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  1. UnknownJetFan

    Building a team through free agency

    I said that in another post, but just adding some problem children in WR Brown and RB Bell even with our current Oline would turn this O into a much more dangerous scoring offense and probably keep our D off the field more often. I know everyone says Oline, and we need FA/draft to make that much improved, but Bell would make a lot of holes that our current RBs can't and out of the backfield and Brown running around both making plays along with Darnold's improvising skills, the D would be on the field much less and be a lot better especially with the addition of a few Pass rushers like Fowler (if we can't get anything better from FA) and a draft pick, plus Luvu getting better under DC Williams. We certainly are trying to get FA and draft pass rushers, heck they are already looking at Jaylon Williams is it from college, so they are going to beef up in that area, which will even make the CBs have to cover for less time.
  2. UnknownJetFan

    **** the Saints

    Didn't Buddy Ryan invent it?.
  3. O in Miami was as good as you could make it with less than average QB play as we all know. Our new OC Loggains actually got cutler in the Bears at the time to have 21TDs and 11Ints and ~65% pass completion and ~93% QB rating. That is great for Cutler who was also at the end of his career when this occurred. This guy will be an extension of Gase (And Gase will call the plays) and Loggains has plenty of OC and QB coach experience, which is what we need. Lets see how he and Gase do with a real QB, which we seem to have and not some bum which is what these guys have all worked with in the past in Tannehill, Cutler, A$$whiler, etc.
  4. Funny, but calls like that that I recall have cost us games would make us have to redo 3-4 games per year on average.
  5. If we paid our whole 100M to Lawrence at DE(Edge Rusher), Brown at WR, Bell at RB, Paradise (sp?) at C and a serviceable left guard (unless Spencer does it) , would any of us care if it nets us the playoffs and beyond. No, who cares, it would be money well spent, and if they under achieve we would just say it was not spent on FAs as well as it could have been to help the Jets, but it is not our money. Though season ticket holders spend good money and expect the team to be built properly at one point so they get a return on their investment, so these are reasons why fans expect the $ to be spent wisely. In other words if DC Williams doesn't get much more out of T. Johnson at CB than what we saw this past year, then Mac is going to be in some hot water feeling a little like the crabs in the pot being cooked up during the holiday season.
  6. UnknownJetFan

    I’m tired of losing

    We really don't know how good some of these players are due to the coaching they had. Lets see how these coaches get these players we keep and get to play. With Rogers on D and every low down OC we have had it is hard to tell what players are any good.
  7. UnknownJetFan

    Giving credit where credit is due, regardless of past failures

    I also regardless of anything said go by what occurs on your watch. When Woody did stupid things like the Revis 2.0, Tebow acquisition that had his name written on it, etc. these were driven by him interfacing with GMs. Again on his watch mistakes like those and others caused many of our setbacks with even domino affects of those. Now for some of Chris John's areas he would have had interfacing with the GM (Mac) on they are below: 1) Trade of Sheldon for Kearse and a 2nd round pick - Outcome: 2nd round pick helped net us Darnold and we saved 8M on Sheldon, Kearse worked for 1 year. This would be considered a good decsion and overall a win. 2) Putting a stop to a potential FA addition of Suh. - Outcome: better for the team a Suh up to that point was bad news and considered dirty wherever he played. 3) Approving the T. Johnson CB large contract - Jury's still out on this, but Williams was his DC in Rams and should get him back there in the new 4-3 D, plus even though this guys struggled in coverage and with penalties he did have 4 INT and a fumble recovery so he has big play capability. Outcome: Stated above, but we'll see if this gets better going forward. 4) Trade up to last years 3rd overall pick for 3 second rounders and then the Darnold selection - Outcome: This looks like our FQB. 5) Hiring Gase as HC and potentially having him report to GM (Mac) - Outcome: Probably the best HC chosen out of the pool for us and our situation. Many of us wanted McCarthy, but in the end McCarthy underachieved in many ways the past 2-3 years with GB having a HOF QB, while Gase overachieved in Miami with little at QB while he had to also handle GM personnel duties that he didn't even request. We will see about the HC to GM reporting in the structure if we definitively get that info. Conclusion: All of above again are on Chis Johnson's watch and I am not even including how he handled the whole Anthem issue since that was not decisions like 1-5 above where interfacing with the GM were of the essence. All were decisions not to grab headlines like he even said that he is not trying to win twitter. These seem like sound decisions and hopefully we see as many of 1-5 have shown that they help the Jets move in the right direction for some sustained success. I for one as a Senior manager with an MBA knows that every decision doesn't always work out for the best, and then you must learn from it and in that area make better ones moving forward. Right now based on above and what I have seen, I really hope that once Woody comes home he goes into the background and leaves this job to his brother Chris who appears to already be better at it then he is and still may get even better then he himself is. Just what I would choose, but hey, I am not the billionaire pulling the strings.
  8. UnknownJetFan

    Christopher Johnson changing Jets power structure

    Well ironically most of us would have to at least consider whether or not Manning is a better football mind for these type of recommendations than Mac is. lets face it Mac has never picked a HC and if we were to say neither has Manning then I would gather they both have the same level of experience doing it which is none. Manning may be similiar to Elway in this regard, and Elway maybe having problems picking QBs, but he at least hit in picking Manning which got his team 2 SBs during Manning's tenure there and winning one of them. I'd sign up for that in a heart beat.
  9. UnknownJetFan

    PFF Mock Draft- Top 10

    We have no 2nd unless we trade down and pick one up, or trade a player to pick one up.
  10. Agreed. Currently it can look like below: LDE=Copeland LDT=Pennel RDT=Williams(3 Technique) RDE=Luvu (Edge) SAM=Jenkins(SSLB) MIKE(MLB)=Williamson WILL=Lee(WSLB) Backups at DT=Anderson and Fatusi and TBD Backups at DE=TBD(Edge from FA/draft) Backups at MLB=Hewitt Backups at OLB=TBD(from FA/draft) The front 7 would even be better against the run and pass in the 4-3 even with the current players let alone more coming in from FA/draft.
  11. UnknownJetFan

    Bob Raissman on Joe Benigno

    I conceded right after Gase being hired that even though I wanted McCarthy there was no guarentee that McCarthy would be better for the Jets as HC than Gase.
  12. UnknownJetFan

    McCagnon had help now

    Have no problem with all the talking and recruiting as long as none of it leads to any tampering charges.
  13. Is 2019 draft the year we replace Brick/Mangold this time with a FQB to make our runs? I feel like I would sign up for the 2 round draft below having us trade down (Could be with the Jags instead of the Giants like this says) and netting OT Williams and C Risner, plus additional draft picks due to the trade down to get skill position players and an Edge rusher that we probably also address in FA. https://www.nj.com/expo/sports/g66l-2019/01/792d3687ce4876/latest-nfl-mock-draft-2019-ohi.html
  14. UnknownJetFan

    Offensive Coordinator Dowell Loggains

    Guys, Gase will run the O and Call the plays with his OC just handling the duties he doesn't have time for. Good thing with Gase is now he will focus on that duty I mentioned and being the HC and not with the additional personnel duties he had in Miami. Guys who do both HC and GM work have to be elderstatesmen like Parcells, Holmgren, Shanahan, etc. That's your only chances when you have that much overall experience. HCs with only a few years and much less than a decade of experience usually struggle mightily handling that many duties.
  15. UnknownJetFan

    Darnold will be Namath in Gase's eyes!

    And that was after Manning broke his neck.

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