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  1. Well Berrios and Anderson plays were good calls both that would have been TDs, but guys not catching the ball when it hits them in the hands is not on the plays the HC calls or the QB runs.
  2. Well hate to say it but I see one pattern that may have some merit. The main leader of the D regardless of who calls the defenses makes the D very solid. It started with for a short period Mosley and then cut over later in the season to Adams and until it got up to a high point with Adams it was average to bad. Once Adams hurt his ankle yesterday and was no longer a force the whole D was dropped again from solid to below average. If he doesn't get healthy quick the same thing will occur again with bad play from the D, and with this team's Oline the O cannot carry the team.
  3. Jackson and Allen have real Olines. We need one before we can blame Darnold who when he has even ample time does pretty well. The Oline lost the game today, nobody else.
  4. Our Oline has ruined this game.
  5. Fact remains that starting our depth has enabled some important aspects of Darnold continuing to progress as well as the system he and both the O and D are in to progress. Without these depth guys stepping up into starting roles for the meantime made big differences there. Without that we would have seen neither of those areas show any progress this season leaving the lesser important consolation prize of a top 1 or 2 pick that could have been trade bait or an exceptional prospect like Edge rusher Young or LT Thomas.
  6. JD has hit on 8 of 10 shown below which is not bad so far: 1) LG Lewis (Starter now and if upgraded will be a good backup) - good 2) TE Griffin (Starter now and if upgraded will be a good backup) - good 3) WR Thomas (3rd WR and has helped a lot in the resurgence of the offense) - good 4) WR/PR Burrios (Starter at PR and 4th WR) - good 5) WR Smith (Starter at KR and 5th WR with decent potential at both with size and speed) - good 6) DL Phillips (In DL rotation and has shown very good stuff) - good 7) CB Maulet (Starter at CB with some good potential) - good 8) CB Hairston (Bad starter but still provides depth at a position still of need for backups) - average/bad 9) C Kalil (Bad starter and caused a negative impact that would not have occurred with Harrison) - bad 10) K Fickins (Serviceable but can be better and the 1st game kicker cost us that game when he missed 4 pts) - average So, seems that for just a gap where the offseason was over he has done good overall to help fill some areas that will leave less holes for next offseason at WR, TE, some Oline at G, CB and at DL. We may have fallen on a little fortune with CB that a month ago looked like we needed a full overhaul and now looks like another potential starter from even the draft and some more good depth will do the trick.
  7. Since the Boys spent a number 1 pick on Cooper I assume if they can afford it they would franchise tag him. Why lose a number 1 pick for only 2 years of service. Just because Cooper wants to test FA doesn't mean what I stated would not happen.
  8. In the end we have started reducing too many Dlineman we over added like Richardson(netted the 2nd rounder that was used as part of the Darnold trade-up), and Leo that we get a high or like low 2nd this year and a 5th or maybe 4th next year. All this while this being the best I have ever seen this line play next to the NY sack exchange. Being number 1 against the ran in essence makes every team's O that comes up against us 1 dimensional before they even step on the field. That also makes a not so great pass rush become pretty good and assists our CBs in coverage.
  9. Yes, but when something is on the line you take risks. We do that in all walks of life. If nothing is on the line the risks generally outweigh the rewards and should not be taken.
  10. Issue is he is our Edge rusher till we get one whether it is an OLB, DE, etc. Till we get one he is the best threat to consistently disrubt the QBs and wreck drives. Jenkins at SSOLB and our DL is not going to be able to able to do it well enough to ruin drives of other teams.
  11. The game last week was in cold rain so maybe he caught a little bit of a cold. What I notice is when you catch any bug it normally takes a few days for the affects to come out. Hopefully it's only a head cold and nothing more since those you can alleviate any affects of for periods of 6-8 hours with medication. I do it all the time for work.
  12. We can enjoy Thanksgiving since our team doesn't play till Sunday due to our 3 games we have previously enjoyed. This probably isn't worthy of a thread, but it's been years since this is the case.
  13. Hey you forgot our boy Fatukasi who is a heck of an inside DL. Also, like the current Oline and CB starters where we were seemingly so bad there early this season, but we need some upgrades at those positions for going up against better competition and serious depth behind them.
  14. We also need more depth at CB and OLB.
  15. Sorry, drank a bottle of wine with dinner tonight, but wouldn't it be great at say our mid 1st round pick Tua was there and some team even with his injury would trade up multiple picks to get him. Unlikely but you never know.

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