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  1. We all know the Jets talent has increased and the amount of wins as everyone is saying is on Zack with his potential improvement. But, the coaching for all areas starting with HC/OC/DC will be a huge factor in determining as we have seen over decades of even the basic aspect of when in games should we lean more on the run game or passing game. If our ground game can kill teams use it till they stop it. If the passing game can give us much higher point totals, and that is needed because our D gives up a lot of points then use it more often then running. Of course, the other coaching part for helping a D that gives up a lot of points is running the ball more when it is effective to keep the D fresh and off the field, while the other teams O then gets limited opportunities to cause damage.
  2. Keep in mind on O, we are inserting 2 draft picks albeit in prominent roles at WR and RB, but all others at those position groups are the same from last year. We also added all new TEs, but the TE group we had was completely useless, so there was much there that could be improved. On D, we signed multiple FA starters/rotation players and draft picks in the secondary and on the Dline, and it will take some time for them to gel/communicate where you stop seeing skill players wind up uncovered on routes and such.
  3. Ironically, I know it would be extremely difficult to get through the tryout and then be signed, but with some of the kickers we had missing nearly every extra point and FG attempt, how much worse could most people off the street or off this forum could have done?. I mean if I miss worse then those kickers did what is the real difference?. You still missed and we still lost in either case.
  4. Tough to keep 5 tackles since we more than likely have to sign a vet tackle as it will be a high price to pay if Chuma and Mitchell as your only backup Tackle would be a major issue if we have one of the starting tackles go down for any length of time due to injury and don't have a reliable Tackle with multiple years of starting experience. The main part of the team to keep progressing is Zack's growth and that means you can't take a risk there. In fact we didn't even bring up Tackle McDermott who they like, but again like Chuma his experience at Tackle is less than we may need there in the event of an injury. May the best men win these backup Tackle spots.
  5. Regardless of scheme, the CBs are the biggest area of favoritism for the opposing O by the refs since they go flag happy with holding especially and many PI cases for the NFLs opposing QBs. So, to my point, with CBs that show very true solid coverage, it makes it too much of a stink for refs to keep throwing calls for fouls that are not there.
  6. The beat writers have been at 80-90% of the workouts in the last month or so and if Zack was throwing even 1 pass per practice they saw in the dirt we would never see the end of it in the articles especially with Cimini.
  7. Yes, that works if the Jets do not win it, but at over 100-1 I would say, even bets of a $1,000 which many could blow in a day or 2 in casinos and may be willing to spend on this bet, you're looking at paying a lot of people over $100,000 if it somehow happens.
  8. It likely will take time with new targets at WR i.e Wilson, TE (all changed), and RB B. Hall. Once he gets the timing down with them all hopefully he maintains being accurate more of the time.
  9. How is 7-8 wins the same as 4?. I assume you are not a mathematician. Not much better would be like 5 not double.
  10. Zak mainly needs to keep improving his mechanics mainly footwork to continue to improve accuracy.
  11. Part of this strategy is likely to avoid injuries as well. We need our DL players to stay healthy, which is more important than some of them to take 90% of the snaps in games.
  12. If the players Zak has on O stay healthy that will go a long way in how well he plays in camp and in real games. You can’t play well at QB if almost every player on O for much of the time or season is a practice squad player. Even Mahomes, Brady, Allen, etc. couldn’t. Keep the players mostly healthy and Zak will have his best chance to thrive.
  13. Reed and Whitehead should be high on the list on D. They were exceptional on the other teams they played on.
  14. For 1. Wilson seemed better at the short range accuracy in the games after his injury. Hopefully that continues. For 3. I am mainly looking at the best of our WRs being Wilson/Davis/Moore/Berrios and it's a bonus if Mims provides productivity. Just to add is any amount of at least attitude from the DLine even without pass rush being anything in the OTAs. And, whatever coverage ability we can get out of the LBs especially the light ones around 215lbs. Sure as you said the CBs and Safeties in that area with TEs and other receivers, but the LBs need to cover over the short middle with RBs/TEs to be good in that zone as well.
  15. Well it also doesn’t help the run D when your O does so bad that the D is on the field all day. If the O can sustain drives more consistently the run D will not be so bad as the D will not always be so worn out by the 2nd half of games.
  16. Are the PS rules the same still?. You figure we can protect 1 TE on the PS squad. Maybe also 1 RB.
  17. One game stands out the when we beat the Titans he was mauling Henry and limited that guys damage that helped us win. If you just coach up the angle issues you mentioned this guys can be a really good LB at least with tackling. Coverage wise that has to be smaller LBs since bigger LBs like Quincy just can’t cover real well normally.
  18. It is as you guys are saying not a great comparison. Borrow cam back from a horrific know injury and played awesome. Chase is an all world WR, and the rest of the the O skill players played great as well. And their D was very under rated.
  19. Who developed the model, a Jet fan?.
  20. It's as simple as this, this team will get better and better and even much better as this continues so long as many of these players both starter and backups are on the field and not in the medical rooms. It's one thing some injuries here and there, but this team the last few years would have overloaded MASH units where they could not have been able to function.
  21. Knicks Quickly also was at a previous Ranger playoff game last week providing support for the local teams. Everyone has to realize almost every NY Jets, Giants, Knicks, Nets, etc. player is likely from another state so they probably are not fans of NY teams as far as who they grew up rooting for. So, it is very good of them to show support for the state/city teams that is NY and the teams they play for.
  22. Main issue will be containing Jackson. If the defense does’t it may be a long game.
  23. You are right about the injury concerns, but with a very young roster that is also bring down the projected win total.
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