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  1. Ironically, though it was painful watching this game till the last tick as it was for every other Jet Fan, the one player unbelievably played pretty well was Leo with a Sack that caused an INT and forced grounding call on Brady that is tough for anyone to do both of in the same game. Hey, maybe it will boost his trade value and we can get more for him if we move him. I''d say if we lose this week at Jax I would bet there will be somewhat of a fire sale on 1 Jets drive.
  2. Probably Langi and maybe Adams plays some there, who knows with the way he has been playing safety. The blitz that took out Dak and the Cowboys on that 2pt play was really from the ILB position.
  3. Going by the old way I used to remember, with the KC QB down and Pats already with a 2 game lead for Home field throughout, the Jets need this game much more then the Pats do, which as I said in the past would many times get a team to beat a better team. In essence the Jets season is on the line since 2-4 is much different having the sifter schedule upcoming than 1-5 is.
  4. We might be OK without Anderson for now since Phillips is playing so well. Anderson being hurt/dinged at this point might be what is preventing us from trading Leo, but if we get a 2nd rounder or more for Leo JD should probably pull the trigger.
  5. Well, if it were not for the level of play of our safety duo, we would have certainly been looking at 0-16 with the CBs we have. These safeties are masking how bad our CBs are. When your only CB that is good is the slot CB, you better have good safeties to compensate for that.
  6. What you say is correct, but for now Darnold can make the throws to win the type of game we had with Dallas. If we are winning like that deep into the 3rd beginning of the 4th in any game, the play he threw the INT, there was too much traffic there and we were in clear FG range. There you take either a sure check down or throw it away, kick the FG and it goes from 21-9 to 24-9 and Jets still maintain momentum. That play is what turned the game into what was a close as it was. If he does there what I am saying then this game likely stays a double digit lead and the games outcome is never in the balance. But, easy for me to be an arm chair QB.
  7. Holy Cow Batman!@#$&, maybe the crack pipe you are holding is one special gadget you have that should be retired.
  8. Well, Chuma developing and being a mainstay at either T position for us will make me feel better about the fact that he is here due to the Bridgewater trade and even though with Teddy we may have won games in the last 3 we lost, long term that is not going to help like Olineman will for our future. We know with Darnold on the team Teddy would have to be a backup and as we see he wants to and should be a starter somwhere else.
  9. Harrison can remain as a backup Center. As you said the C, T, and G should be 2 draft picks and 1 FA next year, plus some depth maybe from lower tier FAs and lower draft picks. We only have like 6 draft picks and may have trouble filling 2-3 Olineman and probably needing a CB, OLB, and maybe even WR. Maybe we can get a higher than expected draft pick for Leo and use it on one of these spots. At this point a 2nd rounder for him would help. I think they are high on DE Phillips who could take Leo's spot and along with Anderson, QW, etc. keep the Dline good for the next year or so.
  10. Well, if the CS thinks it is worth it this week then start Chuma at LT since Beachem likely will be too hurt to start. Leave Shell at RT and we'll see how both hold up. Either struggles and they need TE help since we need to protect Sam against this D with their combination of being the top D as well as the multiple of penalties they will not get thrown on them with these gutless refs.
  11. We need to see if Sam can take what this D gives him. As you said Bell will be shutdown completely. My guess would be BB will also try to take Crowder away. If they do Sam will need to use WRs Robby and Thomas, and TE Griffin the best he can to mount drives. We need to scores several TDs on O to have any chance in this game. It also would be nice to get Mosley back and if so or anyway get more fans of our Jets there in the stadium then NE fans and scream their heads off when Brady is out there since we need to cause a few problems here and there for their O. I don't think we can win with a control the clock 10+ play multiple drives strategy since as I said BB will take away Bell and our Oline cannot run block very well.
  12. Totally agree. I was going jokingly say the only backup is Sanchez who is somewhere on TV doing NFL talk, but Brock is the best backup out there and he is no better than the McCown's and Fitzpatrick's of the NFL. Basically it is a waste of further needed cap space and probably would be no better than the backup scrubs we have.
  13. Gase can win with very good to great QBs, unlike someone like a Tomlin who can win with any QB.
  14. Aye, our best Olineman is Darnold since the way he plays the Oline doesn't have to do as much.
  15. Can he block, cause that is the main area we need help. Our D is actually playing pretty well since the rankings shown below for Jets D was against 3 of the better offenses in NE, Eagles, and Browns, not to mention with our O having mostly 3 and outs putting the D on the field for 80% of each game. If we could even score 10 points on O we probably would win or be in almost every game. Instead our O not only scores 0 they are actually negative since our turnovers either lead directly to points or gives the other team the ball already in FG range. Jets D stats after 4 games: (7th)87.5 - RUSHING (20th)272.0 - PASSING (13th)347.8 - OVERALL

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