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  1. Also like to see Luvu and Huff get some opportunities on the Edge in this Defense.
  2. Fact is the previous structure hasn't worked for the Jets, and that is all that counts. When something doesn't work you change it or as is always said "doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity".
  3. That is why a trade back from #2 should not be just for draft picks but also for one or more players. As I have said before if you want a potential FQB in a trade up you have to pay for it with more than just draft picks that are more unknown than experienced players.
  4. Issue is how much better is the Jets roster than the Texans where Watson went 4-12?. If anything the Texans are better talent wise and then we take on Watson and we cannot build the team over the next few years anywhere near as well in the draft since we will have to give the Texans how many high picks for him. Plus we will have the QB already making top $ against the cap that will prevent from building the team in FA. So, if Jets are limited to degraded building of the team via FA and the draft what are we going to do with Watson, go 4-12, 5-11, etc. over the next few years?. That would give JD an F quicker by over spending for Watson. Watson in the way I described for this team likely will be more of a risk than drafting Fields at #2 and with the rest of the draft picks and $ we have for FA build around the kid that this staff can coach up. Lets take that risk instead which we should all be more adept to live or die with.
  5. Question is would Fant be a worse RT for his salary than some of these others at twice as much money or Sewel at#2 who is still a college player that didn't play this last season and who knows how great he will be. Jets may be better suited to use the cap space on the interior of the Oline at G and and maybe C then try and get a RT in rounds 2/3 where we have 3 picks to groom behind Fant for a year or so.
  6. Right now Watson is their problem and that may lighten the trade package, but they likely would still want Darnold, 2021 pick #2, and more.
  7. It's OK, we have 2 1st rounders in 2022 so maybe the one from the Seahawks can be used on Olave. Unless it is real high which it might be if they make Gase their OC.
  8. This may not be the thread for this since there are many QB related topics, but was just reading the article below. Now people keep saying Fields is not a fit with this new scheme but as I bold the statement below from the article it screams as a fit for either Watson or Fields as the better RPO type QBs than Darnold or Wilson. I could be wrong but this would seem to me that if the price as far as trade is right Jets will possibly take Watson, but if not then take Fields. https://nypost.com/2021/01/18/robert-saleh-begins-overhauling-jets-offensive-staff/ Knapp has NFL experience as an offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, including his work with Michael Vick with the Falcons from 2004-06. Calabrese, a former college quarterback, was the offensive coordinator at Wagner College before becoming an offensive quality control coach with Denver from 2019-20. LaFleur, who’s expected to run Kyle Shanahan’s offense that features a lot of motion and run-pass option in its scheme, entered the NFL as an offensive intern with the Browns in 2014 and then was an offensive assistant with the Falcons from 2015 to 2016. He joined the 49ers in 2017 as a passing game coordinator and receivers coach.
  9. Well for this season lets see if Saleh can make pass rushers out of Zuniga, Huff, Luvu, etc.
  10. If Cincy hears the Fins will pick Sewel at 3 they may offer almost as much to trade up to 2 to get him as a team would for Fields/Wilson. In any event Jets could have multiple teams trying to get to 2 for multiple players like the QBs or Sewel. If it winds up being a haul Jets should do it unless they have fallen in love with one of the QBs and no matter what don't want to risk losing him.
  11. But everyone keeps ignoring Sam's 5th year fixed at 25M or you ave to give him some agreed upon extension. Why would a HC/GM both with 5 years on their contracts want to hitch to a QB with a 1-2 year window with high $ to be paid that could cost them their jobs by the end of the 2nd year as opposed to a QB at #2 that they will have 4 years with at like 10-15M(and that extra 10M+ helps get more FAs) a year?. And you may not get as much as the trade down, but the scenario I just mentioned could get a 2nd rounder and mid rounder for a Darnold trade even getting those picks in the 2021 draft. Lets all be honest, if ut were our jobs on the line we would take the QB deal at #2 to buy yourself the 4 years and not hitch to possibly being ut f work in 2 years considering the body of work we have seen from Darnold and that his ceiling just may not be that high.
  12. Guess this will warrant another thread later but Saleh will move Jets to a 4-3 so Q should play that 3 technique DT with the larger DT version next to him of Fatukasi with Sheperd backing up at DT Then Basham at one DE spot and Huff/Zuniga at the other DE spot. At LB hopefully Mosley at MLB and Jenkins at SSLM. Then for that 4-3 D we draft the OLB Edge player we have sought after since Abraham. If that works we should mainly need 1-2 CBs to pair with Poole/Hall and we can have a solid D which as we see in the playoffs is still very valuable. Without that the Bills would not be going to the AFC title game.
  13. If Jets to give up a top ranked QB at #2 to go down to 9 with Panthers, in addition to the 2 numbers 2's we should not do that deal unless it would also include their RB Maccfrey. Getting a QB in the top 2 has to pay a high price.
  14. Always with Pros and cons it also has to be considered Darnold's impending contract situation and if Jets wait even for 1 year if not 2 we would have lost the chance to get either Fields or Wilson now and have to likely trade a good amount of draft assets in just a short time of a year or 2 to get up to pick a blue chip QB prospect. JD and Saleh really have to be sure/certain the new offense and working with Sam can fix him like 97% sure or best to move on now since the only cost really is if he lights it up somewhere else.
  15. Sure, now they can give those picks and some more back to us in exchange for Darnold, if we go QB at #2 route.

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