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  1. Question not mentioned in the link on this below: https://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2018/09/should_jets_trade_for_steelers_leveon_bell_pros_co.html#incart_river_index The article seems to not mention that any team trading for Bell can't sign him long term till after the season, and that he can just test FA, but even though he can do the same thing he is doing with the Steelers right now, can't the team that trades for him slap the Franchise tag on him again after the season?.
  2. UnknownJetFan

    Jets +9 @ Jax

    Sammy is going to be fine. Hopefully Jets overall will be as well if leadership at coaching and positions on the field start to come together. Probably will need Darnold to be one of those quickly since we have very few on the field and our best coach is probably still a player in McCown.
  3. UnknownJetFan

    McCown anyone?

    No, let Darnold play. He makes mistakes, but the rest of the player's making mistakes is what causes the Jets to be a bad overall team. Might as well use this season for Darnold to learn the ropes and then build better Oline and skill players around him.
  4. This is maybe the worst I have felt as a Jet fan. How do you blow a 14-0 lead to a rookie QB making him look like Joe Montana?. This team never improves and it a sickening. We are just never in the right place at the right time. On Mayfield's last drive they fumble with 4 Jets there and we can't recover. This entire team always plays like they don't want to win. Stupid Johnson 72M for him to cause the penalty in the 1st half for taunting that started this whole 21 unanswered point crap to the Brown's who had not won a game in how long. I have really had it.
  5. UnknownJetFan

    Bucky Brooks On Jet Defense

    DL Anderson's stat line was empty yet 2 of his QB pressures resulted in TOs. The have stats of pressures, which didn't show on his stat line I saw, but they should make a new stat stating QB pressures resulting in TOs since those are more valuable than a sack or about the same if the sack results in a fumble.
  6. UnknownJetFan

    Bucky Brooks On Jet Defense

    Lets see who may develop at Edge Rusher. We should not assume nobody here will like Luvu.
  7. UnknownJetFan

    Eve of the slaughter. Who will shine this game?

    I'll also say on D, Middleton could have a good game since the Fins O may feel he is the weak link. Also, I'll say the K Meyers. What seems to have gone mostly un-noticed was his 9 KO touch back on Monday night. That was not only limiting field position to the 25, but makes it frustrating when you are losing and have a need for a big play to help the O on your kick return and the ball keeps flying out of the EZ.
  8. UnknownJetFan

    Eve of the slaughter. Who will shine this game?

    I would just say if Roberts continues like this at PR, since that is his primary job, I know he is 30, but I would give him a 2-3 contract while we go through this possible window for those years. He may be able to help propel this team with field position and scores and as we see these type of returners that are better than fair catch players are very hard to find.
  9. I think everyone needs to realize that maybe LS, K, and P should never be drafted that high, but all other positions are such that players can be very impactful and are worthy of picks that high.
  10. Unless you are being sarcastic, when you are deficient at pass rushing, having a Box safety like Jamal Adams is the next best thing. It puts tremendous pressure on running and passing games because it causes so much disruption. It really requires on O to game plan for the guy by handling him on most plays with various aspects of blocking schemes. From those plays the film showed, you really need a dedicated RB/TE to be taking this guy out of the play, and in the cases where they were trying that it wasn't working as he was still making the plays.
  11. UnknownJetFan

    McCown is worth his 10 million

    Like the QB situation with Darnold and McCown as Player/Coach with Webb as a QB backup in training and even though on the practice squad is unlikely to be stolen from there since he makes his full salary as if he were on the roster and why would anyone pay a lot more for him to be a backup since he has no regular game exp.
  12. UnknownJetFan

    I want out !!!!!!

    If we can have Darnold keep progressing and get out of Roberts good returning as well as Luvu continuing to progress on Edge rushing we may have areas there of consistency and strength not quite expected at this stage.
  13. UnknownJetFan

    Todd Bowles

    STs looked great too. Returns, coverage, heck every kick was a touchback and not even close to being returned.
  14. UnknownJetFan

    Khalil Mack couldn't protect a 20-0 lead.

    Agreed, but Rogers proved there he is unbelievable. I don't think Brady could have done that on a gimpy knee pulling out this victory.

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