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  1. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/07/16/jets-hire-matt-sheldon-as-director-of-football-research-and-strategy/ The Jets have made an addition to their analytics department and the new arrival has ties to both head coach Adam Gase and General Manager Joe Douglas from previous stops. Rich Cimini of ESPN.com noted that Matt Sheldon is the team’s new director of football research and strategy. The team never made a formal announcement of the move, but Sheldon is listed on the team’s website with that title. Sheldon spent the last two years with the Dolphins in the same role and Miami wasn’t the first spot where he worked with the former Dolphins head coach. He also worked with Gase in Chicago during the 2015 season when he was the Bears’ director of analytics and football research. Gase was the Bears’ offensive coordinator that year and Douglas was the director of college scouting. Sheldon also worked as an assistant defensive backs coach with the Vikings from 2010-11, the Bills’ linebackers coach from 2006-09 and a defensive assistant with the Rams from 2001-05.
  2. Darnold not only had much less talent than Mayfield, but also had one of the worst coaching staffs of all time in his corner as well.
  3. Just wanted to post the Herndon will Appeal, so maybe reduce a game or 2 or the suspension, which would be good: Jets' Chris Herndon: Appealing four-game suspension Rotowire 2D AGO Herndon will appeal his four-game suspension, Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports. Reports earlier this summer suggested the tight end likely would face a two-game suspension after pleading guilty to a DWI charge from last summer. Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the league decided on four games instead of two because a woman at the scene of the car accident claimed bodily harm caused by the crash. Herndon presumably hopes to have the length of his suspension reduced to two or three games.
  4. Only thing is I am 54 this summer and don't ever remember a front office like this with this kind of overall talent. Steinberg and hist FO team were not this good nor did they have this kind of scouting/personel experience, and Parcell's FO was him, Tannebaum and some others that were not at this level as what we see now. Plus we may be fortunate that this FO team may stay around a while since they are not 3-4 year and done types like Parcells. Lets see. I would think if we can't build a team and win with this FO the way it's shaping up we never will. So, it's all in with these guys.
  5. Robby was tough to sign up to even this point due to some run ins with the law, even if exhonerated. Leo also was tough to extend since we needed to see him with better players around him, if possible, to take some of the double teams off his plate and see how consistent he plays. He doesn't need 12 sacks, but if QW and Polite are able to get Leo many one on ones he needs to provide 8-10 sacks in order to get a decent contract and not just a lot of QB pressures.
  6. Probably since nobody likes players with a big mouth, unless you are like a Ray Lewis type and a player of that statute can have as big a mouth as they want. Adams hasn't provided enough to have the mouth he has. Not to say it is not a good thing to have the attitude he does, but many people don't like.
  7. Bragging too much about the QB is what screws the team when you have to play these guys 30-40M a year. You have to handle it close to the vest if you want to be competitive when you do have to pay Darnold's second contract.
  8. Throw as much up against the wall as you can and see what sticks.
  9. OK, we wanted a CB with starting experience to push Roberts for No. 2 CB. There he is below: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/06/13/cardinals-cut-david-amerson/ https://www.rotoworld.com/football/nfl/player/8768/david-amerson
  10. OK, so we have Herndon, Wesco, Brown, and Tomilson. We don't add anyone and likely all have to make the team to start the season since not certain if and perhaps how many games 1-2 that Herndon will be suspended for that we won't know about till who knows how later.
  11. Don't forget for times using the 4-3 the big DEs/DTs i.e QW, Leo, Anderson, mostly rotate inside with some of the OLBs playing DE i.e Polite, Copeland, Jenkins, etc. The LBs then would use Mosley, Williamson, Luvu, and maybe Jenkins on the strong side and rotate between them. That would provide good pass rush from the 4 on the line, and we would have to see if the 3 LBs can hold up against the coverage. That's where you say those D formations need the main pass rush from only 4 rushers, but if it doesn't always work that way you can send one blitzing DB i.e Adams, Poole, etc. that are good at getting to the QB. That is just one variation using a 4-3 D that with the front 4 should still be able to handle a running and passing down, but may struggle a bit on coverage from LBs, but the hope is that some of the LBs like Mosley can cover long enough for the front 4 to get enough pressure to either hit the QB or tip the pass.
  12. And they did it after we did this year leading us to get what may have been their top candidate in Douglas(since they desired him in the past), and when they finally get a GM, Douglas by then will have couped probably the best of the front office people that are available.
  13. And in comparison's to Bill Parcells, his success was mainly with FA, but drafting was very poor overall. There was no FQB during his tenure and we only had superb QB play for the 98 season. We have an opportunity with a hopefully solid FQB and someone at GM that will not only handle FA well, but also drafting, to maybe sustain success long enough to get a good level of consistency i.e winning. Lets hope it works out that way.
  14. Ironic or curious then how Woody could not hire a GM on his own when he was a dedicated owner by hand picking Idiotzik. Then admitting I can't do it and letting Cassalry/Wolf do the picking of Mac/Bowles. But, now there are some who think that from his job across the pond that he could pick an extremely regarded GM candidate like Douglas. I would say that is highly unlikely and CJ with Gase did this all on their own and just let Woody know it was getting done.
  15. Trade for the Lions CB Darius Slay Unless our pass rush is lights out we need some help at CB.

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