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  1. Jets fans,

    Good afternoon, my name is Connor Hughes. Informally introducing myself, I am a recent hire by About.com and employed as the site's New York Jets beat writer.

    Before hopping on the Jets beat, I covered both high school sports and the New York Giants. Over the last few weeks, I've been looking to interact and meet Jets fans in order to get a better understanding of the information they want. At the end of the day, how good I am at my job is based off of writing and creating content that you, the fans, want to read. With New York, I'm fully credentialed and at each practice, game and any other team function.

    I've reached out to a few message boards to informally introduce myself, and let fans know that if there is every a story you want told, question you want answered or anything in between, please do not hesitate to reach out. I can be reached via email (connor_j_hughes@yahoo.com) or on twitter @Connor_J_Hughes. If you like, you can check out the site, too. NYJets.about.com.

    My door is open, so if there is anything you'd like to know regarding the team, please do not hesitate to ask.


    Connor Hughes

    Appreciate the reach out. I personally haven't posted on the blog for a while because the Jets have made me sick this year. But I feel like many Jet fans have become frustrated with the beat writers like Manish and Cimini is because their writing seems to have an agenda. A sarcastic tone that seems to say "I told you so." It's frustrating and hard to read.

    I think generally we all want stories that are unbiased accounts of practices and games and features on the players and the front office so we all know more about them. I don't mind you bashing the Jets either, because they definitely deserve it at times, but all I ask is make a well formatted argument that provides solid points/examples.

  2. Sorry that you think this way, especially with the years of proof that shows different. 


    People talk about Allen like the dude has been terrible. He's been solid. He hasn't given up a bunch of touchdowns. He's given some catches but not a bunch of YAC. Milliner gave up 140 yards in like 8 plays. Im guessing that Allen has probably given around 200 yards for the season if that, mind you, he's playing against top WR's in the league as well. And when he wasnt playing against top WR's such as in the Raiders game, he pretty much shut down the passing game. He's shown that he's a consistent open field tackler which shows that with his ability to fill it as a CB his safety skills does come into handy when the ball is directed his way for a completion. I think he has only one missed tackle and that was against Jordy Nelson in week 2. 


    The guy is better than Wilson, and if he wasnt then Wilson would be on the edge and not Allen. Its not like the Allen/Walls tandem have been getting torched. Even last night, the Marshall/Jeffery Tandem had a combine total of 9 catches for 111 yards and 0 touchdowns. Marshall actually had just 1 catch for 6 yards, and he didnt get that catch until I believe the 4th qtr. I'll give Walls credit in respects to Jeffery because he obviously didnt stop him, but he contained him. Jeffery had 8 catches for 105 yards but 44 of those yards was on 1 catch. And the constant 3rd down conversions that Jeffery made had more to do with the stupid ass typical jailbreak blitzing by Ryan that teams know how to deal with. 


    Allen and Walls have really responded to the challenge in my opinion. 

    Completely agree, Wilson is horrible. In fact why was that Adams guy in the slot on the second touchdown to Bennett instead of Wilson. Where was he? Was he benched for a guy who clearly didn't know the defense? Wilson has been horrible his whole career. In the preseason he on 9 passing attempts against he allowed 8 catches for 140+ yards and a TD. I think in his career he has about 13 pass break ups. Allen has had 6 on the season I believe. If he was any good, then Rex would have moved him to the outside.


    Allen has been solid. He's not shutdown and will let up some catches, but not long TDs. Even the long pass that he let up to Jeffrey last night was really just a perfect throw and catch down the sideline. Same with Walls, his coverage is solid but not spectacular. He had two break ups last night too. They've been fine, not the reason we lose. Milliner might have been the reason we lost against the Packers though and Wilson would not be an improvement from either one of them.

  3. Im probably going to catch flack, but as early as this season is...I think its a wash...and thats more Idziks fault than anyone elses. Im just not ready to hang him for it yet.

    So Allen, yeah.

    Decent Safety with his weakness being COVERAGE (aside from the week he had against a hurt Gronk) I think this is a great way to polish up his coverage skills, and going forward when he slides back into the Safety spot. Hes going to be our starter with Pryor for years to come. And I have a feeling hes going to be better than alright.

    I agree Allen will be a good safety. It has been Pryor that has disappointed for me so far. He's seemd to take bad angles and hasn't really made much of an impact. He flashes the occassional tackle, but other than that I think he's been hestitant. I think he'll still be good, but he's not going to be DROY.

  4. Honestly, I've been satisfied with the play of Walls and Allen. Their coverage has been relatively good, as compared to when Milliner came in and was getting burnt left and right. When you compare it to last year I think Walls and Allen are doing a better job than Cromartie and Milliner did last year. They are staying with their WRs, even getting a few break ups, where as last year Cro and Milliner were getting run by with ease. I think last night both Walls and Allen had two legitimate pass break ups. Do I trust them in an all out blitz? No not really, but I also don't think they are getting burned for an 80 yard td like Milliner did last week. And really the only long pass Allen gave up last night was the dime of a throw by Cutler to Jeffrey. So I'm not in the group that thinks they have sucked. They have been pretty good considering the situation.

  5. In the words of the late great, Nate Dog;




    In the words of Snoop Dog;


    I promise I'll smoke Chronic til the day that I die.


    In the words of B-Real:


    Role it up, smoke it up, inhale, exhale

    Nate Dogg's dead?!?

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  6. Yeah, I was was thinking the same way. I'm not so sure the Packers are a good team this year. We had that Raider dude here telling us how they ran all over the Seahawks first team defense, yet the Pack struggled against that same Seahawk team. The Raiders couldn't move the ball on the Jets. Therefore, the Pack will not be able to get anywhere against the Jets defense. 



    I don't think the Packers are all that good either. I'm a big believer of if your lines are good then you will be pretty good and vice versa. Their lines are just bad.

  7. D is not the same it used to be.  That division is up for grabs.  

    Not really, the Bengals are going to run away with that division. I think both the Steelers and Ravens are between 6-10 and 8-8 teams. Really not a lot of talent on either team to me. Although Leveon Bell looks real good.

  8. To me this game is similar to the Falcons game from last year. We're going into a hostile environment against a team that we're "not supposed to beat" that really needs the win. Last year the Falcons game was our best game, hoping that we can pull the game out like that one. And I see a lot of parallels between the Falcons and the Packers. Good QB (obviously Rodgers is at a different level than Ryan) very good skill players but weak offensive and defensive lines. I like how we matchup and hope we can take advantage.

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  9. Yeah.  The 8 surgeries for sports hernias and abdominal injuries and this, show that this man simply did not want to make the sacrifices necessary to win. 

    That's not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about in the 2005 playoffs when we beat the Chargers and lost to the Steelers he didn't play in either playoff game because of his hurt knee. And he said something to the effect of he had to consider his future when he thought about if he was going to play in the game or not. That year was the year he was a free agent and I believe the Jets never even made him an offer when he signed with Atlanta. I have no doubt that he's had a lot of surgeries, I don't know how you know it is eight surgeries, but I was simply saying that I thought he held out of Jet playoff games in order to get his payday.

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  10. I think you guys are blowing this sh*t way out of proportion.  These guys are always hurt.  NFL players that are not slightly dinged probably aren't playing.  Sure they should be careful not to let him have a set back, but the idea that one is guaranteed or they should keep him in bubble wrap until (fill in the blank of whatever opponent you prefer) is silly.  He is a player.  If he can play, let him play.  

    Yes I get what you are saying but there are certain injuries that are more healable than others with rest. If you have a torn meniscus there is not anything that you can do during the season to heal it so if it can't get any worse you might as well play and deal with the pain. But sprained ankles are different. If you rest it longer it can fully heal, where as if you play on it while it is still not at full strength it can affect your play for a longer period of time. Roddy White is a perfect example of that from last year.

  11. Look I always thought he was selfish with Jets when he sat out of the playoff games to not risk being injured again for Free Agency, but this is different. This is your mental health for the rest of your life. I would hang it up, he certainly had a successful career.

  12. Speaking of terrible, so is Mike Wallace. I saw that play live, that was a gimmie touchdown and he had no idea where he was in the endzone. I'm so glad the Dolphins signed him for that money and we didn't have the chance to because he has had 1,000 yard season of his career...his contract year...and he sucks. He's a fast guy and that really is about it. His hands are pretty suspect and his route running is very average.  

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  13. It doesnt matter if he's a #1 or a #5.  Does he get open and does he catch the ball?  If the answer is yes.  Who gives a ****?  


    There is no unwritten law that you need a true blue #1 WR to have a good offense.  The Jets have a bunch of guys who can catch and get open, Decker happens to be the best on the team at it.  This debate about #1 vs #2 or whatever doesnt matter.  He gets open, his QB trusts him and he catches the ball.

    Agreed. Who was the number 1 WR on Seattle last year? They didn't seem to care that they didn't have a true #1 and they won that Super Bowl thing. Proof an offense can still be effective without a true #1 or whatever that means.

  14. The tides turn oh so quickly when it comes to New York Journalism. First the Jets sucks because we have no secondary and our QB is probably the worst starting QB in the NFL. Then we have one regular season game, our defense is dominant, our offensive line could be one of the best in the league and our QB is growing. Oh and everything about the Giants sucked and their QB is done.


    It's all a joke and not worth the read. It's all sensational writing that doesn't actually display football knowledge. Do I think the Giants are bad? Yes, but I've thought that from watching the preseason. Do I think the Jets are playoff contender? Yes, but I've thought that from watching the preseason. All these writers either refuse to acknowledge these things over time or just like to generate huge swings of emotions. All these writers suck.

  15. Best part of that video is they show all of Geno's negative plays (Int, two fumbles and sack) and not a single positive play except to mention CJ's td and then went on to show Carr's solid plays and ends with "Jets over Raiders 19-14, and a Super Solid day by Carr."

    That super solid day lead to him having the 24th best QBR in week 1 (or 8th worst whichever you prefer) with 32.6 out of 100. That still managed to be better than Brady, Eli, and Romo. The guy who did these highlights definitely did not see the game.

  16. Really enjoyed that. The first route he ran was beautiful. That is really how WRs get open, more than speed...precise route running. That is why Stephen Hill will never be good and Decker is #1 WR. He made Carlos Rodgers his play thing. I can't remember who it was, but I remember someone on the forum was saying that he can only run three routes. I think Max banned him, but breaking down his routes like this shows that, that is the farthest thing from the truth.

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