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  1. Cosign. OL With the first pick if Cooper is gone. Then trade back into the first for Jaelen Strong or Kevin White.
  2. I'd hate to do it.. but yes that's exactly the move I'd try to take after addressing the Oline with our first pick. It's almost a definite that we'd have to move back into the late first to even have a shot a Strong. Also it's true Washington does need Oline help too and they are slotted ahead of us. Ronnie Stanley OT from Notre Dame could be another option.
  3. If we could somehow get Brandon Scherff and Jaelen Strong that would be 2 great additions to our offense that would provide immediate impact.
  4. Kyle Wilson's days as a Jet are numbered.
  5. Lol..Thanks for the welcome eboozer. As for some "Old timers" combined with being Jets fans, I would almost expect a sarcastic pessimistic attitude. They are old and have been through much negativity and disappointment. They simply cannot help themselves lol. I am rare, simply optimistic in nature about most things including the Jets, it would take a lot more to discourage me. As for Kyle Wilson, you are probably right about them keeping him and holding ground with all 12 picks in the draft. However his long term future with the team is still very much in question right now.
  6. Interesting...now in that scenario what do you think it would take to coax ATL for #6? They know we want Watkins and so you know they'd want to get over as much as possible.
  7. I agree with you 100%. I am NOT for trading up at all. I'm one of the people who is actually excited that it seems we have a GM who has a plan that is worth sticking to without mortgaging the future and putting the team in cap hell again. It's not flashy but he is slowly building depth on the roster. I just wanted to get some members thoughts on Kyle Wilson's status really with all these cbs being brought in. I believe this is his contract year...
  8. If Wilson is traded then Darrin Walls will start opposite of Dee Milliner. Either way the jets will draft at least one cb in this draft at some point.
  9. Matter of fact scratch the 4th.. 1st, 3rd, and Wilson. Done. #8.
  10. Lol..I mean yeah but THAT right there just isn't realistic. The Jets would have to give up way too much to get him @ #2 to be safe. John Idzik says he wants to "Build through the draft" so.. there's that. I think my initial scenario for Mike Evans at #8 while it may not be perfect..it's much more realistic.
  11. Hahaha..damn you're pretty confident..How can you be so sure? Why are they signing all of these cbs?
  12. With the signing of Dimitri Patterson today the Jets sure have a lot of cbs stockpiled now. With that being said.. I have a feeling that Kyle Wilson may be in trouble. They could be setting up to package our 1st, our own 4th and Wilson to move up to #8 selecting WR Mike Evans. I dunno if that would be equal value..but man that would be awesome. I think this is even more a possibility because Kyle Wilson could start on the Vikings.

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