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  1. Im not really sure what you are trying to say here.
  2. I honestly don't think its dramatic at all, the RG3 trade was for the number 2 slot from a team who already had a QB they believed in. it would be similar to what the asking price would have been to move up and draft Andrew Luck...first of all to think there is any chance of a Qb needy team giving up what they believe is the future of their team is ridiculous, secondly if they were even slightly unsure of Winston it wouldn't take a lot to get up to number 1 it would take everything (possibly more)
  3. none of this takes from the fact that there may not be a qb for us to draft in round 1. we can only explore the options that are available to us.
  4. What do you suppose the Jets should do about it? there is no chance of getting Winston now. I don't think Mariota would fit our team well. Our best options currently are going to be through a trade or free agency. We could try to trade for Glennon who most of the people on the forum seem to like though I don't see him as being a long term solution. I think the best option we have right now is to bring in a QB from free agency and draft Petty or Hundley in the mid rounds of the draft let them fight it out for the starter spot and if it doesn't work out there is always next year.
  5. He didn't have a poor combine performance but he wasn't great either I think there is a slim chance he falls to round 3 but no doubt he will fall to our round 2 pick.
  6. no guarantee Winston will be good as a pro, could be a blessing in disguise
  7. I am well aware of that...do you think we are giving up 2 entire drafts along with our 2 best players to roll the dice and see if we can keep Winston out of jail long enough for him to live up to his potential?
  8. Keep in mind when this post was made the defensive players had not arrived yet.
  9. it takes more than we have to offer...probably something like our entire draft for the next two years along with Wilkerson and Richardson packaged in for Tampa to give up Winston.
  10. I think there is a good chance we get neither QB.
  11. Yea I thought he was going to be faster too, he definitely plays faster than he ran today though.
  12. As a side note I think Winston would handle the NY media well too. No worries though he is going to Tampa.
  13. Im not sure Mariota is the type of QB for the Rams
  14. He has been doing a great job at the combine and a lot of teams have apparently said he was great at their interviews. We would be lucky to get this guy to play for our team (assuming he can get his off field problems fixed up).
  15. I wasn't on the Kevin White bandwagon but after his performance so far (I haven't seen the gauntlet yet) he is looking pretty good I must admit. I still don't think the Jets draft him though he might go to the raiders.
  16. Browns are also looking to trade up for Mariota now so its not just the Eagles in the hunt.
  17. they are saying now the browns are looking to move up likely above the jets to grab marriota if he isn't taken with the number one overall if tampa takes Winston we might end up with no qb till later in the draft.
  18. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if both were gone before we pick at 6 if they both have a good showing at the combine, although it may be unlikely both the raiders and titans are hurting for a good WR (worse than the Jets are) I couldn't really picture the titans grabbing a qb at pick number 2 but crazier things have happened. Either way there are decent WRs that will be there in round 2 and one thing we don't have is a shortage of needs at other positions.
  19. DGB or Devin Smith rd 2 I would also be a fan of Sammie Coates in rd 3 or 4 if he slips
  20. the last two times the jets met the pats in the playoffs what happened?
  21. if lynch were healthy enough to play next year i would sign him in a heartbeat. when we signed LT we went to back to back AFC championship games before swapping and using Green as our starter and flopping.
  22. mother nature was mad at the patriots before they won the superbowl....why do you think the cold air deflated their balls and had no effect on the ones that the colts were using?
  23. I agree, Harvin acted as a professional, played decently, and had no locker room problems while on the Jets roster. The problem is the 10 million we would have to pay him and the 4th round draft pick.
  24. i will help you out because you are likely a child, out of 13 picks the patriots drafted 3 that ended up being noteworthy, every team gets lucky and drafts good players just like every team gets unlucky and has busts.
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