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  1. Like you said this guy has whiffed on 3rd round pick WR Stewart, 4th rounder Hansen, etc. But has gotten good production out of UDFA WR Anderson and Kearse through the trade. I'll give Mac a few draft credits on mid rounder below though based on play and current potential:(4th rounders and lower) 5th rounder - RT Shell (Has done well as a starter and can both run block and has mostly handled some of the better edge rushers) 4th rounder - TE Herndon(Appears to be our starting TE and seems to have good catching and blocking ability) 6th rounder - CB Nickerson(Has held his own as slot CB and may continue to develop) 6th or 7th rounder - P Edwards(We seemingly have been looking for a punter as long as we have a QB and found one of the better punters in the league) Honorable mentions that have played in STs and backup roles and contributed some with more potential then others: 6th rounder-TE Leggett 7th Rounder-WR Peake 6th Rounder-RB Cannon 5th rounder-RB McGuire Now, the conclusion I am seeing is that with adding all the players working out pretty well with trades, UDFAs, and FA claims, this generally has been filling out the team with some potential and production around the roster and mixing in with the high draft picks that have been going well mostly and the high profile FA signings decent I suppose, it is going to be more on Bowles to get more wins out if this collection between now and the future for him.
  2. UnknownJetFan

    Safeties in for tryouts today

    Hey Bowles was a safety, maybe e can play. He probably would have better ability at safety at his age than as a HC. Plus he is the only guy on this team with a SB ring.
  3. UnknownJetFan

    Jets sign Rishard Matthews

    If Pryor truly has a groin injury I don't see how a week later he is ready to play.
  4. UnknownJetFan


    Actually the only loss that was a blowout per se was the Jax game. Miami was an 8 point game we could have won, and the Browns game we were 14 points ahead and certainly should have won had we not done many dumb things to cause ourselves to lose. In watching the whole Vikings game it was closer than the score indicated. We were in the game for a while even in the 2nd half, but in addition to mistakes in drops, bad snaps, and bad tackles at the end, plus some bad ref calls at home which seems to be customary against better teams, we had a chance and were competitive in this loss. Another problem in the Vikings game was we just didn't have the horses at receiver on O. Also, we would have had a better chance with 3 of our starting DBs in there, but we seem to be having a lot of injuries too early in the season to compete against the best or better teams.
  5. UnknownJetFan

    Sam was really bad

    The receivers were either dropping balls well thrown to them or tipping the balls in the air to be intercepted. Those were not on Sam.
  6. UnknownJetFan

    Jets Decision to Waive Pryor a Curious one

    Well, we all read every article pretty much on the Jets and just a few weeks back he had been complaining about not getting enough touches. maybe that was part of the reason for this move.
  7. UnknownJetFan

    Have we switched to a 4-3?

    Not thrilled on the run D sacrifice in these cases. But, the Pass kills you more and though we are giving up good amount of yards, we are only giving up 23 points per game, so 24+ points wins it for us. Our true identity on D is what we used to affectionately call an opportunistic defense. What that really means is we get the turnovers at the best times in games to diffuse what the opposing O is doing. Examples are below: 1) Adams tip and Mo's pick 6 - took initial Momentum in the game to start and if Nickerson on the 2nd drive caught the ball we were probably looking at 14-0 to start. 2) After Jet INT, Colts 1st and goal on the 1 stopped and went backwards causing a FG. Also, the next drive they were held to a FG for a 2nd straight TO. This took away both momentum at the time and caused the Colts to lose 8 points (The margin they lost by). 3) Adams force fumble on the RB. - Killed Colts momentum at the time. 4) LB Williamson's INT. 5) Lee's INT towards the end of the game - Effectively ended the game.
  8. UnknownJetFan

    Mike Mccagnan in our section

    Boy it's looking like the Sammy D. move is really saving Mac at this point. It may even be saving Bowles.
  9. UnknownJetFan

    Report: Marcus Maye to Miss 3-4 Weeks

    From last weeks injury report below, Middleton I know played in the game with the Colts on STs and probably some on D. But, obviously he is banged up still a little. T. Brooks is going to have help and as you guys are saying maybe bring back Wilcox and if not bring up one of the DBs off the practice squad. We don't want to lose games because we have a big drop off at the safety position. Questionable: RB Isaiah Crowell (ankle), DB Marcus Maye (ankle/foot), DB Doug Middleton (hamstring)
  10. UnknownJetFan

    Jets Colts Game Balls

    Your know what guys, we have all buried Bowles a million times and been hard on him, but I am going to give him a game ball today for that FG drive at then end of the first half. He let Darnold drive in the 2 min. drill when we were up 7 point and that showed he is aggressive when he trusts the QB and the O can get the job done. I was shocked during this drive after watching nearly 4 years of being so conservative. Also, the fact that the team didn't come out flat today is a tribute to Bowles.
  11. UnknownJetFan

    Jets Colts Game Balls

    That is heartfelt Larz of the good time and memory for this game with your boy.
  12. Yes, but he signed Crowell who as darn close to as good as Hunt and right now has more big runs and TDs as I believe in our game they said in yards and TDs he is 2nd to only Gurley.
  13. UnknownJetFan

    Captain Insano words of not wisdom

    I'll tell you, Lee is starting to pay dividends with that INT there when Colts still had a chance. He really has stepped up his coverage on his side.
  14. They are a 4-3 D shown below and he is DE on a 4 man line that at 265 pounds would translate to a 3-4 OLB on our team, though that requires some additional coverage duties. DEFENSE POS STARTER SECOND THIRD+ Left Defensive Tackle Robert Nkemdiche Olsen Pierre Left Defensive End Markus Golden Benson Mayowa Zach Moore Right Defensive Tackle Corey Peters Rodney Gunter Right Defensive End Chandler Jones Ifeadi Odenigbo
  15. Thankfully Luck is down his top WR and TEs.

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