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  1. Easy for us to say, but JD and Saleh are the ones whose jobs are on the line if they do that. Us, we just lose time again watching a bad product likely taking the field.
  2. Problem is Ravens had to completely tailor their offense to LJ and that takes time as well as sometimes it may be too difficult for most offensive coaches to do. He likely would be a bad fit here.
  3. Teams like the Jets may now look at situations like Purdy and feel they can get good QB play out of 2nd or 3rd day draft picks. Lets be honest, there would have been a lot more cases like Purdy over the past decades, but they get on teams over the years where there is a much higher draft pick that remains ahead of them on the depth chart even if that QB struggles due to draft position. We have seen that in the Jets and other teams. Many college QBs down to the end of round 7 or even undrafted can be coached and have the ability to be pretty good starters especially in such a QB starved league.
  4. While we’re at it get us a real punter too. You know, one that would he better than any of us.
  5. Those are the numbers for GB retaining him. Current contract with a trade is like between 15-16M Cap hit for 2023 with ~60M guaranteed without any contract restructure.
  6. Clark is a SS and so is Whitehead. Neither one is suitable to switch to FS or our coverage in the deep field is going to be real bad. They need another pure FS either Adams who is on the team already or another player from FA or the draft.
  7. It would be shocking for Rogers to leave somewhere in the neighborhood of 100M on the table and not play for the next year or so. It’s not like this guy is a multi billionaire, so as long as he can play you would think he would at least for the money again that us on the table. As for Parcells, that is funny with his quote since he kept stating retirement after he left our team and then worked as coach and GM for 2 teams after that.
  8. Aside of extreme draft pick compensation, the $ with Rodgers and Lamar, plus Lamar wants his whole contract guaranteed will be crippling.
  9. I can’t help that though a great play when we beat GB this year, but if an over 300lb DL in QW can easily catch you as a QB in the open backfield when any QB normally runs to the right and evades rushes like that, is Rogers going to be too immobile now wheres in the past his mobility was such a strength.
  10. It’s like saying we can hide the performance or value of our QBs Wilson, White, etc. and get some team to trade us multiple 1st round draft picks for them. The whole world can assess things with the eye test requiring less analysis then we all think.
  11. I’ll make the comparison for the wish we would all have. Tannehill comes on board and becomes the Jets Stafford. Qunnin Williams takes over the role of A. Donald, and Garret Wilson takes over the role of Kupp. And the Jets win the SB next season in a Rams like fashion. Hey anything’s possible.
  12. Yes, and he’ll be sitting out games with a hang nail.
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