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  1. TB is gonna take a qb, that's a given. Ten seems to like mettenberger. Oak and jax aren't going to take a qb, then there's us, barring trade ups with maybe A qb or cooper available

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    tampa takes mariota, oakland or nyg's take cooper, and i think theres a slim chance winston might slip,


    we'll see what happens in free agency

  2. https://www.facebook.com/NFL/posts/10152243264951263\


    I must warn you, there's almost 4,000 plus comments full of hate, and it's really offensive, could make you cry on the inside,


    wish we could do something about this, but I don't think we can, it's concerning.


    I can't even find a positive comment after reading through about 600 of them (I saw 2 mocking Brady, that's it).


    Why cant they lock up the comments, so other people don't get offended?.


    I hope we stick it up to them, and have a great season!.

  3. I think the first game of the season, all the Jets fans should burn PETA and SUNY Cortland flags then eat hog dogs and wings. I truely cannot wait until the season and i see these morons protesting the game. It will be absolutley hillarious how they get mocked and abused.   i will enjoy every minute of it.  I was never a huge Micheal Vick fan  but the so called animal rights people who eat meat and wear leather have made me into a huge Vick fan.attachicon.gifhhh.png

  4. Eric Decker worries me. He's a product of Manning and will be Santonio Holmes V2.0 without the constant bickering, thats about it. He's going to ask for #1 type money and will give us production of a #3 WR with our QB situation.

    decker would do fine in ny, he had 8 tds w/ kyle orton and tim tebow..


    he's a hall of famer compared to what we have.

  5. If what you meant by "the Jets 1st team to contact Ware" being John Elway calling up the Jet to fly Ware to Denver then you're absolutely right lol. 

    I dont think you read the tweet correctly, he said the jets were the 1ST TEAM to contact him, and others (like Denver) would jump on board.

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