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  1. No, Morgan is the 3rd string developmental QB. Fales won't make the team and White will go back to the PS.
  2. Seems signing players like Gore for ~1M is a very different story right now than signing anyone for 5M+ since those will generally carry guaranteed money of a good amount of Millions, which no owner will want to do with the delay of the season and how long it maybe be in question.
  3. Or have him add weight and become an Edge rusher.
  4. Another reason Jets may want this guy with those numbers they have already stated a move at one point for him to safety. And since even though we drafted Davis he is an unknown, we no the Jets are moving a safety likely Maye since there as we know is no way they are chewing up a chunk of their cap on the safety position.
  5. We have Perrine for STs and to learn RB and get snaps there. You general need a 2nd vet RB in case the D has the 1st string backs number and you need a 2nd RB that is totally reliable rather then throwing a rookie in tough spots where they can fumble and lose their confidence in addition to losing the game. Do I need to bring up Blair Thomas and that Bears game way back when? Games like that still haunt me.
  6. Union or not do any of our bosses care when they put us in harms way to make their money. I work 24x7x7 and virtually never get vacation time, which can kill you just like COVID-19, only slower and probably with more suffering, but I am sure my bosses could give 2 sh^ts.
  7. Good, lets return the favor and beat them at their home the first game this time. Great thing is it gets a game out of the way that is not going to be on a block of ice like when you play there in Nov/Dec.
  8. I know he was injured, but a straight up trade of Maye for AJ Green?. Kinda would like a WR younger and not damaged goods, Heck Dallas wants a safety so bad why not trade us Cooper for Maye and like a 3rd rounder next year. That seems somewhat fair.
  9. This year may be different for UDFAs as more may make teams due to not having any visiting/showing of their abilities past the combine. The Pro days and other visitations help in players like this and certainly makes a difference between being picked on the 3rd day of the draft or slipping out of it into the UDFA pool.
  10. Good Dalton is not going to NE.
  11. You wonder how players like this don't get drafted. Bio and info below shows that he is very good mainly/mostly on the outside which we and a lot of other teams need, and has a 4.58 forty, which when you are 6 foot 2 inches at 208 lbs for a CB is not that slow. https://thedraftnetwork.com/player/lamar-jackson/N4kKEhr8lk LAMAR JACKSONDB, NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS Jets signed Nebraska CB Lamar Jackson. Jackson (6'2/208) peaked as a senior with a Big 10-high 15 passes defended, finishing 12th in the nation with 1.3 pass breakups per game. His salivating length (32 1/4") will entice multiple front offices at the next level — Jackson scraps as if he's bigger than his opponent, no matter their size — but his red flags include getting benched at various times throughout his career for run-ins with numerous coaches; for what it's worth, Nebraska's staff claims Jackson showed better focus as a senior following the birth of his son. Apr 26, 2020, 3:33 PM ET LAMAR JACKSONDB, NEBRASKA CORNHUSKERS NFL Media's Lance Zierlein writes Nebraska CB Lamar Jackson has "rare cornerback size with length to match." As far as looking the part goes, Jackson is a stud. At 6-foot-2 and 208-pounds, Jackson has the length and bulk to be able to keep up with some of the league's bigger and tougher wide receivers. However, Zierlein notes Jackson's "instincts and overall awareness are a concern." Additionally, Jackson is not the fastest CB (he ran a 4.58 second 40-yard dash) and has a tendency to get grabby as soon as he starts to get beat. Jackson will need to find ways to slow down WRs early in the play in order to earn himself regular snaps in the NFL.
  12. I shouldn't get all of you going, but if Gase doesn't work out Jets should just make GW the HC since the Browns saw he was doing that job and the were 5-3 and should have never let him go.
  13. Roster management will be of the utmost importance. We will have a 55 roster spot and 10 or more practice squad spots to keep the right players on and evaluate over the course of the season.
  14. Hey, if Morgan can show enough to be the backup than it was worth it. There is just not worthy backup QB vets worth the $ they get. Winston was the exception not the norm. Heck teams have paid 5-10M for backup QBs and they come in and can't win even 1 out of 3-4 games.
  15. Don't worry, we have not run out of history just yet. Got that line from Captain Kirk in his very last full Star Trek 6 movie. But, we will come out of this pandemic/economic tragedy and build back again.

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