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  1. @TaylorRFricke Im follower #1,000

  2. @79USMC @RichCimini Then Rex will pick him up on us next year..

  3. @NYJ_Henry lol thanks

  4. @THE_ELPRESADOR 30+ mill

  5. @AlexisSprofera Did you get hacked??

  6. The more I listen to these new @KidCudi tracks, the more I enjoy them!! Music to my ears #CudderSZN

  7. @MandyKuehn7 @RockiesBBallFan @Dbacks http://t.co/CJCWgP3otc

  8. RT @SI_Fantasy: Yeah, Harvin is too gimmicky for me. https://t.co/xW6qBM3fsM

  9. RT @BishopLamont: @tommyspinelli Yes it will. Also physical copies(of course), a deluxe version, and limited edition special vinyl.

  10. RT @Whataburger: Meek Mill take it from us- if you gonna serve beef serve it high quality

  11. RT @dbailey_18: Grateful for the opprotunity @nyjets!! Ayeee @leonardwilliams we back at it bruh coast✈️coast!! #Blessed

  12. @incarceratedbob Geno will retake the job, just not quite yet.

  13. RT @BroadwayKrol: @incarceratedbob tannehill is best QB in division

  14. @OGEatDatPussy Cant wait for your rant tomorrow. It could be a trap game for my Jets doe. Revis is a bit dinged up, + Decker might not play.

  15. @IBNincarcerated I removed the tweet 5 minutes after I posted it cuz I scrolled down, my bad.

  16. RT @incarceratedbob: RIP Yogi Berra ... #Varsity #Legend #Yankees wow this hurts

  17. @nyjets Who?? Terrelle Pryor ran a 4.2 40, sign him up.

  18. RT @incarceratedbob: That's Jets defense though .... and @Godforshort back in 3 weeks #Rex who?

  19. @THE_ELPRESADOR Fitzpatrick's gotta manage the game like he did last week, then we'll win.

  20. @0vvnd @THE_ELPRESADOR Is that Chris Bosh's long lost twin Dinosaur brother?? #BEAST

  21. @IBNincarcerated Jets D or Titans D?

  22. RT @jaredmichael928: Carlos Hyde. Trash.

  23. @IBNincarcerated I made the move in a few of my leagues cuz Luck's bye week isn't until Week 10, and IDK if Bradford will be healthy by then

  24. @MattZoop @incarceratedbob agreed, glad he bounced back, and bird is hitting .248.

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