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  1. Thing is many GMs around this league are in the same boat. This is less about scouting and more about college teams simply running schemes with no snaps from center and a lot of one read offenses. This causes too much of an adjustment with most QBs for all mechanics and progressions initially and even when they get that down to some level, handling NFL defenses is then really difficult with protections, processing of info pre/post snap, etc. Why does it seem that Hack cannot handle even the basics during even a preseason game. He probably didn't spend enough time with only his initial year in an NFL type system where his last 2 years he was again in those shotgun systems that built very bad habits for him and others. Between these FA and draft QBs it is even worse than a crap shoot, we are looking at odds at like less than 10% to get even a pretty decent QB that remains fairly durable. How many QBs are looking good out there right now: Top tier: Brady, Rodgers, Brees, Rothlisbuerger, Stafford (all drafted how long ago), Wentz, Goff, Prescott, Watson only 3 to come out from recent College systems and be good, which is because the Offenses on those teams were smart enough to tailor the O towards their strengths. Middle tier: Rivers, Eli, Dalton, Cousins, Newton, Ryan, Flacco, Garappalo(sp?), McCennan(sp?), Smith, Carr, Mariota - again all drafted prior to these spread one read college systems. Bottom tier: Every other crap QB picked by GMs all over the league where scouting I am sure was good, but the college systems are not transalting to the NFL and neother the NFL or College are on the same page to get in sync with this by improving the situation. This is why they need a developmental league of some type be it European football, a G-league like NBA where QBs and other players can get 2 way contracts to come up and down(Varsity and JV if you will), etc. Practice squad and Scout team reps. are not cutting it. Why?. Because in the end these teams and QBs especially are going to have make a choice between worrying about injury or playing in live situations where defenders are actually hitting you to gain experience. Practice doesn't do that. Maybe that is how it is done in all sports, but the NFL ratings will just keep going down each year till they resolve this QB situation because nobody wants to continue to watch this where they can have very good teams, but lose their windows of opportunity due to the deficiencies at QB. But, hey the NFL knows so much you know. Lets ask all these conglomerates like them, Atlantic City, etc. who had it easy with a monopoly type situation that when things change and you get either competition you don't adjust to or your market decides they have better things to do than deal with your crappy product, what makes them think they are so smart.
  2. Guys, Sorry to be a downer, but Washington may either FT tag this guy again this year or sign him long term. I would reserve any talk of signing Cousins until it is clear that neither of those things occur, which I assume is right up the the FA start period what Mar. 14th. So, if after that date they still have come to no agreement, tag, etc. with him and he is then fully a FA to discuss contracts with any other team, we are better off discussing other matters. Of course this goes for any QBs out there that are FAs after Mar. 14th where the current team they are on has exclusive negotiating rights until that date with that QB, like we have currently with McCown. Leaves us not much to discuss since FA is before the draft and who knows what to expect there, but really anything in forum threads like this is not only speculation, but even less credible than that if Cousins never becomes available. I know we like players are not subject to tampering rules in discussing these matters, but it just seems premature without this guy being available and then even when he is, will he have interest in us or somewhere else like Denver, Arizona, etc. Heck he can even end up with the Jags for all we know.
  3. I agree 100%, but with Mac and Bowles under pressure the way they are for 2018, they may try the quick fix of a FA QB. I would rather take a QB round and use our other resources in $ in the Oline, CB, number 1 WR, and maybe even a RB. We can get some or a few of them from the draft, but we may need a few extra picks to trade up for a QB if we have to.
  4. We have a good amount of resources in 8 draft picks 3 in top 50 and $100M, but we need key or number 1 starters at QB, Edge Rusher, CB, RB, and possibly WR. If the QB comes from the draft and is the main guy to build around in a trade up even, we probably have to use major draft resources to get that guy. With these needs Mac will be tested this offseason and must come through with very good prospects at these positions and also improve this Oline at least at the center position.
  5. Best Thing About This Season

    The Play of the following for me: 1) ILB D. Lee much improved and seems to even have more of an upside. 2) SSOLB J. Jenkins expected to take thye next step and seemed to do just that. 3) RT Shell played conistent and well throughout the season. 4) Result of Richardson trade of WR Kearse playing well, a mid 2nd round pick, and shedding Richarson's 8M+ salary this year and his attitude as well.
  6. It was Woody's decision to bring back Revis at a really high bad contract and that was evidenced by the tampering he got caught for in saying so while Revis was still under contract in NE. I also from the eye test see that the 2nd year 2016 with Fitz, Woody most likely pushed to re-sign Fitz since he thought the 2015 season was no abberation. Also, at the time the Mo. W. contract seemed to have Woody's writing all over that since Mac postposned it for so long and you could tell he didn't really want to sign him and more likely wanted to re-sign Snacks instead. This is evidenced by any contract the size of Mo's has to go through the owner since you as a GM would be fired immediatley by creating a big contract and signing it without ownership agreeing. Due to Mo's bad contract we couldn't re-sign Snacks since there wasn't enough cap space at that point. So can we see how these 3-4 moves caused so many problems and the GM had his hands tied by the owner. For all we know Mac may have made a deal for Cousins, but Woody maybe didn't want to spend that type of Money on him. Now, as was mentioned by another poster here(And enter Owner Chris Johnson), the combo of more experience and leeway for Mac to do his job himslef, in the 3rd year made some better decisions with the Richardson deal (Kearse and 2nd rounder), very modest deal for McCown to stabilize and grow the team while he was in there, revamping 3/4 of the secondary with Adams, Maye, and Claibourne, swap of Pryor for Davis, OT Shell, ASJ, Kicker and Punter Stabalized, etc. Positions of LT haven't been bad, and Pass rushing has been generated by committee and would have looked even better had the O had not been off the field as quick for many spurts of games. Mac now has to deliver on QB, since he didn't do enough there especially in year 3 when he maybe could have, but didn't have the $ or FAs out there in that year and other than the hurt Watson this wasn't a great draft for QBs. Lets see now as this year 4 will be huge for him. Get a real QB, Center and a good RB and that in itself will change the whole Offense. A real KR/PR is in order also. On D we need another CB or two and try to get that ever ellusive pass rusher who can change games and get quick stops when we need them.
  7. What Teams Could Get Cousins

    Cousins would be like when we signed O'Donnel(sp?). High priced and won't be the answer or any better than Fitz/McCown. I vote for either of the following cases: 1) Sign either MaCarron or Bridgewater and draft a QB this year in round 1. (This case gives you 2 chances for a QB to pan out) 2) Re-sign McCown for 1 year and draft a QB this year in round 1. (This case goes all in on the draft pick being the QB) For the case of 1 above the difference in prices for either of those QBs is a lot compared to Cousins and probably will not net less production. The money saved can be used on FA Oline, CB, etc. as well as keeping our own FAs i.e MLB Davis, TE ASJ, CB Claiborne, K Canazarro, etc. And we can spend the rest of the draft on OLB, RB, etc.
  8. Todd Bowles- The Streak Killer

    I told a Philly fan buddy of mine a ways back the game we beat the Eagles in some day will be the Super Bowl. Somehow I feel it will be easier beating there then in the regular season which we never have. It's just a gut feeling about this, but I'll stick with it. I have in-laws in PA always talking smack about our Jets when Eagles are playing well, but I always tell them when the chips were down the Jets won their Superbowl and the Eagles lost both of the Superbowls they were in, kind of like the Pats losing their 1st 2 and then decided to start cheating and paying off officals in order to win SBs at any cost.
  9. Jets Want Sheldon Back, Source

    Ok, so lets get this straight. Mehta was the main guy to sink us getting Marrone over Bowles (we are seeing how that's turning out), and now he is setting us up for either tamper charges with the Hawks or at the very least an investigation into such that if true costs us draft pick(s). Let me guess, is he working for NE who hates us so much that as down as we are still want to keep hurting us. This is the problem with no accountability in this entire country. What would it take for Mehta to keep his stupid mouth shut?. Maybe a law suit to then garnish his minimum wage salary, which it better be since anything more than paying him that would be a waste of money.
  10. Have we seen Petty's ceiling?

    My 2 cents on this issue. I'm over 50 so I remember a guy who started a while for the Raiders Jay Scroeder (sp?). He started for some time since he was a fairly high draft pick round 1 or 2. Petty reminds right now of him in that Scroeder could only throw deep accurately and maybe decent accuracy with some of the screen passes they setup. With intermediate passing he had really bad accuracy. Petty is currently the same, but it seems with the eye test for these throws he has plenty of time with little to no pressure, sets his feet wrong mechanic wise and also rushes the throw needlessly. Maybe he's like the Sundance kid from the movies that basically couldn't aim and shoot and had to move to shoot and hit the target. that's how it is for many mobile QBs. Anyhow, he has 1 maybe 2 more games to show improvement in setting his feet and then accurately delivering those passes much more consistently. If he can't do that he is not an NFL QB since those shorter passes is what are used to sustain drives, which is also why so many of his drives result in quick punts and no points. Another area he must learn, which probably comes with experience is movement in the pocket and delivery in passing lanes. He is 6 foot 3 and therefore not that short so 4 batted down passes in a game should not occur. Those kill drives as well and one was a 2 point conversion. You could argue that if none of those passes are knocked down the jets may have won this game. For Hack, if he cannot setup the protections at the line (and therefore will not get help with this like Mangold used to do since W. Johnson isn't good enough to do it and seems to only be able to snap the ball) either Hack will get killed at one point by free rushers unblocked, or will throw wildly inaccurate passes due to the rush that eventually will get some of our receivers hurt badly. Because of this to start they probably would be real reluctant to put him on the field unless Petty gets hurt or plays so bad like 5+ Ints in a game. If that does occur with Petty, then Hack would get only a small amount of time with pass plays called and if he struggled to much with accuracy they would then just let him hand off just about every play in order to burn out the rest of the season and get nobody else hurt. That would only get him more experience running the huddle and handing off without fumbling. I don't see much of a benefit there unless it was 20 or 30 years ago where many games you could mostly run, and then pass like 10 times resulting in wins sometimes. Now teams stack the box with 8-9 guys to prevent that. I don't know, I said a lot and don't feel any better about our current situation. After everything I stated it seems to me that it's a real long shot that either of these 2 QBs ever develop on our team as a starter, or even possibly as a Backup. And, I am a total optimist. Perhaps I have been a Jet fan for too long, but I'll go to my grave that way.
  11. I'd say Petty at best no matter how well he does can just insert himself into the conversation next year to either be the Backup or compete for the starting job against a QB drafted. That should be the case. He obviously would just be the Backup right off the bat if we sign or trade for a QB with experience like a Cousins, Smith, etc. The reason why I say no matter how good he plays is other aspects in the small sample size of 3 games i.e is it enough time to see if he remains durable, games are against tough teams with something to play for but there is no real pressure on the Jets so how do you know how he plays when there is pressure on the team to win games in a playoff run, etc.
  12. 7 teams will draft a QB - who will we get?

    You know, if Mac wants to take his preferential safe move on a QB, like BradwayJoe1 said, Mccarron should be a FA and hopefully wouldn't break the bank. If that were to occur you would most likely move on from McCown and maybe trade Petty since he has some interested teams that probably would throw a 5th or 6th rounder for him. Then still draft a QB in round 1 or 2 this year so that either him or Maccaron is the guy. We can keep Hack as the 3rd QB if he ever develops into something. We would then still have a few high draft picks at the top of the draft to build the areas of the O needed at Oline, RB, etc. We probably can then use the rest of the draft for other areas to maybe replace Mo, get more LB/CB depth, etc. This plan is safer then trading a boat load of picks to go up like 10 spots in the draft for a QB that may not pan out.
  13. 7 teams will draft a QB - who will we get?

    Another possible QB to impact the list of teams is Smith where after the way he has fallen off somewhat, Chiefs may just hand the reins over to Mahommes(sp?) and move on from Smith. That puts him on one of those other teams either via trade or by waiver. He could end up with Jags, Washington, or even the Giants if they don't want to fully rebuild. Heck, even Arizona may want him if they don't want to rebuild. In any event, Smith is another QB in play to possibly make more QBs available in the draft for the Jets. The issue is this year is that now the blueprint provided i.e Goff, Wentz, etc. is that many teams may trade a lot to get up higher and invest in a QB even with using up multipel draft picks since those teams got big jumps in success doing that. Only thing is those are QBs at the top 1 and 2 picks, and there is not even a sure thing in this draft to be as good as them. Darnold and Rosen may not be thier equals.
  14. MNF Steelers-Benglas

    Atleast Jets have won playoff games when we were getting there. I am over 50 and the Bengals seemingly have not won a playoff game since I was born.
  15. Well, Stewart causing that dumb ST penalty for 15 yards started the Chiefs out on one of their TD drives. I played HS ball and coaches at all levels see you do stupid crap like that and then play you even less. Why does everyone think WR Marshall is still on the Psquad?. Because he makes bad decisions, fumbles, and drops passes. He is gifted like Stewart, but like the Marine commercial used to say, "to compete you must be strong, but to win you must be smart". That's why every time Gino gets a start he is one and done since you can see he just doesn't think on any consistent basis.