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  1. LOL @ calling someone out who couldn't reply to your taunts because you 'temporarily suspended' them for 2 weeks for saying that you guzzle cum. F*cking loser. PS - Tom Gamble still turned down the Jets 2 years ago.
  2. He never made the claim publicly, he just gave some standard line about it not working out. Before any interviews (with any candidate), Woody gave a generic "Rex is still our coach" line, but it was widely believed in NFL circles that if a candidate really wanted his own guy, that this wasn't an iron-clad decree (turns out that it was). In the first interview, they didn't even discuss Rex (or Bradway), it was more focused on how he would build a team, and if he was willing to trade Revis. Everything went well and he starting calling off interviews with other teams to focus on the Jets job. In the second interview to lock everything down, they got into discussions re: Rex, which is when Woody made it clear that keeping Rex was a non-negotiable condition. Additionally, he made clear that keeping Bradway in his current role was also a non-negotiable position as well (which is another fact that didn't make the papers, but was confirmed a few weeks ago by a Seattle based Jets fan on this forum who spoke with Schneider, who still keeps in touch with Idzik). At that point Gamble didn't want the job under those conditions and declined it. Days later, the NY papers come out with articles claiming he "interviewed poorly," which was obviously leaked by Woody. FYI, there were no "football men" in the room conducting the interviews - it was Woody, Glat, and Akselrad. I don't have NYDN or NJ.com links, but those are the facts. Regardless of whether or not one wants to believe them. I hope one day everything that transpired in that interview process comes to light, because there are quite a few people who have been advancing false narratives, and I'm not one of them. Honestly, at this point maybe it would be for the best if you did. If something so innocuous warrants a ban in your eyes, then this probably isn't the place for me anyhow. There are obviously moderators here who don't like me very much, and posting here is becoming less and less enjoyable and more and more of a chore. So if you could do me a favor and pull the trigger on that ban, I'd appreciate it Thanks in advance.
  3. LOL you need to have me banned because I won't let your lies go unchecked, how pathetic! (Uh oh, I just called you pathetic - that counts as an insult, doesn't it? Better drop that ban-hammer just to be sure…)
  4. I'm sorry I feel compelled to expose your attempts to mislead on the Gamble situation, I should just keep my mouth shut and pretend that it was the Jets who turned him down and not the other way around, so as to not rock the boat.
  5. LOL what a joke people say worse things to everyone else on a daily basis around here. What I said was as benign as can be in the grand scheme of things.
  6. LOL why did you delete the second line of my post? I thought it was especially witty...
  7. Ditto. I've always said I won't believe Rex is gone until it actually happens. I could legitimately see this moron going so far as to make Rex GM/HC.
  8. LOL! Like clockwork, slats shows up whenever Gamble's name is mentioned anywhere on this forum, to promulgate the fiction that it was the Jets who turned down Gamble, and not the other way around! Gamble isn't the Jets GM for 2 reasons - Rex Ryan, and Terry Bradway; Gamble wanted no part of either one, but their retention was a non-negotiable condition for hire. Thus the reason we have John Idzik. Slats can repeat the lie ad nauseam all he wants, follow and neg rep my every post as a retaliatory measure for exposing his lies, but it doesn't make his lies any more true.
  9. Yes, just as it was Rex who hired Sparano.
  10. You're right, it's just a big conspiracy by racist white cops designed to subjugate the black man!
  11. Just as long as it isn't us. I've never seen a more surefire bust in all my years of watching football. He should be off our draft board completely.
  12. Yup, dude's arrest record goes back to when he was 10(!) years old. #GentleGiant
  13. I heard one poster on here say they heard he's going back to school from someone (Pauline maybe?), but I haven't heard that anywhere else. Do you have a link?
  14. Giants are grooming him to take over when Coughlin leaves, so I don't know that he wouldn't just prefer to wait a year for the Giants job. But I wouldn't hate the idea, especially if we paired him with Eliot Wolf as our next GM, who worked with McAdoo when they were in Green Bay together.
  15. We pick 4th right now, and can pick as high as 3rd if we lose and JAX wins next week. Cooper or Peat should be there at #4, either of whom would be a tremendous piece to build around. So long as we stay far, far away from that bum Winston, we should be fine
  16. We're an increasingly dumbed-down, low-information society that's becoming easier and easier to manipulate by malevolent actors (e.g. media, etc). Welcome to Idiocracy.
  17. Good for your brother, congrats to him The job has been a sinking ship for decades, but I've never seen it this bad…morale is in the toilet. I genuinely wonder what they're going to do when they lose people to attrition, because I can't imagine anyone trying to get on the job in this environment...
  18. I still like Carr and think he'll go down as the best QB from this class.
  19. In conjunction with the strain that resisting arrest put on his body, yes.
  20. I hate watching these morons on the SNY post-game fellate Rex. These imbeciles are lobbying for Rex to be retained because he "played the Pats close" - it's like I'm living in the Twilight Zone...
  21. Even if you like Bowles, you don't hire the HC before you hire the GM! Unless of course Woody isn't planning to fire Idzik, in which case…
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