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  1. UnknownJetFan

    Which Jet will surprise this year?

    I'll say Leo with QW next to him and Polite behind him he is going to get one on ones almost exclusively. Now the Oline, backs, and TEs can't get 4 hands on him any more.
  2. I'd have no problem trading Leo for a starting Center.
  3. Nah, c'mon now, the USC UDFA Center we picked up is going to be like our next UDFA Robby Anderson as far as talent. Who needs to draft well in rounds 107 when you can get UDFAs you can build a team with. Trying to be sarcastic if it's not painfully obvious.
  4. UnknownJetFan

    Jets Waive Leggett

    The thing about this camp body aspect is that if you know a player is not in your plans then use that spot on a player that may be in the teams plans.
  5. UnknownJetFan

    Jets Waive Leggett

    Actually Herndon/Wesco/Brown/Sterling
  6. DRJETS, We had to choose between the lesser of 2 evils. MacCarthy getting massage therapy and letting all the assistant coaches do his ob, or Gase. The college scene had nobody as well. If Gase doesn't work out then maybe at that point there will be more availability of better candidates.
  7. UnknownJetFan

    Rumor: Peyton Manning To The Jets?

    If he takes a role like Elway did and got us even the 1 SB win like Elway did, I'd sign up for it. I'd like to see a SB win before i die and don't care how they get it as long as cheating is not involved.
  8. Hey, we should have committed to an early version of Hard Knocks where we could have televised the Mac firing in real-time. Everyone says we do things the wrong way, but now it is being stated that firing GMs after the draft is the new way to do things. When I was young I made the mistake saying to a Boss I had they waiting to fire one manager right after a project completed. He said, "why would they do it before that, to impact the project itself"?. That is correct. Why let people go before a draft that took 8-9 months of planning?. So, the draft not only gets messed up potentially, but also they have info about our plans they could provide to other teams that could also make us lose out on players we wanted to draft?.
  9. UnknownJetFan

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    We should all just become writers/reporter/weatherman. Weatherman keep their jobs with everyday could rain in temp above 32 degrees and every day below 32 degrees could snow. Writer/reporters speculate anything on any potential outcome based on whatever. OK, I'll start another, since Gase wasn't here when Adams, Anderson, Quincy, etc. were picked and maybe doesn't like any of them they all could be traded?. I mean if he doesn't like any of them and feels they are too highly paid then it could happen right?. But, if the Queen had b#lls she'd be King also right?. Gase did seem on the level early on stating that all slates are clean for every player, which should be the case. Was it with Lee, well they brought in an ILB Mosley to change the culture and be able to consistently make plays which Lee couldn't do being constantly run over by bigger blockers. So, based on performance Lee lost his spot on the team. And, if he continues to play like he has in the past may not even make KC's team, though their D is so horrific if that occurs he may never make another NFL roster again.
  10. UnknownJetFan

    Clarification of people in power

    UJF is just always been my handle. I just find it absurd that anybody in this world over the age of probably 18 years old expects everyone they will be under like QB/HC, Employee/Boss, etc. will be 100% honest with you on every topic. You can still do an excellent job without superiors being honest with you on many issues.
  11. UnknownJetFan

    What's latest news on GM search?

    C'mon now Idzik only got 2 years.
  12. UnknownJetFan

    Clarification of people in power

    It's morons speculating, that's about it.
  13. From article below: https://www.nj.com/jets/2019/05/is-my-head-coach-a-liar-how-jets-adam-gase-mike-maccagnan-saga-could-affect-sam-darnold.html Just wanted to clarify for everyone who needs to learn even players, know coming in that all people in positions of power are lying a lot of the time. So at close to mid-50's I am in age of this world the only advice all can take from me, is learn to read between the lines since that is the only way to have better info as to what really is the case. In many cases higher ups can't tell you either the accurate or all info since if they do at certain times prior to it being public knowledge it will put them out on a limb costing them jobs/careers. So, for those who either don't learn this or never get it, you better buy a mom and pop shop and only deal with customers that are complete idealists and will never screw you. I think that only exists on TV, the Twilight Zone, and maybe in many people's dream, etc. Just preaching reality, and I myself am more towards the idealism side. Maybe it took me longer then past 21 years old as well to learn this, but I was never handed more than tens of thousands to start in my business of Engineering and of course like most just managing my career myself. For a kid as a FQB or any other big time/paid player their agent should be enlightening them to these real world facts. But, that is if you can trust him/her and we have seen how many agents fired, so that is not a given either. For the cases where you have some trust issues there get someone you can trust.
  14. UnknownJetFan

    Albert Breer gets to the bottom of what happened

    Gase feels Mosley will be a culture changer on the D side as a poor man's Ray Lewis. Honestly we always blame our O, but 4-5 games last year the O had us ahead by a score with several minutes left and we lost cause the D couldn't make a stop. Every time I think back to big games i.e 1998 AFC Championship Victor Green goes to sleep and gives up a huge play to McCarffrey (Momentum turns we lose out on probably a sure SB vistory since we killed Atlanta earlier that year). OK, For the SB in 2009 Safety Leonard lets a WR get behind him and get a TD which turned the momentum since we were winning by 10 points prior to that. For the SB in 2010 the D doesn't showup till the 2nd half against Pitt. So, sorry to throw up 3 potential SB opportunities lost for us, but in every case had the D just locked down at those stages our history has a chance to be very different. Heck, imagine they actually had a culture changer that got us to win those games and maybe a few of those SBs?. Well Gase feels that way about Mosley, and with QWilliams, Adams, and if Polite can impress maybe the D can actually win big games at the end when the O has us ahead. We can't expect to win games especially big ones by 30+ points every week. I see this BS with dysfunction overblown. Get coaching and players to show friggen leadership for the money they are paid and stop using the damn ownership and front office as reasons for failure. There has been good enough players on this team to do a lot better than we have seen especially the last 4+ years.
  15. UnknownJetFan

    Bad start for gase, SOJ (merged)

    CJ said he needed to fully engulf himself through all levels of meeting over the last year and that is why he gave Mac the benefit of the doubt and did his due diligence. That seems on the level to me. Should he have known this earlier, maybe, but he needed the evaluation time and it's not like he has been the owner of a football team for a decade or longer. I don't see a problem here. Mac cost himself with poor overall drafting and too many large FA failed signings CB Revis, DL Wilkerson, CB Johnson, etc. which just those 2 adds up to hundreds of millions. If any of us made those mistakes at our jobs we'd be gone.

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