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  1. we would be better off with an injured Bradford than a healthy geno at this point wouldn't we?
  2. he is still young atleast and if we could get him on a cheap contract I think at the very least he is worth taking a swing on. last year in 7 games played he threw 14 touchdowns with 4 interceptions and only 1 fumble lost. if he went to the bills and stayed healthy it might end up being a bad situation for the jets. the reason I bring up the bills is because they are obviously going to be looking at quarterbacks during the off season and don't have a first round pick to pull the trigger on a young guy. just imagine a healthy Bradford throwing to Sammy Watkins with the issues we currently have at the CB position.
  3. after two consecutive 500 yard games the steelers would probably take nothing less than 2 first round picks for ben and would likely still want more. he is also 32 years old and although he is a great qb I don't think he is worth giving up two first round picks are valuable. I would rather see the jets use their 4-7th round picks on nothing but qbs and hope that one of them ends up being good then pissing away 2 of our first round picks and likely more for an old man who is going to get hurt seeing as currently our offensive line is pretty bad.
  4. we could always try to get greg McElroy out of retirement lol
  5. Hoyer hasn't been great this season and the browns might want to keep him anyway. Mariota scares me.
  6. if we did trade for him we would likely be able to restructure the contract anyway. and if he stayed healthy and played a full year he would probably be worth a 12 million dollar hit to our cap.
  7. just because we have cap space doesn't mean it should all be spent in one place...not like qb is our only position of need we are obviously pretty desperate for two more corners and they don't come cheap. we could also use a big receiver who is a threat in the redzone. when Bradford is healthy he is pretty good for a late pick I think the risk would be less than the reward and if nothing else it would give us competition at the position until we get something better. note that I also like the idea of maby looking at locker as a temporary fix. I never said geno was garbage however a few days ago he didn't throw three interceptions in four drives and the passes he did throw were way off mark. it almost looked as if he had come to the buffalo game drunk. the reason to trade for a player who will probably be cut is simple if you trade for him you don't have to compete with other teams, Bradford still has one year left on his contract and he isn't getting paid a whole lot something like 12m a year. the other thing is in our division we have another team who will be looking for a qb and would you want to risk Bradford going to the bills and actually playing well because he has Sammy Watkins to throw the ball to? as for why give up a 5th round pick for Watkins look at the amazing talent the jets drafted for this year past the third round. why not take a swing at someone who has potential as opposed to letting idzik pick a name out of his magic hat who will most likely be someone who doesn't make the roster anyway. yes durability for Bradford is a problem however I think he is better than Vick he is also younger than Vick and played for a worse team then Vick. I also think he has a higher ceiling than Vick does and he might have a better shot at staying healthy on a new team. sometimes these guys just need a fresh start to shine.
  8. yea I made this thread before that and I think we are all losing it.
  9. yea I wrote this one up before the buffalo game and geno basically said **** you for having faith in me. still don't like mariota.
  10. yes I just posted a few days ago about how Geno isn't all that bad right before he had to be a dick and prove me wrong by throwing three interceptions in four possessions. I am still not sold on Mariota and I think Winston will be in prison for something before he is able to fully develop. There will likely be some other names who find their way up into the first round or atleast the first round discussions however we have other priorities to address in free agency and the draft. I did come up with one possible solution to our current qb problem that unfortunately would not help us this year. what if we were to trade a late pick with the rams for Sam Bradford? I think we could get him for a conditional 5-7th round pick because of his injury history and because they have found a good qb to replace him they will be likely to cut him if no trade offers are thrown their way anyway. he might not be the best qb in the nfl but he is defiantly better than what we currently have. thoughts?
  11. im still praying we keep rex I have a terrible fear that if rex is fired we will end up with a guy who doesn't know how to use our defense and then both sides of the ball will suck for the jets.
  12. im getting sick of people who are crying for us to draft mariota. first off I believe we have a qb who may never be elite but will be good enough. first off mariota is a duel threat qb he does a lot of running meaning he is more likely to get injured, second there are not many qbs who like to scramble and end up being successful in the league (im not talking about scrambles that can be seen by aaron Rodgers where he will run if no one is open and he has a clear lane for a first down then he slides) but more along the lines of rg3 where he will sometimes run before checking for all other options. you can argue russel Wilson however he is a bit different in that once he begins to run he will still look down field to see if anyone is open before going into a full scramble. that being said duel threat qbs are fun to watch but if you really want to win you want a more traditional quarterback as they are typically more reliable (how many of the qbs in the elite bracket are duel threat qbs?) the other thing is any qb that we bring in is going to need time to build up a tolerance for the jets fan base who are quick to scream for the next guy up after a qb plays one bad game. I honestly think geno is going to develop still and we need to give him a little more time and be patient with him. atleast give him until the end of the season and see what he can do now that we have a couple of players who can catch the ball. that being said im just going to leave you all with some statistics to add some perspective to this. payton manning rookie year 1998 3739 yards 26 td 28 int 3 fumbles / tom brady first full year 2001 2843 18 td 12 int 13 fumbles / drew brees 2002 first full year 3284 yards 17 td 16int / Philip rivers 2006 first full year 3388 yards 22 td 9int 8 fumbles / Andrew Luck rookie year 2012 4374 yards 23 td 18int 10 fumbles / geno smith 2013 rookie year 3046 yards 12 td 21 int 8 fumbles. *note that the fumbles listed are not all fumbles lost but all total fumbles by the qb before anyone goes crazy I want to make it clear that by no means do I think geno will ever be as good as any of these guys. but the point I am trying to make is these guys who are or will be in the elite bracket did not get there overnight their first seasons they looked nothing like the future hall of famers who they are now and if you guys really want a good qb regardless of who it is you need to give them time to develop and stop screaming that they suck and we need to replace them every year to every other year. Geno has not even played 1 and a half seasons yet in the NFL and it is ridiculous to already kick him to the curb. alright anyway I am done so go ahead and bring on the trolls.
  13. jets 42 bills 14 jets pumped up to be at home and excited to have percy harvin on the team (for now)
  14. the only player in my personal opinion worth sucking for this season is the running back out of Georgia gurley
  15. please list 40 bad games that sanchez played for the jets or 40 that geno played for the jets. (geno will be hard seeing as he hasn't played 40 games for us yet and has had some good ones mixed in there as well)
  16. I would like to see sanchez with the weapons we are finally giving to geno I think he would have done some pretty great things if he had decker harvin and kerley
  17. im going to be optimistic and go 6-6 the only team that really destroyed us was the chargers. greenbay was a winnable game and we played close, Chicago was also winnable with a bad pi call that should have been called against alshon Jeffery and a fumble returned for a td that was blown dead for whatever reason, the lions game was close and the lions are not doing bad this season, chargers dominated us, then we played Denver and kept that a close game against what is arguably the best offense in the nfl, the patriots game you had to believe we could have won until the very bitter end (I was at the edge of my seat with 5 seconds left in the game) so now we go on to play the bills who just lost their two best running backs, the chiefs whos best receiver is their running back, the steelers who cant defend a pass as seen Monday when they played the Texans, the bills again, and the dolphins who I think will be our biggest challenge for the remainder of the season.
  18. my favorite part is how the second this trade is made tons of reporters and pats fans praise belichick for being a genius and granted they basically gave away nothing for this guy. we get harvin for what is to be atmost a 4th round pick even if he is only a 1 year rental and idzik gets bashed because percy harvin suddenly is no longer worth anything. its also funny how when the seahawks traded for harvin they gave away much more and everyone said he was going to help their team and it was a good move for them
  19. right now i wouldn't be looking to hard into any potential first round wr's as the odds of us drafting one are not good. the guy i would love to see us draft is gurley to pair up with ivory but even that i don't think will happen. i think we either go defense or oline in round 1 but hey a lot can happen by draft time
  20. I still think geno is going to turn around and be a good qb..will he ever be elite probably not but he will be good enough for our team. we have other needs to worry about and I would hate to say it but I think sanchez wasn't nearly as bad as you "jets fans" make him out to be. it seems like a qb has a bad game or two and it fully negates every good thing that they have ever done and half the jets fans are ready to kick him to the curb. it takes time for a qb to develop and if we get a new one every two years which to me it seems like it would be the only way to keep half of you happy then we would just fall into the same problems because young qbs make young qb mistakes that they need to grow out of. sanchez his first two years was not the greatest qb in the league but he brought us to two consecutive afc championship games and yes it was the whole team not just him but when year three came around our offensive line had some issues we lost basically all of our recievers and he didn't look as good as he had in the first two seasons then what happened everyone was screaming for his backups telling him he sucked and that we need a new qb and it was a downward spiral from there. i really wonder if most of you are actually jets fans because when i come onto these forums 90% of what i see is complaining about how terrible the jets are instead of being optimistic about the jets future.
  21. even if harvin doesn't play well for us this year he will demand coverage making it easier for decker and kerley to get the ball..i see more pros than cons here.
  22. and to further prove my point that a lot can happen before the offseason we just traded for percy harvin if he doesn't work out we will still need a wr but if he pairs up good with decker can stay healthy and wants to play hard for us then all of a sudden wr might not be a top priority
  23. I see to many people giving up on the jets already. we have played competitively with every team we have played against this season except for the chargers. look at who we have played so far and who we lost to then look at who we get to play the rest of the season. although the odds are not with us we could still finish this season with a winning record and from the way our schedule looks to me this season is not dead but just getting started.
  24. I might be the only one but I honestly hope rex ryan doesn't lose his job (unless we could keep him as our DC and I don't see that happening)
  25. I think the chance of the jets taking a qb in round one of this draft is about 0% they will give geno atleast one more year and if they do draft a qb it will definatly be outside of round 1
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