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  1. With Marshal / Decker / Kerley / Harvin (likely cut) on the roster right now, who else should the Jets try to pick up in the off season? My vote is: Jordan Cameron : With Decker and Marshal at WR we could look to target another TE this guy is a beast if he can stay healthy. Randal Cobb : up until today I didn't want Cobb and truth be told we really don't need him, but in a go big or go home type of scenario could you imagine a Jets offense that looked something like Marshal / Decker / Cobb / Cameron? would make for a good core I think.
  2. I like to surround myself in groups of illogical people so that I can feel better about my own insanity.
  3. Think about it logically our new GM is a personel guy, he has a lot of experience with past drafts and likely knows every draftable player in the draft this year. He gave up a 5th round pick and to me that says the guy I am getting is going to give my team more value than anyone that could possibly fall that far back in the draft. Have some faith until proven otherwise.
  4. and that is a fair argument. He also saved us from what should have been a very embarrassing safety during that stupid camouflage play. I am not saying that the guy is worth the 10m per year and I am certainly not saying that he is worth giving up a high 4th round pick to keep. My problem is that he doesn't deserve to be put down when he came to our team, did his best (keep in mind he didn't go to training camp with the jets and joined us halfway through the season) and he wasn't a source of drama for our organization.
  5. What has Harvin ever done wrong? (while on the Jets roster) the answer is nothing. Harvin has acted professionally and there is no reason to bad mouth him. Honestly the only two reason to get rid of him are the 4th (more important) and the cap hit. If they decide to keep Harvin I wouldn't lose any sleep over it honestly, he may have been a cancer to other organizations but as a Jet he has been well behaved and is undeserving of comments like this from Jets fans.
  6. Scary to think what kind of deal they are going to sign Wilkerson to
  7. I never once said Foles is bad, I am just wondering what others would think about a different option as opposed to following the same one we have been following for the past 2 months. Honestly I don't think either scenario pans out and I think Mariota is gone before pick number 6 anyway.
  8. That's up for debate. With Rex a LB would have been much more valuable because it seems no matter what QB you give him they all sucked. Bowels is a defensive minded coach also (not saying he will be the same way but no one really knows yet) it would not be absurd to think he would put a good LB to use better than he would be able to do with a decent QB. that being said also keep in mind that in this scenario we also get Cutler who I don't think is much worse than Foles anyway.
  9. What if the Bears drop Cutler and the Jets pick him up? Then Mariota falls to us at pick #6 we could trade down to the Eagles but instead of getting Foles we could ask for the same deal and take Kiko as the player instead, it would give us a good LB that we have been missing and I think Cutler would be a good temporary patch...if he plays well we can keep him and if not he should play well enough until we can find a better solution.
  10. I would personally love Bradford on the Jets but I don't think this one will happen. I think even if the Rams had interest in Mariota they wouldn't put enough faith in him to drop Bradford until they knew if Mariota was a sure thing.
  11. Hope you are right. 3 years with him would be great and at this point it doesn't matter if you love the move or hate it. (pending the physical) This trade is a done deal so if you didn't like it, now is the time to start hoping that you will grow to love the move.
  12. Ontop of what you just said if we got a guy like Kevin White he could probably learn a thing or two playing behind a Brandon Marshall for a year or two. I still think Marshall is a bit old to be a long term solution.
  13. Who do you think is a better option than Cutler (outside of Foles who is far from a sure thing for us)
  14. Im going to catch a bunch of crap for this but I think we should cut Harvin now and sign Holmes back at the vet minimum. If Bowles is really a no nonsense guy then he can manage Holmes and our WR depth would be pretty good.
  15. You are probably right they aren't worth that much, but I think we would be able to pull Cutler away from him and I think Cutler is one of the better QBs you can get in the off season outside of the draft this year.
  16. I think if we get rid of Harvin, we can pick up Maclin and he would pair up nicely with Decker. I also don't think Marshal would be bad the only problem with him is I cant see him as a long term solution he would be a 1-2 year patch if we are lucky and he can stay healthy. Aside from Maclin when Stevie Johnson gets hurt I wouldn't mind adding him to the team as I think he will come cheap and add depth, there are a few guys I wouldn't mind in the draft also. And im not being negative, I just see the players values different because I can put two and two togeather...a guy who is decent with the best Quarterback in the league might not be as good with one of the worst...
  17. maby we could send them Harvin, Geno, and a Third for Marshal and Cutler.
  18. hey, im not looking to buy the crap I just thought it was funny that they associated the jets with that garbage.
  19. The only problem is that the guy is already 31 I agree that he is very talented and he could still have another year or two but how many more years could you expect the guy to play? how will his durability be after coming off an injury? its not worth trading for the guy and if he gets cut its not worth guaranteeing him money. I don't like Cobb either I don't think we need a slot type receiver and Cobb has good stats with Rodgers...what kind of stats could you expect pairing him with Geno?
  20. I wouldn't pay either of them unless they were willing to take a contract with nothing guaranteed and even then it would probably only be about 7m per year for either one.
  21. I like Bowe, I think he is a good player who spent his whole career on a crappy team, unfortunately I think his career is over and it is time for him to retire.
  22. I think the Eagles made the trade for a couple of reasons. 1) Alanso is an Oregon player, 2) the Eagles wanted Spiller and figured if they sent McCoy over to the Bills they wouldn't consider trying to ink a deal with Spiller, 3) They wanted to clear up cap space so that they could bid on a player or two in free agency. That all being said I would be far from opposed to take Alanso off their hands in a trade to send Mariota to them, I just don't think that was their intention and I don't think it is going to happen.
  23. Also, I think he will last till the mid 2nd round because there are quite a few WRs who are ranked above him (White, Cooper, Parker, Strong, DGB) not to say he is not talented or that he 100% will not be gone in round 1, keep in mind he ran slower than expected at the combine also and some teams make a big deal about that.
  24. Jalen Strong should be there at 20 and if he is its not worth taking DGB or Devin Smith (I would take DGB over Smith though)
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