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  1. RT @AthletesReIate: When you remember you bet on the game midway through your ruling... https://t.co/ey2ygU37vi

  2. @Jeremiah_Thomas @DOOM I traded in Wolfenstein also, but no code. maybe it's cuz I bought Old Blood.

  3. RT @BaltimoreLuke: I'm calling it now. #Ravens block the field goal and return it for the game-winning touchdown. No one wants to win.

  4. @TangoBlastin28 @HoustonRockets doesn't count cuz everyone was watching walking dead and thursday night football, plus 20/13/2 > 14/6/0

  5. @incarceratedbob I figured it out that it was a Thanksgiving Sleeper, and I did scoop him up, needed a TE in a few leagues

  6. RT @incarceratedbob: For some reason that day after #Thanksgiving plate of food always more enjoyable ...

  7. RT @Couzizou: Calvin Johnson is finished.

  8. RT @incarceratedbob: Eagles look like a defense that wants no part of Chip Kelly next year... #HeeeeeeeeeeeGone

  9. RT @IanBegley: Kristaps Porzingis, on 98.7 FM, says of the kid that took the infamous crying selfie on draft night: "I heard that he alread…

  10. @incarceratedbob Eli vs Peyton Super Bowl next year... New York vs New York... Brother vs Brother.

  11. I was 3748th with 2252 points in the Talking Dead Quiz! https://t.co/SrfSrjZgKS #PlayDead

  12. RT @CBSSportsNBA: 24 points. 14 rebounds. Six blocks. One Big Apple in the palm of his hand. #Godzingis Knicks up 1 with 1:22 to go https:/…

  13. @incarceratedbob Porzingis almost posted a Triple Double tonight.. He is the Future of the NBA and I'm glad he's on the Knicks!.

  14. RT @CokeboyMarky: Porzingis is a top 3 rookie possibly the best. But y'all will still talk sh*t on him.

  15. JAWBREAKING TWEET @1tyleroskin Geno smith is having a break out season this year. I'll put money on it

  16. @nyknicks @kporzee Career High?? nah, theres gonna be ALOT more games like this

  17. @THE_ELPRESADOR TBH, I'd dump Geno for him

  18. @incarceratedbob Whats with Derek Fisher and these HORRIBLE lineup changes late in games?? IDK about this dude smh

  19. RT @amandat818xoxo: Worst 4th quarter play calling ive ever seen in my life #JETS

  20. RT @incarceratedbob: Fitz looks shaky so far

  21. RT @SBNation: Tired of making a mess with missed shots? Introducing PORZINGIS! https://t.co/Q66hMNEwvj

  22. @incarceratedbobWe We Won!!

  23. RT @BMarshall: @RobbieGould09 will kick the game winner. #goodnight #MNF

  24. RT @MagicJohnson: Knicks fans should applaud @PhilJackson11 for getting the steal of the draft in @kporzee!

  25. RT @incarceratedbob: Chris "Don't Call Me Ebony" Ivory bullies his way into end zone 14-3 Jets

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