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  1. wonder if they are trying to clear space so they can pickup the 20m option on Revis
  2. Jets trade #6 pick to Eagles = unlikely Jets trade up to #2 to trade down with Eagles = not a chance.
  3. I don't think any other teams are going to be trading a QB until after the draft but it should be interesting to see if a qb becomes available after RD1, If the titans grab Mariota than Mettenburger might be up for trade, the Redskins might grab him and put RG3 up, The Rams could move up and put Bradford up for trade, The browns could and than put Manziel up for trade, the Eagles (obviously everyones favorite) and put Foles up.
  4. Justin Huston has a pretty franchise tag...we going to give up two first round picks and an insane amount of money to get him? As for the others...we can afford one top tier guy but keep in mind we still need to give Wilkerson a contract, just because no one has been talking about that doesn't mean he is going to take a cheap contract. I think we need to scratch the Revis idea (I also think Revis coming back is silly), we could get Cromartie and Flowers at probably half the cost of Revis and although they are old (Revis is also getting old) they should be able to hold up for another year or two and mentor our younger CBs. Cobb I know a lot of people are hot on right now but he is basically a rich mans Kerley (don't bother showing stats as he played with Rodgers and Kerley has spent his career so far with Sanchez and Geno) but if we want a FA WR we should look at Maclin as he would be a good compliment to Decker and likely wouldn't cost much more than the 9m per year that Cobb is looking to get. TJ Yates has not been very good in the NFL but atleast you were thinking outside the box with that one.
  5. I cant wait to see all the posts of people who are crying because this trade didn't happen.
  6. You still have to consider it though if it is an option.
  7. I think if Mariota falls to pick 6 and they consider a trade with the Eagles they also need to consider a trade with the Rams (if they even have an interest). If we got Foles or Bradford either one is an upgrade and trading down to the Rams pick wouldn't be all that far of a move (though we also wouldn't get as much for a trade like that) if they consider one offer though they need to consider all of their offers. there also may be other teams looking to move up for a WR or pass rusher at pick 6.
  8. hey, your plan sounds good to me. fix the problems we have than worry about positions in which we do not really need IF the money permits. that is the kind of logic that someone in elementary school can understand and I have to say it makes more sense than blowing away money to build a losing team, plus all the people who want us to rush in and get these good players will likely be the same ones that complain about it when we actually sign one of them.
  9. Antonio Cromartie Jordan Cameron Jeremy Maclin Bryan Buloga Brandon Flowers (we bring him in cheap due to injuries)(he would be a good mentor for our younger corners)
  10. We have Milliner and McDougle who need to prove they can stay healthy but in theory could be starters (I know theories count for nothing) Williams who was an undrafted free agent last year played very well when he was given that chance (no I don't think we should rely on him being an all pro) but surely he deserves a shot to show what he can do. I think realistically we would be alright signing Cromartie and then drafting another corner in round three or 4. my number is add 2 corners in this off season and get rid of Wilson... thoughts?
  11. I think he will actually end up looking like a winner with the McCoy trade, the reasoning is I believe last year they were looking to trade for Spiller and the Bills wouldn't make a trade, this year they get rid of McCoy (who they really didn't use successfully anyway) and they ensure that Spiller will hit free agency without worrying that he will take a hometown discount or something. I predict he signs with the Eagles within the first week of free agency and if that happens than Kelly gets two players he wanted while at the same time dumping a player who he didn't want without having to take a cap hit. Just a theory but we will see what happens next week.
  12. From what I understand they traded "multiple picks" but are getting Cassel and a pick back, this could be a 6 and 7 for Cassel and a 5. or a 5 and a 7 for Cassel and a 6th. Lets let it play out before we decide if this was a good trade or not. I just think the Bills are making a statement that they are looking to improve their roster and win games.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20 so I am assuming your talking about next year. Murray has been injury prone and will likely not be on the Cowboys next year (not to mention he turned down an offer for 15m (Adrian Peterson money)). Lynch might retire because he has back issues. Forsett had one good season and he shared carries with 2 other RB's (he still got hurt during the season) I would question his durability too especially if he were to become a 3 down back. Bell is a no brainer though I would take Bell over just about everyone (assuming he can stay out of trouble).
  14. Are you serious? First off McCoy is a completely different type of RB than Fred Jackson, McCoy is similar to Spiller but more talented and much more elusive. They might have went after Cassel to use as a backup and who knows he might win the starting job and be successful in buffalo. As for Alanso yes he is very talented but he also spent the entire last season injured and who knows if he will come back and be the same player or if he will have more durability issues in the future.
  15. Stevie Johnson is currently a New York Jets tight end. Type his name into google and read under the picture to the top right.
  16. Better yet if he is that good why isn't he Tampas starter, why did he get beat out by every shred of competition tampa ever put in front of him?
  17. I think DGB falls to our second round pick, I don't think we take him even if he does though.
  18. They probably have another 3-4 seasons, but I would expect them to retire togeather.
  19. I actually thought the dolphins had the best looking helmet out of all of them. (though I liked their old logo better)
  20. Nah I am about 20% in for Mariota, I would prefer Winston obviously because I think he has a better head (when it comes to football) and a much better arm, I don't prefer the "dual threat" QBs. I would also be happy with Kevin White because he is a big receiver with good hands and would be a threat that most teams would have plan for when playing us. I would take Fowler because he is big, lengthy, and quick, he would make the ideal pass rusher that we have been missing for some time now. Sheriff (if that muscle he pulled at the combine turns out to just be a minor thing as everyone expects) is a big strong lineman that we could use as the better players on our line are getting old now. Cooper I would also take though at pick 6 he would be my last choice of them because I don't see a super high ceiling as most people do right now but think his floor is somewhere just above Decker so the risk is not there. So the short version is no I am not all in on Mariota, I just think if you make a claim you should atleast address the why.
  21. Excellent post with fantastic support for your claim. I feel like your post is going to help change the mind of every Jet fan especially cause we now know that there is more value at other positions in the draft such as ________ and _______. Thanks again for this I cant stress enough how helpful this one was to me.
  22. I honestly don't care if they don't draft one as long as they fill the needs we have before next season. no worries though you definitely wont be alone.
  23. It will be fun to see how many people are crying when we don't take a WR in our first 4 picks this year.
  24. I would count the Raiders out because they are likely to grab Kevin White after his performance, Seahawks and Pats will likely stay away from DGB as well because of his character issues. I highly doubt the Bucs even draft a WR in the early to mid rounds this year unless it is a small fast slot guy to compliment Evans, Jackson, and Seferian-Jenkins (unless of course they let Jackson go which is also doubtful). The only two teams I could see taking a swing on this guy before we pick in round 2 are the Panthers who would love a big guy to pair up with Kelvin Benjamin or the Titans who could really use any recievers. We will see what happens though still have a lot of pro days and some free agency before we can really say who will need what positions and its always possible a team that doesn't need a WR takes a swing on him.
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