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  1. Well it also doesn’t help the run D when your O does so bad that the D is on the field all day. If the O can sustain drives more consistently the run D will not be so bad as the D will not always be so worn out by the 2nd half of games.
  2. Are the PS rules the same still?. You figure we can protect 1 TE on the PS squad. Maybe also 1 RB.
  3. One game stands out the when we beat the Titans he was mauling Henry and limited that guys damage that helped us win. If you just coach up the angle issues you mentioned this guys can be a really good LB at least with tackling. Coverage wise that has to be smaller LBs since bigger LBs like Quincy just can’t cover real well normally.
  4. It is as you guys are saying not a great comparison. Borrow cam back from a horrific know injury and played awesome. Chase is an all world WR, and the rest of the the O skill players played great as well. And their D was very under rated.
  5. Who developed the model, a Jet fan?.
  6. It's as simple as this, this team will get better and better and even much better as this continues so long as many of these players both starter and backups are on the field and not in the medical rooms. It's one thing some injuries here and there, but this team the last few years would have overloaded MASH units where they could not have been able to function.
  7. Knicks Quickly also was at a previous Ranger playoff game last week providing support for the local teams. Everyone has to realize almost every NY Jets, Giants, Knicks, Nets, etc. player is likely from another state so they probably are not fans of NY teams as far as who they grew up rooting for. So, it is very good of them to show support for the state/city teams that is NY and the teams they play for.
  8. Main issue will be containing Jackson. If the defense does’t it may be a long game.
  9. You are right about the injury concerns, but with a very young roster that is also bring down the projected win total.
  10. It be nice to top it off with the Cincy DT and Kwon A. LB as well.
  11. What about Dallas?. Last place schedule when you win your division. This league is a joke.
  12. Well the regime in the offseason after Darnold's 1st season didn't do anywhere near what was needed to make the team better around him. Hopefully that is not the case now with Zack where between O and D the team is better to assist him in being better. But, with that said the competition now is much better in the AFC then when it was after Darnold's 1st season, so who knows if that makes all these 2022 offseason moves a wash between the 2 situations. From my take it is a lot about how Zack does this season, but more about enough of the players around him remaining healthy. We cannot have the injuries we have been experiencing the last few years again and make any progress. This next man up crap doesn't help when you are down to 4th stringers playing and even starting that have no business being on the active roster.
  13. Lets go for a dark horse small LB DQ the UDFA. He seems to have game, but lets see if he impresses going through camp.
  14. Like one quote stated have to have 2 to 1 TD to INT ratio, and since no other stat matters as much(and I know it is a loaded AFC) but he needs a good amount of wins. Now, preferably I'd say more wins then losses i.e 9-8, but if not it should be 8-9 and of the losses I would not want to see too many where he directly appears to be a big reason for losing like multiple INTs through the game, an INT at the end losing the game, too many sacks due to holding the ball too long, etc. Those 3 areas I just mentioned occurred early in the year, but none of them occurred in his last 5-6 games so if any of those occur again in an abundance then he would be regressing, which would partly be his fault and partly the coaches. Both have responsibility to keep the strengths or good things going to continue, and the weaknesses or baf things to get better. And, no matter what this better not be an 0-6 team in this division. It would be nice to be 3-3, but at least split with the Fins/NE as neither team looks like they will be world beaters.
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