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  1. Hi guys Drums’ Championship game has been scheduled GAME 8 (JUNE 1, 36/12, 11 PM EDT EOD) ! !22-22-7 (Flipline) Arapocalypse (Mafia Games Discord) Ash Lael (The Motte) Berz (allkpop) Call me Daniel (The Bell Tree) Catty91 (Werewolves Downunder) DeKay (The Sims Forums) Drums (JetNation) Fleur (Worstgen) KruZe (Two Plus Two) Legend Dan Hoffman (Play by Post) RagingIke297 (The Sock Drawer) Ser Kevan of Blackcrown (Paranoia Paradise) Steele (XHF Network) Zen Blade (Austin Hidden Role Gamers) Do you wish to spectate and/or talk with players from other communities? We have a big server on Discord (1,000+ members) for those that want to spectate and talk about these games. The representatives will be added to this channel too after they die. Or if you just want to chat with people from other communities, we have a general chat too that is unrelated to the Mafia Championship. 1) CLICK HERE TO JOIN: https://discord.gg/CwDKmjQ 2) Upon joining the server, please inform us of who you are and which community you are from. We will then give you the necessary permissions to see the spectator channel. This is necessary to avoid the wrong people (the representatives and their backups) joining the channel. You don't need to have Discord installed in order to join the channel, as there is a web version. Do you want to have your own private community spectator chat? This is definitely both allowed and encouraged. However, I ask that you please do everything possible to make this chat private and inaccessible to your representative, backup and your representative's opponents. It's important that your thoughts and comments don't influence the game. In other words, please don't post about the game in public threads -- this is very important. Mafia Championship Podcast For the first time ever, there will be a Mafia Championship podcast. The first episode goes live on Twitch at Sunday 4 PM Eastern - i.e. tomorrow. It will feature 4 former winners. There will also be podcasts on the following Sundays. It will go live here, if you are interested: Where do I get more info? Refer to this thread: https://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/25499-Season-7-General-Information This thread will tell you all the details about this season. It also includes a list of the 165 participating communities and their representatives.
  2. Are any of the people nominated thus far interested?
  3. Thanks a lot for sharing, Nyn I'll be here to answer any questions that you guys might have.
  4. I didn't hear you say no. I'll take that as a yes. Sending you the info straight away!
  5. @Lizard King if you win, I will ship you cookies!
  6. There's about a week left until the deadline. You are one of only a handful of communities left that have participated every single season. You've been part of the series ever since 2013/2014. I'm not sure if there has been any serious interest expressed yet, but I'm hoping someone will step up on behalf of JetNation
  7. Hey guys. I'm going on vacation next week, so won't be able to check in here. If you guys happen to decide on a representative for the Mafia Championship in that time, they can reach me on Mafia Universe or Discord (Thingyman#6075). I'll then make sure they get the information they need to get prepared
  8. Haha, thanks, Nolder, and this is indeed not an April's Fools joke :D Hope to see JetNation represented again.
  9. Hi guys I'm going on a short vacation tomorrow. Will be back Sunday, April 29. As for the deadline for choosing a representative (or someone volunteering themselves), I am extending this by a couple of days to May 3. When/if your representative is decided, that person should please either PM me on Mafia Universe or reach me on Discord: Thingyman#6075. During evenings I will quickly check messages and get them the information they need to prepare for the game.
  10. It's several smaller games. I.e. most of them are likely gonna be 13-player games (which in reality is 26 players on 13 hydra accounts). Hope you'll play, miss you
  11. Quick Mafia Championship Update For those who didn't follow the Mafia Championship to the end, Dels from GameFAQs ended up winning the fourth season. He will be receiving a winner's certificate signed by Dmitry Davidoff, the creator of Mafia. Hydra Event 2017 - Interested? Last year 220 players from dozens of different communities participated in the first ever cross-community Hydra Event. It was a big success and people have been wanting another one, so... It's finally here! If you don't know what "hydra" means, it's when two people share the same account (two heads). So the concept is that each participating community can send multiple hydras if they want, each consisting of two players, which tends to make the game more fun in addition to making it easier to be active since two players are playing on the same account. Sign-ups will be open for next couple of weeks. Those signing up will receive a link to a Doodle + a Google Survey so that they can be slotted into a game that suits their availability and preferences wrt game size and type. If you'd like to play, just find a partner and lemme know either here or in the thread below. More info here: http://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/12461-Hydra-Event-2017
  12. The Championship Game Has Begun! Hi guys! Your representative's Mafia Championship game has started and it's still Day 1: http://www.mafiauniverse.com/forums/threads/8945-Season-4-Game-9-Silicon-Valley-The-Mafia-Championship I wish them the best of luck. Remember to please keep discussion of the game to private channels where the players wouldn't be able to see your comments on the game. Also, if you want to spectate the game along with people from other communities, you can join the Discord server here (600+ people): https://discord.gg/zdeEhcg When you enter the server please tag and let the @staff know which community you are from and who you are cheering on and they'll give you access to the spectator channel
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