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  1. @incarceratedbob I figured it out that it was a Thanksgiving Sleeper, and I did scoop him up, needed a TE in a few leagues

  2. @incarceratedbob I thought the Bills already hired the first female coach in Rob Ryan??, they hired ANOTHER ONE??

  3. @incarceratedbob If Trent Richardson signs with the Cowboys behind that O Line, will he win Comeback Player Of The Year?.

  4. @incarceratedbob Martavis Bryant, Sam Bradford, Andre Johnson.

  5. @incarceratedbob Not even Mike Francesa can Mush the Cubs Curse.

  6. @incarceratedbob Porzingis almost posted a Triple Double tonight.. He is the Future of the NBA and I'm glad he's on the Knicks!.

  7. @incarceratedbob Stephen Drew is definitely #JV material.. He should be on the Mets next year.

  8. @incarceratedbob Update on Mangold?? I'm a bit worried tbh

  9. @incarceratedbob Whats with Derek Fisher and these HORRIBLE lineup changes late in games?? IDK about this dude smh

  10. @incarceratedbobWe We Won!!

  11. @J_McCurry08 His videos are for entertainment purposes only, and I will start West though I lost cuz of Demarco Murray smh

  12. @JackRage_ @NBA Karl Anthony Towns 4 of his last 5 games don't look so consistent..

  13. @Jeff_Mans @jz0524 drop tannehill

  14. @Jeremiah_Thomas @DOOM I traded in Wolfenstein also, but no code. maybe it's cuz I bought Old Blood.

  15. @KimKardashian song was made 6 years ago.. kendrick is just finishing up his verse

  16. @madsprayer74 @THE_ELPRESADOR http://t.co/IGJgqCmp0z

  17. @MandyKuehn7 @RockiesBBallFan @Dbacks http://t.co/CJCWgP3otc

  18. @MattZoop @incarceratedbob agreed, glad he bounced back, and bird is hitting .248.

  19. @missnothing1039 @TeraBrite they trademarked the word react like they invented react videos and took down anything on YouTube related to it.

  20. @NBA #NBAVote Kristaps Porzingis @kporzee

  21. @Nveontrix I need the Nightfall cuz someone told me that it would glitch out if i did it w/o my referal friend for some reason

  22. @Nveontrix I'm on whenever your able to help me level up

  23. @NYJ_Henry lol thanks

  24. @nyjets Who?? Terrelle Pryor ran a 4.2 40, sign him up.

  25. @nyknicks @kporzee #NBAVote

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