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  1. UnknownJetFan

    Josh Allen bidding

    It was not easy since the top tier center was Morse, but hey we should have pushed harder to get him. Paridise or whatever his name is would not be worth the large price tag with as many injuries as he has had.
  2. UnknownJetFan

    Josh Allen bidding

    Well, he is also toast most likely if this team doesn't somehow show a pretty good increase in the standing like at least 8-8 no matter who we get moving forward in rest of FA and the draft.
  3. UnknownJetFan

    There's something wrong.... with most of us

    True, I never see NE with a Von Miller edge rusher yet they score mega points and win without the pass rush. Hey, I would be all for drafting that all world Blind side Tackle to start at #3, but this draft just doesn't have one even though Williams, Taylor, and Little, etc. could all be great like that, but just aren't ranked that high. Also, all the skill position players in this draft are probably ranked 8-10 or lower. So, as you said we want to go O, we should trade down with either the raiders for a pass rusher like Allen, or the Giants for the QB they need and put the deal on the table that we need for either case, 2 of your number 1 picks(or more in the Giants case). I think it's fair and with 2 number 1's at lower picks we can (At least I would pick best available LT and WR). That;s what I would do and address pass rusher next round and the best available FA left. If we can finally do a deal with the Giants and get the additional 1 and their 2nd this year as well, then with the 2nd pick we can take best available pass rusher or center. Then the revers of that with our 1st 3rd rounder, which is like a low 2nd rounder. I think any trade down would require mainly multiple picks this year high in the draft cause and extra 1st and 2nd rounder next year 2020 doesn't help Mac now and he may not get to use those picks if he is fired.
  4. UnknownJetFan

    Josh Allen bidding

    Just wanted to, well since it is slow right now, generate some possible aspect of Josh Allen trade/pick options since there is probably a good chance he falls to our #slot with Murray and Bosa very possible going 1 and 2. Now the link below shows the #2, #3, #4 slots in the draft there to scout this player. If at #2 the 49ers want him fine then Bosa falls to us at #3. If not and Allen falls to us and the raiders really like him what would they be willing to give up to swap slots. Now mind you if we really want this guy, but want more picks we need to let the Raiders know(if they don't already) that the next best pass rusher most feel is a fairly high drop off as far as ranking/prospect so if we want the next best pass rusher we can't have a big gap there and just get a 2nd round pick out of it. I'd say at least one of their number 1 picks and perhaps more. What say you?. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/03/22/49ers-jets-and-raiders-among-josh-allens-pre-draft-visits/
  5. UnknownJetFan

    Some clarification, please.

    He was another big name big $ to sign for Mac to use to keep his job longer. Oh, I forgot every big name big money player Mac has signed prior to this year has been a bust, so the more big names signed the quicker Mac is out the door.
  6. C'mon now, they wouldn't go safety, maybe kicker.
  7. UnknownJetFan

    Traits Needed At Each Position

    That's cause the only trait Gholstan had would have been his built and that is a different sport called body building.
  8. UnknownJetFan

    Number 3 pick

    You know what, we are not that bad off at Guard, if it is a starting LT, that was above average and not even a prow bowler, then do it. If we are talking Oline only.
  9. Haskins now improved hist stock to where he can go in the top 3 as well. If that happens and either Bosa is there for us or a large amount of draft picks from a team wanting one of the QBs we are in great shape.
  10. UnknownJetFan

    Siemian to Jets

    Not to pile on Mac, but we could have carried over 7 more Million to this year's cap if he paid McCown this same amount last year. Why would there be this difference when Siemian while not the exp. vet as much as McCown would be an even more trust worthy backup. With that darn 7M we could have had more to spend on a FA pass rusher or center. Geez!.
  11. Not enough. They want the QB, they pay dearly. We would be giving up the pass rusher we need. The trade should be their number 1 this and next year, their number 2 and possibly both of their 3s this year, or one of their 3s this year and throw in the 2nd from 2020 as well. At 15 we can be shut out of most of the blue chip players in this draft, but should still get either an OT or WR or even a pass rusher at that pick.
  12. UnknownJetFan

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    That crappy center snapped for the QB that for the last 4 games had the highest QBR rating of 80.9 in the league over those last 4 games. yes, that's right higher than Brady, Brees, Mahomes, etc. So, the center can't be screwing up that badly since that is the case.
  13. Yes, but the street runs both ways and if players get on the bad side of the HC especially we have to fault them as well.
  14. If that occurs we have to weigh any deal against OLB Allen unless it is the Raiders & due to other bidders they guarentee (which I have seen before in the draft) that they are taking Murray, but in return so we get our guy in Allen they say just take our 2nd rounder. Unless we try to fleece them for more. All's fair in love and Football/the draft.
  15. Even though I can't see it, maybe if Sea. doesn't want to pay Wilson they check if the Cardinals are interested to traed basically the 1st rounder so Sea. takes Murray to be their next young/cheap Wilson at QB plus multiple other draft picks.

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