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  1. @nyknicks @kporzee Career High?? nah, theres gonna be ALOT more games like this

  2. @OGEatDatPussy Cant wait for your rant tomorrow. It could be a trap game for my Jets doe. Revis is a bit dinged up, + Decker might not play.

  3. @Pat_Lyness @incarceratedbob nah, I think its gonna be April-May next year again.

  4. @TangoBlastin28 @HoustonRockets doesn't count cuz everyone was watching walking dead and thursday night football, plus 20/13/2 > 14/6/0

  5. @TaylorRFricke Im follower #1,000

  6. @THE_ELPRESADOR 30+ mill

  7. @THE_ELPRESADOR Are you gonna bless us with a video beast?

  8. @THE_ELPRESADOR Chip Kelly did the same thing his rookie year on a 2 point attempt, which one is worse??

  9. @THE_ELPRESADOR Fitzpatrick's gotta manage the game like he did last week, then we'll win.

  10. @THE_ELPRESADOR How about in your Browns rant you wear that Jets jacket if they lose?

  11. @THE_ELPRESADOR http://t.co/RYsJLLbbx4

  12. @THE_ELPRESADOR I didn't play the beta at all yesterday, guess I'm not missing much.

  13. @THE_ELPRESADOR I disagree with ur Dead Body video.. All you need is Hydrofluoric Acid + a big plastic bucket. Then dump it down the toilet

  14. @THE_ELPRESADOR Is Dwayne Bowe still alive?

  15. @THE_ELPRESADOR Jets have been known to make careers out of opposing QBs, 1st Kaepernick, now Manziel.

  16. @THE_ELPRESADOR NFL Relevancy Report is a bit overdue, you should do it this week with the week 7 picks

  17. @THE_ELPRESADOR TBH, I'd dump Geno for him

  18. @THE_ELPRESADOR That's why he's known as Barnkowski

  19. @TheFitGawd @NFLRT big brody is that you??

  20. @Thirteen_Time @RapSheet you cared enough to comment

  21. @TyTynes @incarceratedbob I went with Eddie Lacy, with Nelson on IR, Lacy will get more pass catches.

  22. @WorkRevolt @lucentbeam Ah, what a coincidence, i loved that video!!, it made me farm for a hopscotch for 3 weeks LoL. congrats Lucent BTW!.

  23. I was 3748th with 2252 points in the Talking Dead Quiz! https://t.co/SrfSrjZgKS #PlayDead

  24. I was 50155th with 0 points in the Talking Dead Quiz! http://t.co/SrfSrjZgKS #PlayDead

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