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  1. RT @TrentStarkey: Same. @wizkhalifa https://t.co/p4GhqwiBTu

  2. RT @incarceratedbob: So 361 days later after taking full control, Eagles released Chip Kelly ... Maybe Chip was gang affiliated? @DeSeanJa…

  3. RT @Ravens: .@SnoopDogg https://t.co/fOJInNhJJD

  4. RT @AdamSchefter: Bills' RB Boobie Dixon: Jets game next Sunday is our "Super Bowl".

  5. @Nveontrix I need the Nightfall cuz someone told me that it would glitch out if i did it w/o my referal friend for some reason

  6. RT @Philander_X: RT @JoseHustle James Harden is the worst #3 overall pick along with Marcus Fizer and Eddy Curry >> Eddie curry was a huge …

  7. @Nveontrix I'm on whenever your able to help me level up

  8. @NBA #NBAVote Kristaps Porzingis @kporzee

  9. @J_McCurry08 His videos are for entertainment purposes only, and I will start West though I lost cuz of Demarco Murray smh

  10. @Bravesoul79 Theres a little thing at the top of the page called "the search button" or "Search Twitter"

  11. RT @atmosphere: han solo still my hero

  12. @THE_ELPRESADOR Is Dwayne Bowe still alive?

  13. RT @Rand_Getlin: Eric Decker. The ? to fantasy success!

  14. RT @NBA2KTVs: LeBron gets postered. https://t.co/KwOEuJbclV

  15. RT @Saber_Farhud20: If you want to draft a RB in the top 10, take Melvin Gordon. I feel like Gurley Is going to be a bust lol.

  16. Nice L Bruh @stephenasmith Congratulations to @JManziel2 for getting his starting job back. He has a shot at going 1-4.

  17. @incarceratedbob Are you gonna root for Johnny Football last 2 weeks?

  18. RT @incarceratedbob: Best defense in the #EAST Islanders shutdown Devils 4-0

  19. RT @incarceratedbob: IBN Sports Wrap - #FantasySleepers #FantasyFootball Four #IBN Sleepers @ https://t.co/X3xOH7ehNV #PlayoffPush

  20. RT @incarceratedbob: Barkley wild

  21. RT @RichCimini: Rookie QB Marcus Mariota is the real deal; Tennessee Titans are real bad https://t.co/C2nbvl05il

  22. RT @Schubes17: Oh my goodness @kporzee' smile after meeting Dirk was adorable. https://t.co/UOFm91vcD7

  23. @FillWerrell 1,000th like

  24. @JackRage_ @NBA Karl Anthony Towns 4 of his last 5 games don't look so consistent..

  25. @AndreElijah no fallout 4??

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