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    Beating New England in the 2010 playoffs.
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    Losing to Denver, Indy, and Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship games
    Vinny and several other players going down in Week 1 of 1999, ending a potential Super Bowl season before it even began.
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  1. What exactly was impressive about Rex's performance in 09? He took a solid team and had two three game losing streaks and lost 6 out of 7 at one point. The only reason he made the playoffs in 09 was because Indy and Cincinatti let him. Those two teams basically looked at a 7-7 team and decided they were going to let them make the playoffs and laid down for them. If both of those teams actually tried in those games, then Rex finishes the season with an 8-8 mark at best, most likely a 7-9 record. Did he do a good job in the playoffs? I'll give him that, at least for the first two games. Both of his AFCCG appearances were duds. He didn't have the team ready to play either time, but his wins in 2009 and 2010 at San Diego, Indy, and New England were well coached games. That's all I'll give him credit for, though.
  2. The thing is, they shouldn't need to have a rude awakening down the road. They should already be opposed to this hire. The Bills fans have witnessed first-hand how Rex had a hand in pretty much destroying the Jets franchise over the past 6 years. He took Mangini's team and led them to back-to-back AFC Championship games. While a big deal for us at the time, it wasn't necessarily that impressive a feat considering we were legitimate Super Bowl contenders the year before while Brett Favre was healthy. Since that point, Rex proceeded to have a big hand in decimating the roster to the point that we resembled a high-school JV team. Yes, Idizk had a big hand in it, but so did Rex. The Bills fans have seen this, and had their own hand in embarassing us over the course of the last couple of years, yet now they are excited to sign up for the very same thing. Rex really should leave coaching and go into sales. He's a phenomenal salesman. He took a garbage HC resume and actually got someone to hire him. The fact that he could convince an owner in the same division as the Jets to hire him after leaving that organization in ruins is a testament to his sales skills, but is also the exact reason why Bills fans should not be excited about this hire.
  3. Sadly, there are probably some infants out there who are more mature. I doubt many infants would spend a month ranting over a rather harmless comment.
  4. The ONLY person who was out of order in that whole ordeal was Rex Ryan. Plain and simple. Amaro didn't even mention Rex by name. He politely answered the question, was very complimentary about his new coach while not even mentioning the previous coach by name, and that was it. Rex made it personal, going so far as to promise "accountability" for Amaro. Rex's now month long hissy fit on that subject is one of the most unprofessional things you'll see from a head coach, aside from of course his old man punching out Gilbride back in the day. The idea that Amaro "deserved" what he got from Rex is nonsense.
  5. Woody should ask the NFL to investigate Rex's continued comments regarding Amaro, if for no other reason than to give Rex a dose of his own pettiness as well as to send a firm message to him that he needs to shut up. I do maintain, however, that Maccagnan had better be watching those two Bills games very carefully, especially with regards to Amaro. If there are efforts to hold Amaro "accountable" by players on the Bills' defense, then he needs to act swiftly.
  6. He has to hurry back soon. If he can't play, then how will Rex hold him accountable?
  7. That's exactly what it is. There's got to be some way to shift the blame and focus to Geno when he false starts for the third time in a game.
  8. No, but if he feels like something needs to be said to Geno, and Geno alone, then that's fine. You pull Geno aside, say what you need to say, and move on. You don't find the nearest podium and microphone and announce it to the entire world.
  9. I'm sure there are players on the team that feel that way. I'd be surprised if they don't. But, that's something that you keep in-house. A "leader", like people seem to like to call Colon, would have said it to Geno's face in the locker room and that would have been it. A "leader" doesn't air the team's dirty laundry in public.
  10. We haven't even made it to training camp yet and this is already the most annoying QB competition I can ever remember witnessing. We have two terrible options. Period. If we're going to somehow make the playoffs, it's going to be up to the defense to literally drag the team there.
  11. Pretty much the only reason he was hired, I would think. He certainly didn't do anything in New York to warrant getting another chance at it.
  12. So, Goodell's trying to grow the sport by streaming it on a website that will reach far fewer people than his other option. And we've been doubting this man's brilliance the last few years.
  13. Exactly. He's a once-great defensive mind who the rest of the league has figured out. When he doesn't have, as you said, HOF caliber CBs to help his defense, his defense is downright terrible. This really is someone who should not hold an NFL head coaching job. He's unfit for that job, yet he found a gullible owner in Pegula who he somehow managed to convince not to look at his track record before hiring him.
  14. He sure did. Rex is never going to win a Super Bowl as a HC, so it's a bad hire. Take away the Patriots* playoff game, and the guy consistently chokes on the big stage. I'll give him credit for that game, he coached his tail off in that one. But with the team on the doorstep of the Super Bowl twice, he failed to get them ready to play both times. You almost got the sense that the Pats* game was more important than the Super Bowl in 2010, given how they came out flat against Pittsburgh the next week.
  15. The newspapers like him because he does their jobs for them. Plain and simple. It's not because they respect him or his coaching "ability", because they don't and, quite frankly, nor should they. He attracts attention to himself and helps them fill their pages.
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