. @Jeff_Mans @jz0524 drop tannehill

  20. @incarceratedbob I thought the Bills already hired the first female coach in Rob Ryan??, they hired ANOTHER ONE??

  21. RT @incarceratedbob: That's Jets defense though .... and @Godforshort back in 3 weeks #Rex who?

  22. RT @Philander_X: RT @JoseHustle James Harden is the worst #3 overall pick along with Marcus Fizer and Eddy Curry >> Eddie curry was a huge …

  23. RT @Seahawks: Carroll on free agent RB Fred Jackson in Seattle: "This is a visit not a signing."

  24. @IBNincarcerated I removed the tweet 5 minutes after I posted it cuz I scrolled down, my bad.

  25. @AlexisSprofera Did you get hacked??

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