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  1. What happened in the 2009 draft for the patriots?
  2. i mean the draft is funny because after round 3 it is usually a crapshoot and sometimes you get lucky, i think the patriots do a better job coaching up troubled free agents than they do in the draft.
  3. I think it will be more dependent on his physicals at the combine than if he decides to run or not, if his physicals pan out he will be taken in the first round, I don't think he winds up on our team regardless its just wishful thinking.
  4. the Patriots as an organization have done alright in their drafts, luck is a factor as with every team. I don't think they have the best kicker in the NFL and that undrafted FA CB has one great play on film so before the patriot fans start having wet dreams about the guy why don't we sit back and see if he can live up to his newly found celebrity status.
  5. have you watched film on the top 10 rbs coming into the draft? im not saying there are no other talented ones but none of them seem to shed tackles like Gurley does. IF he can bounce back and be healthy he should be similar in talent and running style to Adrian Peterson or Lynch.
  6. I still think I would take the risk. if he is 100% he is worth every bit of a top ten pick and I would really hate to see him fall onto the patriots roster. if it were my team I would trade down (because I cant justify the risk at #6 overall) and grab him mid to late round 1.
  7. I have a feeling I will be the odd man out but I hope the Jets trade down and draft Gurley in round 1.
  8. I think right now we should consider everyone, do I think he would be a good fit for our team? probably not. but it would be silly not to consider every option.
  9. Compared to what Rex had to work with last season there are not many CBs I would expect him not to call elite.
  10. I have a feeling they are letting Johnson go because of his recent arrest and not because of his performance last year.
  11. will be interesting to see how they look at the combine if they even choose to do anything at the combine other than the 40. I honestly don't love either prospect they each have their up side and down side but I think if Winston falls to us he is obviously a risk with his off field issues and if Mariotta falls to us we should trade down to the eagles and snag Gurley. something is telling me that the new Jets staff will be looking to play everything safe this season though and draft O line in round 1. also just as a side note its silly to ask what the chances of drafting any position in round 1 are right now I would wait to see what we do in free agency as those numbers are likely to increase or decrease accordingly.
  12. I would much rather see us get Todd Gurley in the draft I think pairing him up with ivory would be dangerous.
  13. I hope we stay away from Mallet it seems every time a backup qb leaves the patriots they are treated as the top rated qb in free agency and every time they find another team and get over paid they flop.
  14. Kyle Wilson wins defensive player of the year! good luck beating that one.
  15. i could see him having similar problems finding a team as Santonio did when we cut him, maby we could let him test free agency pay up our 6th round pick then snag him up dirt cheap after the draft? (even if we get another wr in free agency or the draft this could be a good option)
  16. if you saw them as the same player why not trade Wilkerson as he will be making a ton of money and we could probably get a first for him? I don't see them as the same player I think Wilkerson has a lot more talent but I don't think it would be worth throwing couples away for a 3rd round pick.
  17. Brady said to the media earlier this year "I will quit when I suck" I don't see him quitting right after a super bowl win and I think belichick is along for the ride as long as he has brady. I also think they are going to stop investigating this whole deflategate thing because it would make the nfl look bad if the team who won the super bowl was found to have cheated to get there in the first place, they probably pin the deflated balls on weather or some sort of defect and clear the patriots name.
  18. that would have been a perfectly acceptable call on fourth down with 2 seconds left if the pats stopped lynch on 2nd and 3rd (I don't think they could have) but you have 20+ seconds and 2 time outs and one of the best running backs in the league, why?
  19. you know they just offered him a 10m extension for next year today right? lynch that is
  20. here http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000347199/article/jets-looking-to-trade-into-top-10-covet-wr-odell-beckham
  21. hey they don't have to be young but they cant be past their prime either.
  22. what im saying is that it would be stupid to move up in order to draft someone who is likely to fall further than your pick, the other thing I am trying to say is the jets might have tried to move up and grab him anyway.
  23. the other thing is they might have tried to move up to grab him or someone else and we will never know.
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