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  1. No upside in cutting him, I'm not confident he will ever truly be an effective receiver because he is not a naturally smooth runner or catcher but cutting him when he is making 900k and no other receivers really demanding a roster spot would be bad management
  2. Yea you were right I meant the state (well really the city). Didn't really edit what I was writing. Sperm I also did find the paper that I wrote, I can send it to you.
  3. Always liked Felix Jones, but he gets hurt a lot and did not look good with the Steelers last year.However, I don't think he would be a bad option if we don't get Johnson. But I would guess we are more likely looking at the draft for rbs before we entertain the idea of bringing someone like Jones in. I always thought he wasn't used properly in Dallas, but then again what running back is in Dallas. I imagine he is going to stay a free agent for a while, so it wouldn't be something that we would need to pursue right away
  4. There have been many studies that show the net effect of building a new stadium in a city does not benefit the stadium economically. I remember having to write a paper on it five years ago when I was still in school. It is largely a myth that a new stadium benefits the stadium. Yes it creates jobs, but they are temporary and low paying jobs with high turnover. There are very few people who benefit in the long term from a new stadium and it creates massive costs for the city.
  5. If we were to sign Johnson it would be exciting just to see what MM would do with all three running backs. I remember during the Atlanta game, the first game that Goodson was back from suspension Marty came out with various formations that caused confusion for the defense and got some chunks for the offense. I remember there was a time where Goodson, Ivory, and Powell were on the field at the same time. You put Johnson into that mix, you can create a lot of opportunities.
  6. True your better off asking specific questions and then we'll take it from there. Just asking us what we think will likely just get sarcastic comments or outright anger because we haven't won a super bowl in half a century. You start asking specific questions and you'll watch the biggest blowhards come down with their expert opinion. Then you'll learn what we think about the Jets. Do your homework and come up with solid questions though. Don't ask us what we think of the offense or defense. Too general. You can ask what you think of rex, woody, and Idzik. Those talks go on for days. But your students, I don't want to give you step by step directions, just point you to the correct direction
  7. Calvin johnson does body catch, but when he has already beaten the corner or the safety. However, when he goes up for jump balls or comebacks that is all hands. Hands catches aren't the catches you make when the ball is thrown to you in stride, they're the ones on the sideline, in the air, or coming back to the ball.
  8. Really have no interest in Benjamin, he drops too many, appartently is not a good route runner, and lets the ball come to him instead of go getting the ball with his hands. Stephen Hill does the same thing. Hill is under the impression that in the NFL he can basket catch every throw. I don't want another repeat of that pick.
  9. You're right I meant central AC unit, not vent
  10. Seriously tho, at some point shouldn't the architects been like this will look like Maytag just dropped a giant AC vent in East Rutherford, its so ugly...and it cost a cool bill.
  11. Really not a fan of the new stadium. Spend a billion dollars with the giants and you get a stadium that looks like a huge air conditioning vent? Plus if you're going to spend a billion how do you not put a retractable roof on it? For the team, I like the direction its heading. Its good to know that the team is building for depth not just getting a few top end guys and a few draft picks and hope it works out. I'm with the Jets through thick and thin (there should be a named disease for this), the jets definitely have loyal/slightly sick in the head fans. You'll be able to tell that by reading the forum enough
  12. That piece was definitely well written and thought provoking and Richard Sherman is undoubtedly a very good football player and a smart guy. But a smart guy who went to Stanford can still be an ass, which is what I think Sherman is. I know he is very charitable, I have seen the videos proving such. But I also see him go on ESPN and get in ridiculous arguments with Skip Bayless and you don;t think that interview with Erin Andrews wasn't thought about before the end of the game, because it was. The guy is an attention whore and that would only get worse in New York.
  13. I've always thought an appropriate compensation option if they go that way is to pay players a percentage of their jersey sales. If the players sell their jersey they get a commission. Obviously there will be some inequality, but lets be honest the football team is bringing in more revenue than the field hockey team. But if people come out and complain that the system is unfair you can point to, well if you can sell your jersey you can earn money. Obviously this is a very basic idea, but I think this is a relatively simple solution, compared to schools bidding for the services of players.
  14. They got 5 starters from last year's draft say they find 4 starters through this year's draft (because 5 is probably a lot). You're talking about a lot of progress in transforming your team in two years. Yes just because you draft them and start does not mean that they are all-pro, but the best way to grow into your position is experience. If we can continue to churn out 3-4 starters every year through the draft you'll see real growth and depth with the team. Unlike tannebaum philosophy of drafting 4 guys and praying they all work out and signing high priced free agents who are not as motivated to play because they got paid
  15. Why is Decker overpaid, he made a million more than Golden Tate, the other "prized" free agent WR. He is getting paid less than Holmes who would have made $8.25 million. Last year Mike Wallace, the top free agent WR got $10 million. Desean Jackson gets $9.5-$10.5 million, I don't see how we overpaid Decker. Yes his numbers are higher due to Peyton Manning but he has always been productive even when he had the Tebow-Orton duo.
  16. Hooray we're all Jet fans!!! Anyway maybe Rex talking like this means that fat Rex is coming back, always liked him better.
  17. And this is how the patriots will get desean jackson and draft a dlineman
  18. His first and last visit was to Denver, did we even have a shot?
  19. I get that what he did was terrible, as a owner of two dogs I could never even imagine that thought process. But at some point there has to be some acknowledgment that he has changed and regrets what he did. Yes it was because he got caught that he changed, and if he didn't he may still be doing it today. But life is all about the mistakes we make and learning from them. I was willing and have forgiven vick for his actions. He paid his time and has been an upstanding citizen since his release from prison. From all accounts he has been a grest teammate and leader. I get that there will be some people who will never get over what he did but that has nothing to do with why Idzik and the jets brought him in. A lot of us have been complaining that we haven't signed free agents, but I believe other than vontae davis it has been on purpose. Idzik sees what he wants for this team and is not willing to bend. He is either looking to sign young guys who can be part of the future or hold the fort type guys who can be solid while his draft picks develop. Vick falls into the latter. He hopes that he can help tutor geno's development and make geno better thru competition. If geno folds he's not our guy, if he rises up he's our guy. Brady rose up due to bledsoe's injury, it's time for us to have a qb to step up and be the guy. Vick might bring that out in geno or he might not. If he doesn't we know he's not our guy and draft another qb. For me from a football sense this move makes sense, and frankly thats all I care about. If vick helps our team win games I'm all for it. I've moved on from his dog fighting days ans I wish everyone else will, but I know thats not realistic, as some people will always hate him no matter what he does for it. But I look at it from the jets point of view and I like it
  20. I'm confused if the Vick haters don't want Vick because they think he's a bad quarterback or they don't want Vick because of the dog thing. As far as I am concerned from a football perspective this makes sense to me. Vick can push Geno and hopefully Geno comes out of this a better quarterback because of the competition. Remember Nick Foles lost the job to Vick in Training Camp and then came back and took the job back and turned into a pretty damn good quarterback. From my point of view Vick did a terrible thing but he paid the price and seems to have matured from it. He has been nothing but a model citizen since he came back to the league. I like the signing, it was for good numbers and I think can be good for the team overall
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