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  1. Trade Crowder for a starting CB and we'll pay half Crowder's salary and the whole salary of the CB. We can then let Moore start at slot WR and greatly improve our CB position.
  2. Or can he be a backup QB or at least double as a CB(probably a better chance at that since he is a DB)?.
  3. We are in a 4-3 D now. That means you keep 2 at all 4 positions and possibly 1 more at least to float between the positions on Dline, so likely around 9.
  4. Hey, imagine even if K Naggar ends up being good as well. That would be great.
  5. I'll do my only geometry if/then statement I may get right. If all those events occur, then record = 9 and 8 and possibly playoff berth.
  6. Much of the "trying and being competitive" needs to be initially driven by Saleh and Wilson and then other coaches and players under them following their lead. Show a gritty energy driven never give up mentality and after that the talent level gets you as far as you can go. Obviously when the talent is not good enough you evaluate based on that and say well we are getting the best out of the players that we can, now where do we need to upgrade?. Then use the draft picks and cap $, which we have plenty of to do that.
  7. Has we kept Darnold, and if there was a team hell bent on wanting Wilson we could have gotten a good deal for a trade down. But after the 49ers spent most of their high draft assets to get to 3 they were then not a good trade partner. We would have had to trade with some team like the Eagles who did want Wilson but then went a different route.
  8. If Becton and Vera-Tucker create a dominant left side of the line they would be better served to fill any other slots for upgrades with other FA, Trades, or Draft picks. Hopefully McGovern continues to play moving forward like the end of last year at C where he was getting better and that can even be aided by the left side if it gets as strong as we hope with Becton and Vera-Tucker. Then we can focus on RG/RT moving forward and maybe someone we have on the team can end up as a good starter at one of those positions. Then the other position and depth that needs upgrading can be handled in eithe
  9. Maybe even when to go or not go on 4th down. Just like the areas you mentioned you make a mistake in any one of these cases and you lose the game. Do it in multiple games and you lose them all. I believe we have had our share of bad game manager HCs.
  10. Well now they are cutting him shown below: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2021/05/20/report-washington-releasing-morgan-moses/ If we were more closer to contending maybe the team would pickup a 30 year old RT who has been a very good starter for a while. But, I am guessing he won't be in the Jets plans since we are a young team and Fant already is making Millions to be our RT at this time.
  11. As you said an offense start would really put pressure on opposing defenses. There are x-factors like Davis, Mims, etc. but even though we would like both top draft picks to do it right away, but it would really help if either WR Moore or RB Carter start out where they are very dominant making themselves very tough for opposing D's to contain them. That would not only have that player provide an safety outlet for Wilson almost all the time, but once D's have to focus on that player others on the team will have less coverage on them like Davis, Mims, Herndon, etc. and be able to more easily mak
  12. Wilson played all last year without an injury and Becton didn't miss that much time due to injury. Maybe now that he is playing next to a real LG and not one of the street like Lewis it will allow him to not have to do too much resulting in him getting hurt since he had to pick up the slack so much for playing next to such a weak G.
  13. Sign a CB like Nelson, and a backup QB. Then next year we can fill in with Mega $ in cap space for FAs and 11 draft including 2 1sts and 2 2nds.
  14. The Jets last year held the Bills to only FGs in the game at MetLife and that was with one of the worst Jets teams ever next to the 1-15 team. It is possible to beat the Bills at MetLife.
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