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  1. why would they trade up to snag a wr who was projected to go later than our pick?
  2. if they backed out we could snag up Sherff or Cooper...chances are Tampa takes Mariota and I have an odd feeling we wind up taking a swing at Winston. (not that I want all the problems Winston would bring with him)
  3. i like the idea of trading down to the eagles so they can snag mariota if he isn't snagged up by tampa bay, I think we could probably get those picks off their hands and snag foles to boot though.
  4. if the cowboys let Dez go then he would be my top choice. he whines a bit when he doesn't get the ball but he is a beast.
  5. I couldn't imagine rex letting cj spiller walk away from the bills.
  6. I could see Fitzpatrick getting dropped and us using him as a temporary thing.
  7. by this logic Stephen hill must be as good as wait for it..... Calvin Johnson.
  8. when was the last time the jets drafted a WR with their first pick? 2001? I wouldn't get your hopes up we are going defense, qb, or offensive line.
  9. great post thanks for this. I think they hold onto Johnson next year though and I think he will preform better as the rest of this season plays out. babin they might also hold onto. I suspect in the unlikely event that a top WR becomes available in free agency ie (Dez or Maclin) the jets will flat our cut harvin to sign them.
  10. your kidding right? Allen was put into the corner position and taken out of his comfort zone as a last resort after we lost our two best corners on the same day. Allen has not been perfect at the position however he is still learning it and not for nothing but he is currently the best "corner" on the team who isn't hurt. to say that Allen wasn't up for the challenge when he has been the best overall player in our secondary this season while playing in a position that he is not used to playing is just a joke. Allen for what he is has shined for us and deserves more credit and respect than this. say what you will about rex, idzik, our qb situation ill save that argument for another thread but really keep AA out of it because he has been nothing but great for us this year considering the position he was put into.
  11. he was projected to be a number 1 pick that we got in round two. in hindsight he was a waste of a pick yes but who had future vision that could have seen it? I didn't like when they drafted geno but I didn't whine about how bad the pick was because we got the best qb in the draft when we needed at the very least a backup qb and we got him in round 2 without wasting one of our two first round picks on one.
  12. they didn't retain Sanchez because the idiot before idzik gave Sanchez a huge contract that he was not worth. They brought in Vick who already new our offensive coordinators playbook to an extent to compete with Geno however Geno seemed to have improved a lot during the offseason, you cant tell me you didn't see some good signs out of Geno in the preseason. They gave Geno a chance which I don't have a problem with because they gave him a chance cause he worked his butt off to earn that chance they also realized they made a mistake and who is the starter now?
  13. you act like idzik drafted geno with a number 1 pick to be our franchise QB, he used a second round pick on geno when geno was projected to be both a first round pick and the best QB in the draft. when we drafted geno I think the intention was to bring in young blood and try to put some pressure on sanchez to fix himself unfortunately sanchez went down with an injury (Rexs fault) in the third quarter of a pre season game.
  14. I voted no one although I wish there was another option for other and fire David Lee. also let him take geno and vick with him.
  15. the best QB would be garbage without an offensive line to protect him.
  16. steelers 70 big ben breaks the single game touchdown record jets 19 because the steelers defense basically gives up after the first half
  17. I still think they sucked on purpose to get luck.
  18. its similar to why i despise boston fans of every sport. complete lack of class.
  19. Rex already got it when the reporters found our he had a foot fetish.
  20. in his defense that trade ended up being much better for us than the buccaneers though its not saying much.
  21. Idzik will be getting a good laugh out of all of the money everyone is spending if he doesn't get fired after this season.
  22. i cant say that you don't have a point there are many other reasons a good gm will not want to come to the jets but the billboard certainly wont help.
  23. im going to go with lack of weapons at times and also a poor offensive lines at others with a mixture of both at times as well. it took me a long time to give up on sanchez and what finally made me give up on him wasn't even totally his performance but the huge contract we gave him in comparison to the turnover to touchdown ratio he gave us in return. i think on the eagles he is going to shine because he has a decent offensive line and some really good weapons over there.
  24. i believe that the fire idzik billboard will end up causing more harm than good. i understand everyone is frustrated that our team is having a horrific season but is putting up a billboard to have our gm fired really going to help anything? yes it might persuade Woody to fire Idzik and i know the majority of you would love every second of that but something to remember is that every future potential gm out there is watching this, they are going to see how the fans of this team treat our staff and because of this i expect that by putting up this billboard we are going to deter some of the potential gms who could actually be great for us. just think for a second if you were a potential gm next year would you want to come to a team where your fans are going to put a billboard up calling for the owner to fire you after being on the team for one full year and change because you were unable to figure out each and every problem and flawlessly fix it?
  25. please do get into the WRs he brought in decker who at the time was the best one in free agency, once we had decker he still inquired about Jackson but backed off maby he thought we didn't need another WR maby he planned on taking beckham jr in the draft or maby Jackson just didn't want to play for the jets when he had other options who knows but we didn't get him. during the season after we lost 6 of our 7 games played he made a trade for Harvin that involved literally no risk and could still yield a lot of reward (120 yards receiving last game). Harvin might not be Jackson but he is still very talented and despite all the problems everyone seems to be bringing up he has yet to act up in a jets uniform. a lot of people are looking at this trade as a desperation move of idzik trying to save his own ass but the way i look at it is he made a move that will be beneficial for our team at the right time when he could get a great player at a relatively low cost. he also gave kerly a much earned extention.
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