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  1. Suppose a huge matchup is if Hall can handle Chase not letting him go off. Seems the Bengals really take off with Chase having outrageous games.
  2. JD/Saleh are trying to show they made a mistake not having a Vet presence that can perhaps stay longer to provide guidance to Zack now and moving forward and help the team out of this doldrum to at least be competitive. Whether all that I said will work is anybody's guess, but I suppose you p!ss on a spark plug at this point if you think it would work.
  3. Thanks for the video after a game like yesterday. Just what the doctor ordered.
  4. I'll say this, if after next year with all the high draft choices and cap $ and Zack's 2nd year, and if over that season we do not turn this around and at least be like an 8-9 win team, then we will be this bad forever and it is a lost cause.
  5. Sam's potential for what?. Leading the league in Turnovers INTs/Fumbles on average for the course of his career. Or potential for seeing more apparitions than the Ghostbusters could ever handle.
  6. You are judging Wilson too quickly after only 5 games. He needs more time to work on the weaknesses of short range accuracy before he is judged.
  7. I as well as any of us should or will not complain about it hurting our draft position for our picks including our round 1 pick. Sure we know we want another great Olineman like AVT is looking like and every win affects that, but the change in our culture, the young team including Wilson getting wins and progressing, etc. seems to be better for the Jets right now.
  8. Enough of this BS for a million draft picks. We trade Crowder and Maye and it has to be in return for a TE and RG that can be starters and therefore upgrades over what we have there. Getting even up to 3rd/4th round draft picks doesn't guarantee that those positions can be filled with starters anytime soon, and Crowder and Maye are our vets that should be somewhat costly to other teams that need them for a run this year, or at least an equitable trade starter for starters, or at least backups that are starting material. Otherwise, hold these 2 for the season and let them walk after that in FA
  9. Hope you are right about the last 2 lines since that greatly increases the draft picks we have from those teams in 2022 of 1st, 2nd, and 4th round. Our own draft picks in rounds 1, 2, will be likely high as well. These 1st 7 picks next year in the 1st 4 rounds need to continue to improve the Oline, get us a #1 TE, and see if we can improve at RB by picking another one there. We need to see how the WRs develop before we look to get more of them since we are having trouble getting some of the ones we have on the field, though one of these guys need to develop into a #1 WR and Davis would need t
  10. Have you guys seen Maye's off the field antics i.e driving issues?. DUI last Feb. hitting another car damaging the car and the person and the leaving the scene. Then like 3 months later caught driving with another infraction and a suspended license he incurred from the DUI offense. If you do not think that drops a players stock way down since that baggage is very problematic as well as the ensuing NFL suspension he will get after the cases are closed and that is likely at least 4 games. Sure, the suspension won't happen till next year, but it is an issue when you plan to probably resign the pl
  11. At this point you piss on a spark plug if you think it could work.
  12. 1, 3 and 4 agree 100%. 2 was where we would have got Thuney but the chiefs paid him so much it not only would have been a lot to exceed, but why would he come to our team over the Chiefs?. Initial backup plan was Alex Smith and Cam Clark on the team to probably have one of them beat out GVR, but Smith finally went off the deep end, and Cam had an almost life threatening injury. So, we ended up stuck with GVR or Feeney and neither are good. If this team had a decent record going into Halloween maybe it would be worth trading for a RG and perhaps even a TE, but since JD likely doesn't feel that
  13. That picture looks more of what is occurring to KC right now.
  14. On O we have vets with WRs Davis/Cole/Crowder, RT Moses, etc. On D they have Rankins/Mosley/Lawson. There are some vets to provide insight to the younger 1st and 2nd year players. We just have to have more patience. In the very words of Lando Calrissian "Han will have those shields down, we gotta give him more time".
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