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  1. go figure you give this guy something to report on himself and he is still wrong. how he still has a job, i don't know
  2. i think Brandon Dixon has some potential im glad they scooped him up late, the thing i am most excited about is the players who were not drafted, there are some pretty talented players still left (Jackson jeffcoat, dion baily, that huge dt from LSU, Brandon coleman, colt lyerla(though he is crazy)) cant wait to see who the jets can still scoop up and am definatly excited about training camp. i would also assume that most of the people who don't think the jets had a good draft are the same people who follow everything the "experts" say and don't do any of their own research. (sitting in the war room on nfl.com during the draft all i saw was comments about how the jets need to draft these big name guys who are mentioned on tv and when those guys were not picked it was a terrible addition) i think we did quite well and again am excited for training camp and next season
  3. so I actually looked into this petition and realized they are collecting donations from everyone who wants to sign it. I have a feeling this has less to do with vick especially seeing as there is no way they can legally ban him from the college without telling the entire team they cant practice there anymore (and im sure there is contractual problems with that) and more to do with filling someones pocket with money from stupid people who want to vent bullsh*t about animal rights that they probably don't even really care about.
  4. Green Bay is a great example they have a ton of number twos their "#1" is who randle cobb. a strong number two receiver at best no better than eric decker and they do just fine. granted they have Rodgers throwing to them.
  5. I think we should look for more of a speedy wide receiver like Brandon cooks or odell bekham jr. neither one is worth taking at pick 18 but if we can move down and get another draft pick to let someone else draft another player higher than they are valued I wouldn't complain. I think geno works well with a speedy guy though he did pretty good with tavon Austin.
  6. I don't think geno was drafted to be our quarterback of the future. I think he was drafted as our number two pick because he was thought to be the best available player left. after one season you cant say that he wasn't the best player left a lot of players who make the pro bowl don't get there off of raw talent if they did we would see less rookie quarterback and running backs in there. im not saying geno is great but he is young and still can develop im not against drafting another qb but instead of looking at a top of the line draft pick for a guy who could be a dud we should look at someone like mettenburger who we can get in the mid to late rounds and could end up being decent or end up sucking but we don't take a risk that way. if you draft a qb with the number 1st overall pick and he is a bust you look like a fool. if you draft a qb with the 1000th pick and he ends up being good then your a genius.
  7. maby they will give up on vick and look at someone cheaper and probably better like Campbell that just got dropped by the browns
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