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  1. I'd say Petty at best no matter how well he does can just insert himself into the conversation next year to either be the Backup or compete for the starting job against a QB drafted. That should be the case. He obviously would just be the Backup right off the bat if we sign or trade for a QB with experience like a Cousins, Smith, etc. The reason why I say no matter how good he plays is other aspects in the small sample size of 3 games i.e is it enough time to see if he remains durable, games are against tough teams with something to play for but there is no real pressure on the Jets so how do you know how he plays when there is pressure on the team to win games in a playoff run, etc.
  2. You know, if Mac wants to take his preferential safe move on a QB, like BradwayJoe1 said, Mccarron should be a FA and hopefully wouldn't break the bank. If that were to occur you would most likely move on from McCown and maybe trade Petty since he has some interested teams that probably would throw a 5th or 6th rounder for him. Then still draft a QB in round 1 or 2 this year so that either him or Maccaron is the guy. We can keep Hack as the 3rd QB if he ever develops into something. We would then still have a few high draft picks at the top of the draft to build the areas of the O needed at Oline, RB, etc. We probably can then use the rest of the draft for other areas to maybe replace Mo, get more LB/CB depth, etc. This plan is safer then trading a boat load of picks to go up like 10 spots in the draft for a QB that may not pan out.
  3. Another possible QB to impact the list of teams is Smith where after the way he has fallen off somewhat, Chiefs may just hand the reins over to Mahommes(sp?) and move on from Smith. That puts him on one of those other teams either via trade or by waiver. He could end up with Jags, Washington, or even the Giants if they don't want to fully rebuild. Heck, even Arizona may want him if they don't want to rebuild. In any event, Smith is another QB in play to possibly make more QBs available in the draft for the Jets. The issue is this year is that now the blueprint provided i.e Goff, Wentz, etc. is that many teams may trade a lot to get up higher and invest in a QB even with using up multipel draft picks since those teams got big jumps in success doing that. Only thing is those are QBs at the top 1 and 2 picks, and there is not even a sure thing in this draft to be as good as them. Darnold and Rosen may not be thier equals.
  4. MNF Steelers-Benglas

    Atleast Jets have won playoff games when we were getting there. I am over 50 and the Bengals seemingly have not won a playoff game since I was born.
  5. Well, Stewart causing that dumb ST penalty for 15 yards started the Chiefs out on one of their TD drives. I played HS ball and coaches at all levels see you do stupid crap like that and then play you even less. Why does everyone think WR Marshall is still on the Psquad?. Because he makes bad decisions, fumbles, and drops passes. He is gifted like Stewart, but like the Marine commercial used to say, "to compete you must be strong, but to win you must be smart". That's why every time Gino gets a start he is one and done since you can see he just doesn't think on any consistent basis.
  6. Wild Card Question

    We would have had a much better chance of making the playoffs if not for the replay overturns that should not have occurred.
  7. Why I'm disappointed

    Jetster, You're points are well taken, but some of these lapses are explainable in the secondary to having 2 rookie safeties still learning and the 2nd CB on our team just is so far below par for Roberts and whoever else goes in there, not to mention Skrine's struggles though he played OK today. We need some CBs next year, but not at the expense for getting a QB very high in this draft. We need both.
  8. Interesting Francessa points

    If we trade away a lot of our draft resources over this and next year to get the QB, we will have to use the 80-90M in cap space starting this year to definitely at least fill several Oline positions, which many teams have done over the last few years since rookies are hard to start there esepcially at LT and C, and the past draft or two has not been greate for olineman. With the rest of the available cap space we will have to try to upgrade somewhat at WR, CB, etc. Pass rushers don't grow on trees so who knows how to address that position. This route I have stated is better than using almost half of this cap space for Cousins or Smith at QB. We all know deep down coming on our O and then not having much money left to get weapons for them and Olineman won't work and will be like the Neil O. QB deal we went through. The only way it could work is with the draft picks we save to not trade up for a QB we would have to hit on every one of them at WR, RB, 2 Olineman, CB, Edge Rusher, etc. That is just too much to ask.
  9. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    flgreen, Yes, but if he could get the Jets to and Win a SB, he would be a God worldwide. If not he makes a boatload of cash. Where would the downside be?. Most would say, yea, but what about the aggrevation especially if Jets never improve. Yes, but he'd be laughing all the way to the bank with how much he'd get paid, so he'd live with it. I have just been thinking that regardless of how the rest of this season turns out, once would think that if the jets Brass see they can get a clear upgrade over Bowles, I think they would pull the trigger on it. If they can't they probably won't unless the team completely collapses and plays every game like in Tampa. If Chucky, Cower, etc. type of coaches were to be avaoable and want to take the job, I would think they would drop Bowles like a hot potato.
  10. Jon Gruden says he may return to coaching

    I don't know, show him the money. Give him a blank check and let him make all football decisions if that's what he wants. He already has ties to Morton, so he has that part in place already. At this point what have we got to lose?. I'd p!ss on a spark plug at right now to see if it works. Quite frankly I am 52 years old and really never get used to games like this past weekend where caoches and players just look (and actually say) they are "not ready to play". If any of us said that even once in our jobs like "I was not ready to work" and because of it something major went wrong, we'd be gone.
  11. Bigo's statement below is one where "What games have you been watching comes to mind": The 2 safeties have done squat. Below average play at best. You are talking about a #6 1st round pick that has made minimal impact and high #2 pick that between them have what ....1 fumble recovery and 1 interception, countless missed tackles and been burned repeatedly. I was all in on Adams but he has not impressed me in the slightest. Maye has not lived up to his #2 pick status either. There are numerous other rookie picks that are lighting up the NFL. You could have drafted 2 safeties in the later rounds that would have contributed more than these two. Adam's has 2 fumble recoveries and has several sacks and made multiple big plays along with many tackles and TFLs. Maye has 2-3 INTs and also multiple tackles and a forced fumble. Without these 2 this D is nowhere and they are like night and day compared to our safeties of the past. And this all as rookies.
  12. Skeet, if you are in the Texans division maybe. This darn AFC East where NE wins an average of 12-13 games very year, even in down years since they get 3-4 games handed to them by the refs and God knows how many more by cheating we don't yet know about, and all you are left with is the WC path to the playoffs.
  13. For Dominator, if McCown wins 1 more game the whole season to get to 5 Wins, he then one as much as $hitz did last year for half the money. I'd say that is a team friendly deal for ~6M in which he also is providing real leadership/guidance that $hitz once again didn't.
  14. Bowles and Macc have earned their extensions

    Another area we can say is lets swap out the WR Devin Smith debacle with UDFA Robby Anderson, cause that guy is flat out good.
  15. Jets Deal for Robinson Makes Perfect Sense

    We'll see if playing with Adams and Maye perhaps makes him play better especially since he played with Adams at LSU.