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  1. wide receivers have a tendency of fluctuating like crazy so amari cooper by the end of the year could be a guy your all begging the jets not to draft. I agree we have needs and that rb is not an immediate need however why draft a guy who has equivalent talent to someone who you can get in the second round when you can draft a guy that you know is going to be great? moving down on your picks based off of need is not a good recipe for success. that being said if the best wr is on the board at the time and whoever it is has a ceiling to be an elite wr then I wouldn't lose sleep over the pick either. same goes for a solid corner. I don't think this is the year we should draft a qb I think we still need to give geno a chance, the reason I say this is because jets fans want to change their qb after every game when even the best qbs have a bad day. geno is still young and has improved over his rookie season that well was not very good. he could still improve and be a decent qb which is really all we need him to be, mariota I don't think will ever be an elite qb so to waste a pick as high as a top 5 on him when there are other players who have such high ceilings would be the wrong thing to do in my opionion. the other qb that should go early in the draft Winston I think is a much better qb then mariota is however he has some obvious off the field issues and none of the jets fans would give him a chance to develop by the time he would be on the brink of being good everyone would be screaming for us to draft the next guy. as far as drafting a wide receiver goes most wide recievers take time to develop and will be pretty bad or mediocre at best their first season (look at Sammy Watkins he is having an alright season but not as good as he was drafted to be). I mean we could always fix our wr issues in free agency there is a tiny tiny chance that the cowboys don't want to sign Bryant to a huge deal when murray is running the ball so well. my point right now is just keep an open mind because our needs right now might not be the same as our needs in the draft and at the end of the day I hope they take the best player available instead of drafting based solely off need
  2. I think his suspension is over already and I don't think it will have an effect on his draft stock anyway as he was suspended for selling autographs I have a feeling he will be a top ten pick possibly even a top 5 and I also think amari cooper fill fall probably not out of the first round but down to the 15-20s
  3. I really hope the jets pull off a miracle and rex stays with us. I see a lot of crying because we are 1-5 right now but look at the teams we had to play the rest of our schedule should be a bit easier and lets wait and see what happens from there. do I think rex is the greatest coach in the nfl no but do I want to waste all of the talent from all of the defensive picks we have taken over the past 5 years on a new coach who doesn't know what to do with these guys? nah im good with rex staying and I think if we had just one more decent receiver (look at the difference in the jets offense when decker is on the field as opposed to when he is not) it would make a huge difference. our rbs need to also start doing something.
  4. i would rather see us draft todd gurley sure we need a wide receiver but gurley looks like he could be the next Adrian Peterson.
  5. all kyle Wilson needs is 2 interceptions and 1 sack or 2 interceptions and 7 defended passes to have his best season ever that doesn't seem like it should be hard. dee milliners rookie stats are just about the same as kyle wilsons career stats. but I hope rex is right either way it would be nice if that guy would contribute we have held onto him long enough and we invested a first round pick on him in a draft where we could have moved up 5 spots to grab dez Bryant or stayed where we were and drafted gronkowski or jimmy grahm (not that we would have known they would be as good as they are at that time)
  6. I finally got a chance to watch the game I would say all around we didn't look that bad our dbs need some tweaking for sure but at the end of the day Antonio allen who was playing as a corner vs aj green only allowed one big catch. that's pretty good for someone playing a new position against someone who is a top five at the opposing position. on top of that our running backs looked ok geno looked alright. he needs to improve on his accuracy a little bit there is no reason he should throw a ball to high for sudfeild to reach it. pryor looked amazing he was explosive and made lots of good plays and when he didn't make a play you could still see that number 25 run across the cameras trying to get there before someone else could make the tackle. Brandon Dixon one of our late round picks had decent coverage although he only played in the fourth quarter from what I saw. im expecting us to drop a lot of extra players this year and claim atleast 4 cornerbacks off waivers to throw the dice and see what we get.
  7. smaller guys are usually best in the slot unless they are blazing fast. kerley is quick but he isn't fast enough that he could consistently get good separation against the cornerbacks on most of these teams. because he is not blazing fast, to play on the outside he would need to be tall so that he can reach a ball higher then the corners. unfortunately kerley is not very tall either. in the slot he plays well and he does have a great set of hands. you mentioned wes welker, steve smith, deshawn Jackson. steve smith is tougher and more bulky then kerley and welker and d jax are both much faster then kerley. if you notice kerley does not usually get a lot of yards after any given reception because he isn't fast enough to outrun the linebackers and safteys that come in after he gets the ball. now don't get it wrong because kerley is not our #2 receiver that doesn't mean he is not the second best receiver we have behind decker it just has to do with where he lines up. I don't think he has any need to wory about losing his roster spot though
  8. I think calvin pryor will live up to his expectations, I think mcdougle if we can keep him healthy next season has a good chance of exceeding expectiations, amaro who knows, the 3 wrs we drafted I don't have much faith in but who knows maby one of them will step up and pleasantly surprise us. IK looked sharp in preseason game 1 (idk about game two yet I don't get jets on my local cbs so I have to wait till tomorrow morning to watch it on the nfl network) and I really want to see Brandon Dixon play because I liked him at the scouting combine (although he is pretty raw he looked big strong and quickish for his size) but at the end of the day how many players drafted on any team could you expect to live up to their potential, some 1st rounders will play worse then undrafted free agents (kyle Wilson) some late rounders will be first ballot hall of famers (tom brady) draft is a crapshoot the scouts see little shreds of potential and base their drafts around that either way I don't think we had a bad draft and am excited for another season of football.
  9. its a preseason game most of the starters don't really care to play hard and risk getting hurt because nothing is on the line except for their money. if we start getting destroyed in the first couple of regular season games I would begin to worry. also Dalton is a good qb that is kind of under rated and the bengals have AJ Green who is a top quality WR all togeather the bengals are a good team and will be hard to beat in the regular season anyway. don't lose your faith yet just do what a good jets fan does anyway listen to all of the reporters tell you how sh*tty the team is going to be and laugh when the jets come up higher than expected
  10. to stay positive about this terrible situation milliner should be back before the season actually starts and this gives us a chance to evaluate some fresh faces down the depth chart. Dixon is great example I would love to see him get some play time I think he could end up being decent. and now Patterson gets his second chance to step up and play well. the season is not over yet it sucks mcdougle will likely be out for the season but keep in mind your all making the assumption that the first preseason game is an indication of how these guys were going to play throughout the entire season. sometimes good players have bad days and bad players have good ones. relax enjoy the preseason and hopefully something works out but don't be crying about how we didn't over pay a cb who might not have played any better then the guys on our roster remember we have other players who want to be paid too like Wilkerson who has proven he can play like a jet.
  11. only jets players I would personally touch in fantasy football this year are nick folk, geno smith, and chris Johnson. my reasoning for these 3 is jets have trouble getting in the endzone so nick folk should have pleanty of opportunities for feildgoals and those are worth more than a PAT. geno smith tword the end of last season was putting up good fantasy points with rushing yards and rushing touchdowns, a rushing qb is good for fantasy football and although he isn't the best one of the bunch you can often get him with your last pick and he can be a steal that far down. chris Johnson is good for fantasy this year because chris ivory is almost guaranteed to get hurt and miss games and your not going to give the ball to bilal powell if chris Johnson is able to carry it, he has also been doing a good job catching balls from geno and vick during training camp. kerley might be worth a shot later on in the season as he probly wont be drafted in any leagues but he has a solid set of hands and down the line teams will have to put strong coverage on decker and should give kerley some opertunities that he hasn't really had in awhile.
  12. I would try to drop one of those tight ends and pick up Zach ertz if he is still available. I would also try to drop rivers and pick up manziel if he is still there (rookie rushing qbs tend to have a wonderful first year for fantasy teams) ty Hilton was a good pickup, I would have stayed away from cj spiller there are trade rumors floating around right now.
  13. positive: we won the game negative: we need to wait another week to see the jets play again pre season game 1 is not the best time to evaluate possitives and negitives, after game three if Patterson is still getting burned, milliner continues to play good and so on then say these guys suck and shouldn't be out there, sometimes these guys just need a game or two to settle in
  14. im seeing a lot of people who are ready to throw geno away and put vick in. I do think vick is a better quarterback, the problem is the last time vick played a full season was his rookie season. vick is not a durable solution if we take geno out put vick in and get 4 games out of vick before he gets hurt then guess what. we get stuck playing geno smith anyway for the remainder of the season and we kill all of his confidence to boot. geno has shown some improvement and hopefully it wasn't just a lucky game for him but only time will tell that. as for geno being a quality starting qb I think he will be. I don't think he is an elite qb but I think he will be good enough to get the jets wins. as a team built on defense we don't need an elite qb to win a game. honestly the controversy if any should be around the offensive line. a good offensive line can make an average qb look elite and right now our offensive line seems to be one of our weakpoints.
  15. if we keep Patterson as the number 2 cb then milliner will be kind of like revis cause no one will throw in his direction.
  16. so I was thinking. you have pleanty of other options with lobster. you should consider making lobster salad, lobster dip, or lobster bisque all of those you could prepare at home and bring with you the bisque you could warm up on a small pot and it wouldn't really need to boil.
  17. if you can elevate them off the grill a bit and steam them they should come out just fine.
  18. I wonder if part of our problem with our offense is that they play the jets defense during training camp and lose all confidence?
  19. we will see how this guy does after he gets hit a couple times. he is blazing fast but he is small, I would like to see if he can actually take a hit.
  20. weren't they calling this guy mini gronk last year before the pats waived him?
  21. im going to be bold here MVP - Kerley Dpoy - Milliner Rookie Dpoy - Dixon Rookie Opoy - Enunwa also I think the rookie Dpoy for the league this year will be Dee Ford
  22. something tells me don't sign the guy who got cut by a team that is desperate for players in that position
  23. most of the year he was projected to be a pretty decent QB prospect before falling off the deep end. we have vick on a 1 year rental plan, not to say that he will be but he could end up being a steal in the bottom of the sixth as either a backup or a starter (time will tell) it scared me when they made this pick from the podium I thought we were going to end up with sam
  24. I think it is safe to assume that the jets scouting department does indeed know more than we do, how many of you can honestly say that you went to all the different schools put in the hours truly watching every prospect in the draft play and on top of that did a complete background check on these players. sure ESPN is fun to watch but at the end of the day they are often wrong about everything that is not clearly obvious. im reading through these comments and I would think this was a patriots forum if I didn't know better simply by the fact that I would never sign up for anything that supports the one team in the nfl that I love to hate.
  25. i would be a liar if i said i saw this pick coming i personally thought antone exum would have been a better pick and there is a possibility this guy could have been there when the jets drafted again in the top of the fourth, however as much research as i did into these players (and i probably did more than most) i did not watch nearly as many games or put nearly as much time into this draft as the entirety of the jets scouting department. that being said, for those of you who are upset with the pick because you went to espn or cbs and looked up their list of "top" corners, please do the world a favor and do some research on your own next year. a great example is....and i hesitate to say this....Tom Brady (you wouldn't have found him on any of those lists) this is because the experts are not always right. the experts do not spend nearly as much time as a scouting department knit picking through players to figure out who is really the best instead they go off of mostly statistics and are where a certain player had played.
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