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  1. JAWBREAKING TWEET @1tyleroskin Geno smith is having a break out season this year. I'll put money on it

  2. Just wait until Aaron Afflolo gets comes back @KnicksMemes Melo has 8 points and the Knicks have 106. THIS TEAM HAS NO DEPTH THO

  3. Metal Gear Rand V : The Presidential CamPain https://t.co/QrbJVxHl5R

  4. Nice L Bruh @stephenasmith Congratulations to @JManziel2 for getting his starting job back. He has a shot at going 1-4.

  5. RT @AdamSchefter: Bills' RB Boobie Dixon: Jets game next Sunday is our "Super Bowl".

  6. RT @amandat818xoxo: Worst 4th quarter play calling ive ever seen in my life #JETS

  7. RT @AthletesReIate: When you remember you bet on the game midway through your ruling... https://t.co/ey2ygU37vi

  8. RT @atmosphere: han solo still my hero

  9. RT @BaltimoreLuke: I'm calling it now. #Ravens block the field goal and return it for the game-winning touchdown. No one wants to win.

  10. RT @BananaBabeQT: First tweet ever...I have come to the dark side >_< and here is a cat butt in the air calendar. Yesssss https://t.co/mtR…

  11. RT @Bigbuttfanpage: Saved this beast from the road @THE_ELPRESADOR https://t.co/16yliNW5UU

  12. RT @BishopLamont: @HarryParslow Hey Harry, I just killed 2 hookers in my hotel room. Not my fault....if any of the guys come up here, don't…

  13. RT @BishopLamont: @tommyspinelli Yes it will. Also physical copies(of course), a deluxe version, and limited edition special vinyl.

  14. RT @bjrudell: Last year I wrote in @SI_Fantasy Toby Gerhart will be biggest RB bust. This year it's Carlos Hyde: https://t.co/lyjNfzyv0t #F…

  15. RT @BMarshall: @RobbieGould09 will kick the game winner. #goodnight #MNF

  16. RT @BroadwayKrol: @incarceratedbob tannehill is best QB in division

  17. RT @carmeloanthony: When you win your second consecutive @NBA Rookie of the Month award... Congrats to @kporzee. @nyknicks https://t.co/CIc…

  18. RT @CBSSportsNBA: 24 points. 14 rebounds. Six blocks. One Big Apple in the palm of his hand. #Godzingis Knicks up 1 with 1:22 to go https:/…

  19. RT @CokeboyMarky: Porzingis is a top 3 rookie possibly the best. But y'all will still talk sh*t on him.

  20. RT @Couzizou: Calvin Johnson is finished.

  21. RT @DailyRapFacts: 2016 :The Return Of MF DOOM https://t.co/oqWHXYdtBW

  22. RT @dbailey_18: Grateful for the opprotunity @nyjets!! Ayeee @leonardwilliams we back at it bruh coast✈️coast!! #Blessed

  23. RT @GoT_Tyrion: This is what Game of Thrones fans deal with every week... #TheWalkingDead

  24. RT @harrison_barron: *Spits out drink* https://t.co/vjJCT9HNw6

  25. RT @IanBegley: Kristaps Porzingis, on 98.7 FM, says of the kid that took the infamous crying selfie on draft night: "I heard that he alread…

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