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  1. @Thirteen_Time @RapSheet you cared enough to comment

  2. RT @bjrudell: Last year I wrote in @SI_Fantasy Toby Gerhart will be biggest RB bust. This year it's Carlos Hyde: https://t.co/lyjNfzyv0t #F…

  3. @THE_ELPRESADOR http://t.co/RYsJLLbbx4

  4. @TheFitGawd @NFLRT big brody is that you??

  5. @THE_ELPRESADOR Jets have been known to make careers out of opposing QBs, 1st Kaepernick, now Manziel.

  6. @THE_ELPRESADOR How about in your Browns rant you wear that Jets jacket if they lose?

  7. Metal Gear Rand V : The Presidential CamPain https://t.co/QrbJVxHl5R

  8. @ChrisandPitts It would be a shame if someone were to "walk in with a loaded weapon" and tell everyone to "get out".

  9. @incarceratedbob Stephen Drew is definitely #JV material.. He should be on the Mets next year.

  10. @incarceratedbob Martavis Bryant, Sam Bradford, Andre Johnson.

  11. @IBNincarcerated Stevie Johnson or Andre Johnson in my FLEX for week 1?

  12. @TyTynes @incarceratedbob I went with Eddie Lacy, with Nelson on IR, Lacy will get more pass catches.

  13. RT @Paulie_Bruz: Still think Revis is going back to the Patriots until I see otherwise

  14. RT @Seahawks: Carroll on free agent RB Fred Jackson in Seattle: "This is a visit not a signing."

  15. @incarceratedbob If Trent Richardson signs with the Cowboys behind that O Line, will he win Comeback Player Of The Year?.

  16. @DeJoy83 @incarceratedbob It happened 2 years in a row, and 6 years in a row 3rd place in the AFC East #Dolphins, yeah, "that's funny", huh?

  17. RT @incarceratedbob: **BREAKING NFL NEWS** Redskins staff and high ranking officials want to trade or release RG3 before season starts.. Ow…

  18. @eallenjets @jhowertonjets Whats going on with Jeremy Kerley? How come he didn't play?

  19. RT @incarceratedbob: He almost had it ????https://t.co/i9BTGWLTka

  20. RT @incarceratedbob: RIP Al Arbour the coach that brought the dynasty to Long Island 19 straight playoff series wins 4 straight Cups #Isla…

  21. @Pat_Lyness @incarceratedbob nah, I think its gonna be April-May next year again.

  22. @WorkRevolt @lucentbeam Ah, what a coincidence, i loved that video!!, it made me farm for a hopscotch for 3 weeks LoL. congrats Lucent BTW!.

  23. @THE_ELPRESADOR I didn't play the beta at all yesterday, guess I'm not missing much.

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