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  1. I didn't hear you say no. I'll take that as a yes. Sending you the info straight away!
  2. @Lizard King if you win, I will ship you cookies!
  3. There's about a week left until the deadline. You are one of only a handful of communities left that have participated every single season. You've been part of the series ever since 2013/2014. I'm not sure if there has been any serious interest expressed yet, but I'm hoping someone will step up on behalf of JetNation
  4. Hey guys. I'm going on vacation next week, so won't be able to check in here. If you guys happen to decide on a representative for the Mafia Championship in that time, they can reach me on Mafia Universe or Discord (Thingyman#6075). I'll then make sure they get the information they need to get prepared
  5. Haha, thanks, Nolder, and this is indeed not an April's Fools joke :D Hope to see JetNation represented again.

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