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  1. demarcus ware and ed reed would be incradibly good veteran presence, but we'd have to let pace walk in order to get ware i believe.
  2. If Michael Vick starts, then we know Geno isn't the answer.
  3. damn, didn't see that, and i cant believe i got fooled for 5 seconds on a fake schefter account https://twitter.com/breezy4_MUT the breezy4 gave it away.
  4. lol, never mind, fake schefter account came up on my timeline..
  5. waiting for the vick signing to be adam schefter official..
  6. he would be great w/ mo wilkerson and sheldon drawing double teams.
  7. **BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: NY Jets first team to contact @DeMarcusWare ' others will get involved. #REX loves him https://twitter.com/IBNincarcerated https://twitter.com/incarceratedbob Make sure you follow both these accounts for more quick Jets updates!.
  8. **BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: Vick to the Jets is very close to getting done.. Buzz from multiple sources says it gets done before weekend
  9. free agency 1-verner or byrd 2-hakeem nicks 3-michael vick 4-jon asamoah 5-mark ingram 6-demarcus ware draft - 1st=mike evans 2nd=a-s jenkins 3rd=jarvis landry 4th= de/olb etc. if we dont sign michael vick, we could draft tajh boyd.
  10. he would be worth it, had a breakout year, in his prime, alot of upside,
  11. *NFL RUMORS**Source: Bears shifting focus to #Whitner (S) #49ers ' Also Jets in on the hard hitting beast.. #IBN
  12. lol, i dont even follow that clown.
  13. we already tried that twice.
  14. nah, sanchez is gona, jets are in very serious talks with michael vick as of last night w/ contract on the table, they also have mccown on the radar.
  15. jets are trying to get a pick for sanchez before they release him.
  16. sign up hakeem nicks to replace him.
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