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  1. Yes, but that risks turnovers which Gase can brag we had none this last game despite scoring little points and getting killed on the scoreboard. Maybe Gase is the NFL reincarnated version of Ray Handley.
  2. Or still take Becton like we did and next year one of the number 1 picks has to be a very good WR prospect. Many times there is not the same level of LT talent from draft to draft, but definitely in this case you may have trouble duplicating the Becton prospect if he continues the way he is going.
  3. Well, CJ did say he regrets not firing and replacing Mac sooner, so maybe that is showing he may be learning to some degree. But, the fact of the matter is less of an unbelievable miracle of a turnaround by Gase(And players are already calling out how the team practices which is on Gase as the HC), CJ will have to sooner rather than later admit Gase was a mistake and move on from him one way or the other. Either nid-season fire him and annoint one of the assistant caches as an interim coach or at the end of the year fire him and most importantly let the football guy JD he did make a good decision hiring make the call on who the next coach is. It would be best for the new coach then to report directly to JD, but even if he doesn't and reports to CJ in essence the HC will report to JD to some degree since that is who picked the HC. If this all occurs like I am stating, then we will see that CJ is learning from his mistakes and understanding that he has to delegate to a football minded person the football decisions of hiring these important positions like the HC and not just choosing players. We all know you may choose very good players, but if they are badly coaches they will certainly underachieve.
  4. With our draft picks going forward we are going to have to get some high draft pick prospects at G and C since up the middle pressure and inside the tackle runs are both big problems for us.
  5. Can he play both ways and be a WR?. We need more help there for sure.
  6. That seemed to be the worst lack of effort I have ever seen in any football game.
  7. We all are bothered when they lose and even moreso when they are non-competitive like now thus far. But, we are loyal to our team and deep down feel that there will be a higher reward than pretty much any other team experiences if/when it turns around. The everlasting quest for hope like Professor X in X-Men. It more about idealism and less about realism. I always expect everything in life to get better, but unfortunately most situations just seem to get worse and never turn around. But myself and most Jet fans are not made in a way where we will give up on our team. Right now I feel the main hope and most important person on this team right now is JD. If he can take the draft picks over 2021/2022 with 4 number 1's, and 3 number 3's along with the rest of the 17 total picks plus the high cap space we have for those 2 years, and hit on many of those players we can have a solid team in after that and give it our best shot from there. We can only hope.
  8. Only comment I would say is after only 2 weeks together the Oline has not done bad in pass or run blocking considering new starters at all 5 spots, so if they are using zone blocking and can handle it let them grow with it since that is the way of the league right now. Our biggest problem on O is depleted talent at skill receiving positions dur to a lack of talent with all of them health and a total complete lack of talent with many of them hurt. That is getting Darnold to try and do too much and creating mistakes, dropped passes, etc. Gase then tried to go to a dink and dunk game to combat this but that will not work in the modern NFL anymore since it then takes 12+ plays to get to the endzone resulting in a turnover via fumble, INT, or on downs by that time.
  9. All But Winters I believe. But, for Osemele and Shell they are playing on teams with HOF generational QBs so it makes blocking a lot easier. Even Beachem is on a team where the QB is coming into his own. I love Darnold, but right now no matter the reason bad coaching, bad skill players, etc. he is just not consistent at all, so blocking for him is that much harder. I know, I was a LG in HS and there is a big difference blocking depending on how good the QB is behind you.
  10. Like you said, we all up close got to see Sunday night how the Pats let Cam do his thing. They may have lost on the last play but to be within a few yards of beating the hawks in their backyard after a cross country trip is a testament to letting the QB play his game. If Gas were doing it with Cam he would stop him from running by calling no running plays and the same with Lamar Jackson. Sure it's a dangerous way to play QB, but that's who they are. A play nobody is talking about I was impressed with was the 1st down run by Darnold on Sunday he had to actually bull his way through since a defender had part of his shoulder pad. Nice play, then why on 4th and 1 do you not only disallow Darnold to audible to a QB sneak and worse off why didn't Gase call a QB sneak there to begin with?. Geez.
  11. The lesson here for CJ is he has to realize like his brother he isn't qualified to pick a coach and let someone JD who is do it.
  12. They got HCs that are respectable from winning in the past like Gruden, or in the case of Vrable or McDermott they took little time to get their teams winning and now are on solid winning courses that attract FA players or help home grow their own players. I am not sure what coach we can get that can that can get us on that path. We have the problem of both bad caching and bad players, and those players that are decent never see the field due to injury. That is forcing players to have to operate outside of what they should be doing like Darnold where he is trying to force balls in areas that cannot be done since our guys receiving never have much if any separation. I see other teams where skill players are wide open making it easy for a QB since it is just toss and catch. We never have that luxury and even I see a lot of contested passes by Darnold that are close enough to catch where most times our receivers don't make the catch. Maybe they need to be tougher and fight better for the ball. At least Darnold unlike some QBs doesn't overthrow them very often. IDK, I am at a loss with this team right now since yet another season is going to go down the tubes. We go through this Pandemic and still living through it it would have been nice to at least have football to give us something to be a little happy about. Looks like that is not happening any time soon. And I am a Knicks fan to boot.
  13. If Pederson is available after this season then JD may go that route rather than a Coordinator or a college HC. I would even like to see if Gase is let go with enough games left that GW as HC since he had the Browns at a 5-3 record before they stupidly let him go. He may rally the team and maybe he should be given a shot at HC here then. I would p!ss on a spark plug right now if it could possibly help our situation. I know a lot of our problems stem from a talent view point, but for a HC A) get what you can out of the talent you have, and somehow do something to curb or reduce there injuries. It is just ridiculous that the starters are hurt before we even play many of them be backup level players on other teams, then we are down to backups or even lower to where whole groups like WR, CB, etc. are Practice Squad level players expected to compete against true top level starters in this league. How we don't get beat 45-0 is even a shock.
  14. We need to realize that building the team to just be a playoff contender in the near term is not worth it anyway. Maybe building over the next 2-3 years gets the Jets to where they are actual contenders for a title and though hard now that is the ultimate goal.
  15. To learn this offense in less than a week would leave the WR and Darnold in those situations where the WR goes one way and the ball is thrown the other way. We are better off bringing one of the PS squad WRs like Cager up since he would be more familiar with the offense and Darnold.

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