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  1. because Kyle Wilson not living up to expectations and being uncoachable means that everyone who was supposed to develop this one individual is terrible.. i think i get it now thanks for the logic.
  2. Kyle Wilson is a bust there is no doubt about that and maby the coaching staff is to blame for Wilson not living up to expectations but if that were the case how do you explain other corners around Wilson during his time as a jet who were able to play well here? every jet fan is disappointed in Wilson and i do constantly wonder how year after year he is still on the roster but i mean you cant expect even the best coaching staff to be able to develop every player...sometimes guys just give up after college and the biggest problem i have against the jets staff as a whole when it comes to Wilson is that they haven't cut their losses yet. as far as QBs go yes we have made some bad choices in hindsight but go back a few years if you will when they first drafted Sanchez were you not excited? did you not think that we made a good pick? after his first year when we were one game from the superbowl did you think he was going to turn into what he did? his second year when we went right back to the afc championship game did you not believe that the jets could finally win their second superbowl? what is unfortunate with sanchez is that we were not able to give him weapons and an offensive line that could protect him long enough for him to make good decisions. he took to many sacks became uncomfortable was torn apart by the media and couldn't handle it. then we got geno with a second round pick, geno was supposed to be the best qb in the draft although the draft was weak at the qb position i don't think their intention was to start him last year however sanchez went down with an injury and geno went in. geno showed a few good things tword the end of last season and looked as if he improved before our season opener. in hindsight these qbs were bad decisions but who would have known honestly?
  3. ok onto the draft. we actually have 5 out of 12 who are on the roster +2 who are on the IR list both of those players showed some good things before getting injured and we have one left on the practice squad bringing our number to 8 out of 12 players drafted who still have ties with the jets that moves the number to 2/3 or 66% of the draft that we still have. Pryor was going to be a first round pick who was also without a doubt a first round talent when we drafted him safety was a position of need for us unfortunately due to our entire cornerback roster being injured he is pulled out of his position of comfort and put into a role that he is not strong at. it is unfair to judge any rookie who hasn't been given atleast a full year to prove themselves let alone a rookie who is pulled out of his comfort zone due to an unfortunate series of injuries. pryor was also believed by many of the experts to be the best safety in the draft and it was believed that he could have been a top ten talent in the draft (the opinions of the experts mean little to me) give him some time and lets see how he plays when he doesn't need to cover down with crappy corners. Amaro our second round pick went up and down the charts between the second and third position for tight ends in the draft and has already showed a few good things, he has been dropping the ball more than i would like to see but he is also still a rookie and he has already made some big plays. again he needs some time to develop, one of the reasons we took him so early i think has something to do with the drop in talent at the position in the draft after him. Amaro would not have been there for our third round pick. McDougle our third round pick showed some really great things in the preseason games and no he was not perfect but you really cant expect a rookie to be. he unfortunately suffered from an injury that took him out for the year. this pick was questionable and we might have been able to get him later in the draft however id love to see him play healthy next year before i judge. Shaq Evens who is also on IR this season seemed to be the best WR we drafted and i would also like to see how he plays when he is healthy next year. IK was a late pick and he showed a couple of good things early in the preseason give him some time to develop before you say he is not worth talking about. Dozier we also got late in the draft he was basically an early fifth round pick as he was one of the last ones drafted in round four this guy was projected to be a second to third round talent and although he hasn't proven much yet if we give him time to develop he could end up being a steal. this for a lot of people was the best value pick the jets got in the draft. Riley was our seventh round pick and if i remember correctly he was a nightmare on special teams in college he might not ever be a pro bowl type of player but he was our last pick and i think he will contribute to the team just not be one of those players who gets in the spotlight. Enunwa a sixth round pick again you cant really expect much from a pick that late is still on our practice squad so maby next year he will show something in the off season or maby he will be cut either way he was a late pick and a pick that late is always a gamble anyway.
  4. QB: Sam Bradford - although he has had a history of injuries for the rams when he is actually healthy he throws the ball well and rarely throws an interception or gives up a fumble. He is likely to be cut by the rams if they can not find a trade for him and we would also likely be able to sign him cheap. Now that the jets have a few WRs who can actually hold onto a catch Bradford could really be a positive step in the right direction for the jets. other QBs who we could target in free agency include Locker, Moore, Flynn, Campbell, and McCoy. CB: Morris Claiborne - we would likely have to make a trade to get him on our roster however there is a lot of tension between him and the cowboys right now plus he will be coming off an injury. the reason I like Claiborne is because he is both young and talented although he has disappointed the cowboys he played very well in man coverage during college. we would likely be able to get him for a fourth round pick and he could potentially be the best corner on our team. the concern i have with Claiborne is not his skill but can he stay healthy. other CBs who we could target in free agency include Revis (unlikely), Flowers, or get Cromartie back. RB: Justin Forsett - this guy has been doing pretty good for the ravens and seeing as they have been using a three back system this year they may decide not to re sign his contract, i think he could be dangerous paired up with Ivory and using Johnsons speed only when the opposing defense is tired and gasping for breath. Powell becomes a free agent this year and although he has been alright i don't see the Jets giving him a new contract unless it is a cheap one. other RBs who we could target in free agency include Ingram, Ridley, Dwyer Other random players we could target in free agency: Dez Bryant - yes i obviously know that the chances that the cowboys don't sign Dez to a new contract or franchise tag him are slim to none however if it did happen we could afford him by giving up Harvin and Dez is a monster WR and dangerous on any team. Ndamukong Suh - although he is almost guaranteed to be a free agent Suh will undoubtedly be looking for a big paycheck, he would be worth atleast looking into though because reports state that the two teams he would like to play for are the jets and the giants. we honestly don't need Suh but just imagine for one second Wilkerson Suh and Richardson on the same defensive line and pretend that you are the opposing Quarterback. it would be scary. Wes Welker - although Welker is starting to get a bit old i think he still has a few more years left in him. the Broncos are likely to let him go because he hasn't been productive for them this year. we really don't need another slot type receiver however one thing i really like about Welker is that he left the patriots on bad terms and he might enjoy playing against them twice per year. we also might be able to get him on a cheap contract due to his performance this year. Jeremy Maclin - although the eagles are unlikely not to extend Maclin if he became available in free agency he would likely be expensive although he could be worth losing Harvin over. Justin Blackmon - This kid has some very obvious problems and is currently suspended indefinatly. we would probably be able to sign him to a contract that would cost next to nothing and if he were able to straighten out his drug issues and get reinstated he is extremely talented and could be a viable number one receiver for the jets. i know i missed a couple positions of need that we have such as offensive line but these are just some moves that i personally would like to see.
  5. Idzik got decker for us who was the best available WR at the time, he did not over pay decker and decker has shown some productivity for us. Jackson became available later and there were all types of negative reports out about him running with gangs and arguing with his coaching staff, yes Jackson is talented and yes he is a threat to almost any defense but we already had gotten a top free agent receiver. later in the year Harvin became available for trade at a low cost low risk rate with a high potential reward, after this year we can drop him at any time with no hit to our cap and we will likely give a 5th round pick for him that would have also likely been a player that wasn't going to make our roster anyway. I understand that Idzik did not sign every top end player who was available to the team but what you need to understand is that it is an unrealistic expectation to think that anyone is going to be able to do that. Idzik also got us Ivory for a fourth round pick last year who has been doing pretty good for us this year.
  6. he is playing out of position in the sense that coverage is not his strong point, he played best when the wrs were well covered and he could rush the man with the ball and annihilate them without having to help a corner cover down on a wr because our corners cant play 1-1 man coverage effectively. so yes he is still playing a safety position however he is not playing it in the way that he is comfortable playing it.
  7. I agree 1-8 is very bad. the 12 picks and 4 players might sound bad however we don't know if he tried to trade or not, also 4/12 = 1/3 which really isn't all that bad as its not like they were 12 first round picks. what obvious signings did he not make? we needed a WR he got decker, we needed a CB he got Patterson, we needed a QB he brought in Vick who had played for years with out offensive coordinator. he also called in lots of other players who he likely just refused to overpay just to say we have them. we had a lot of cap space left but we also have players like Wilkerson who be looking for a lot of money and kerley who has played well for us and needed his contract extension (and he got it). think about the situation Idzik had his first year here where he didn't have enough cap space to pay our decent players and how much he worked to clear up our cap. as far as harvin goes he gave up literally nothing to get harvin as it will likely end up being a 5th or 6th round pick, the way harvins contract is structured the only guaranteed money is for this year and as far as calling him a cancer the worst thing he did so far this season to the jets was play a lousy first game because he had 8 days to learn the entire playbook then come back the following week with 120 yards receiving, yea idzik is terrible for acquiring harvin. as far as our record at the time of the harvin trade being 1-6 atleast it shows that the team wants to win games instead of just give up as a lot of fans seem to have.
  8. I fully agree with you, I also have seen improvements in Amaro and it will be interesting to see how he develops during the rest of the season and into next season.
  9. im sure no matter who is our gm and hc next year we are going to spend some money on a cb or two and get a new qb in
  10. pryor, amaro, mcdougle should be given another year to prove themselves. geno smith was supposed to be the best QB in the draft last year we spent a 2nd round pick on him. winters and aboushi are both alright. show me a team with that kept even 50% of the players that they drafted still on their roster please. I mean seriously do you think everyone we draft is going to end up being amazing? just seems a bit unrealistic to me to expect every player we draft to be a pro.. and why not complain about our scouting department if the draft picks are the problem?
  11. thats too easy, the bills and because they never won a superbowl
  12. at what point did he realize he needed to bail Rex out? after 2 their 2 best Corners suffered terrible injuries in the same day shortly before the season actually started and after all of the talented Corners were already gone? our first 4 games we actually played close even with the lack of talent and aside from that Rex did a half decent job converting AA to a corner (obviously he isn't the greatest corner but with the time given he is doing well at the position). during the off season there were also a couple of corners who were called in and just left without contracts but who knows what actually happened with them maby they wanted more money then they were worth which is likely or maby they just simply wanted to see what their other options were and someone else offered them more money. he made a trade for Harvin that gave Rex a small shot at getting to 8-8 this season though.
  13. So many of these threads have been about how the Jets fans want to get Idzik and Rex fired but what I don't understand is their logic. Starting with Rex who in some ways I can understand seeing as he is more of a friend to the players than a boss and that can without a doubt cause problems. Rex has done some great things for our team, sure it is easy to point fingers and blame Rex because our team has only 1 win and 8 losses at this point in the season but remember not only that our team has suffered greatly from a couple unfortunate injuries but also we have played some tough teams led by the best quarterbacks in the league (the only qb in the elite bracket we don't play this year is Brees who isn't having the greatest of seasons). Aside from the fact that we have played these great teams we have also suffered from a couple of really bad calls from the referees this season, one example would be when we played the bears where we had a pass interference call that should have been on Alshon Jeffery but instead was called on Antonio Allen and we also had a fumble that Wilkerson recovered and returned for a touchdown that was blown dead when it shouldn't have been. Remember last year when everyone thought the jets were going to have a season like we were having this year and we ended up at 8 wins and 8 losses, Rex didn't do such a bad job then and we were missing talented players all over the field. The thing that I love about Rex is that when he has players with a shred of talent (which we don't at the CB or QB position this year) they will play their hearts out for him. Idzik I think has been doing a pretty good job as our general manager and I don't understand where all of the hatred is coming from. Idzik might not have spent all of our money on a cornerback who could have of course helped the team and that I understand people being a bit angry about however Idzik also cant see into the future, what I mean by this of course is that at the beginning of the season we had Milliner who looked pretty good tword the end of last season, Patterson who although is not great was supposed to be half decent and McDougle who showed a couple of really great things in the preseason, how could Idzik have possibly known that all three of these guys would end up not contributing to our team this year? another thing that people are complaining about is that out of 12 players drafted this year we only have 4 left on our roster but how many of these players can you really expect to keep? yes I agree on the point that some of our draft picks might have been questionable however in a normal draft anyone that is drafted after round three is basically a crapshoot, you pick the guy who you think is going to be the best and hope that he lives up to the expectations however it is unreasonable to think that our round 5,6, and 7 players are all going to end up on the roster or on any roster for that matter. Idzik brought in some players at a fair price who he believed to be good for our team (Decker,Johnson) and like the draft sometimes even the veterens don't pan out the way you think they could (Johnson) but what more can he do than try? Idzik also made a trade that brought Percy Harvin to the jets at a low risk and high potential reward. Idzik might not have found us a cb to trade for which we obviously desperately need but im sure he tried. The truth is that with our Serious problems at the QB and CB positions the jets would be a losing team no matter who our head coach or general manager is. its obvious that we are all frustrated because our team is doing terrible and it is easy to pick someone to dump the blame on, but in reality both Rex and Idzik have done some great thing for the jets and I really find it hard to blame either one of them (atleast totally blame) for the jets only having one win so far this season.
  14. I think rex has done a pretty decent job considering the offensive talent that we have had on the team since he has been here. this year he actually has a couple of players who are decent on the offense unfortunately our entire secondary is injured. to blame our losses this season on rex or idzik is ridiculous as they are basically playing each week with a secondary full of guys who would probably never see the field on any other team. now im sure most of you will argue that idzik is to blame because he didn't over pay a cornerback who has been decent in the past few years such as Flowers who is old or talib who wouldn't go from the patriots to us anyway and he didn't want to pay revis but the truth is we had what we all thought to be 3 viable corners at the start of the season who now are all gone. another thing that you can argue is that he didn't make a move to trade for a good corner but what team is willing to give up one of their good corners and id love to know any corner who any of you know was available for trade at a reasonable price. I see complaints about how only 4 of our 12 draft picks are still on the roster...how many draft picks do you expect to stay on the team when our roster space is limited? should we just drop all of our old players to make room for the rookies who are unproven? complaints about chris Johnson who may not have lived up to the expectations but it was still a move made to improve our roster and no gm hits on every player he brings in. the truth is that idzik has done a decent job for us and its unfortunate that our team is having a bad year but you cant honestly expect idzik to come in and turn our team into a dynasty after being here for only 2 drafts.
  15. yea I watched them both play im not sold on either one but I think that Winston has more potential and is less likely to get hurt although more likely to be in prison.
  16. I think Winston is actually a better prospect than Mariota, the problem is Winston is he will be in jail before he is given time to develop.
  17. all college QBs throw touchdowns the coverage on most college teams is similar to the coverage that the jets secondary has given us this season.
  18. if harvin is a jet next season it wont bother me. if he is not a jet next season it will likely be because a better wr became available in free agency and we pulled the trigger, that also wouldn't bother me.
  19. to be fair some of the guys on the website were there before idzik and they were problems he inherited. that being said out of curiosity if I donated 25$ could I say my name is rex ryan and get it added to the shirt?
  20. trade deadline is over they will likely hold onto him for a bit and then drop him before next season when they realize no one wants to trade for him
  21. matt moore could work I mean look when your thinking about free agent qbs your obviously going to get a guy who has some type of problem even manning was a risk when he was a free agent because no one knew how he would look coming off of a neck injury. your absolutely right that the jets have to do something and there are pleanty of options. the other team that is likely going to have to make a move for a free agent qb is buffalo and if we can get the best guy available it helps us at the position and helps us by keeping him out of buffalos hands. as far as talent goes I think Bradford will be the most talented qb in free agency (assuming the rams actually cut him) his history of injuries is unfortunate but as far as just talent he should be at the top this year. locker has potential but I have seen him make some real bad plays behind one of the best offensive lines in the nfl. schaub and moore like you said are someone that you pick up as a backup/early season starter if you plan to make a move on a qb early in the draft.it will be interesting to see what the jets end up doing when the season is over.
  22. what about schaub he is playing for the raiders as their backup now. I know he had 1 dreadful year with the Texans but he also had a couple of good years with them. bet we could get him cheap and use him for a year while our new coaching staff attempts to build up a rookie. still like Bradford more though.
  23. I like locker too but keep in mind that locker couldn't cut it behind one of the west offensive lines in the nfl. Bradford who is just as injury prone actually played well with the rams until he got hurt. Bradford actually made it through 1 whole season where locker has not. I mean just look up the stats. Bradford outplays locker in each and every way. I do agree with what you said earlier in that I don't want to see the jets waste a first round pick on a qb who they cant develop but a qb who will not be up for trade is not something we should consider...expecting the steelers to trade Ben to us is like expecting that the patriots would trade Brady with us and throw in Gronk as a bonus its not going to happen. Bradford is actually a realistic scenario that could help the team.
  24. and as far as big ben goes he could come here and be elite or we could waste two first round picks to have him come here and flop. the risk with him I don't see being worth the potential reward.
  25. either way I don't think the steelers let go of Ben I think he is retiring as a steeler. I think the best thing we could do with our early draft picks is fix our offensive line, a good offensive line can make a decent qb look great. as for our future at qb we obviously need something new and honestly none of us have the right answer but I honestly think Bradford would give a reward worth the minimal risk. also if we did get Bradford that doesn't mean we wouldn't still draft an early qb it just means we would be adding depth to a position in need.
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