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    Trade Back?

    12 picks is a lot of picks already, I don't know if we try to grab more. Plus everyone knows that this draft is deep so what would motivate a team to jump up and lose additional picks knowing that they are going to get a high quality player at their original spot?
  2. I heard from my sister's, boyfriend's, father's, friend that Aaron Rodgers might be traded but it still may fall through you never know...these things are tricky. Jeez what is reporting these days, so much for double confirmation
  3. I mean who cares about what he writes at this point. We all know it is going to trash the Jets, possibly with made up sources, and is only meant to get people to react to it. I'm sure Mehta has Idzik crying himself to sleep wondering about what Mehta thinks since he is undoubtedly a football guru....that is why he writes for the Daily News isn't it?
  4. I'm surprised by this, always thought that they were going to bring him back, but that's life in the NFL. And I agree Cro has matured a lot in the last few years. Yes he has a ton of kids and that is a running joke, but he really shown a lot of maturity the last few years because he surrounded himself with the right people, appartently his accountant I remember reading. I'm a little upset we lost him but move on.
  5. With keeping goodson we have 3 experienced rbs on the roster. Doubt we'll bring in a RB who has miles on him, is inconsistent, and has a bloated contract. If we add another RB I figure it would be thru the draft
  6. I don't think so, I mean byrd and ward were safeties which is not a priority for rex. Talib was overpaid in Denver because they're in win mode now. Asomoah lost his job during the season, is that a top flight free agent? Woodley is ancient. I have no idea who is going to be a free agent next year but it wasn't that impressive of a list and we theoretically got the most attractive piece at a reasonable price. I'm not saying I wasn't disappointed we got more, but looking at it now I think Idzik might be looking more towards the future and wasn't willing to bend this year.
  7. There were a few like byrd, maybe ward, maybe Ware. Vontae Davis, but it seems like he was just playing us. Verner was never a fit. Revis was never an option. Talib and DRC prolly got overpaid. We got the top WR in decker. Maybe losing out on Schwartz was something to be upset about, but none of these guys propel us to be a true contender
  8. Well do we think this was going to be a super bowl team in 2014? Prolly not, and I think Idzik is pretty forward looking as displayed by his accumulation of compensatory picks last year. So maybe he's thinking that in a year or two we can be real contenders, in which case it makes sense to spend more then, as opposed to this year. Because probably no matter how many free agents and who we signed we are likely not a championship team. Plus it certainly will make signing our free agents up easy, which willl create a better leadership crew for the team. When Tannebaum was here and we were si
  9. Long time lurker, first time poster. I was going to wait to join until after the surge but I saw an article up on ProFootballTalk that annoyed me regarding Colon New to Jets, Willie Colon hates the Patriots Posted by Darin Gantt on October 16, 2013, 6:41 AM EDT Reuters When Willie Colon was a Steeler, his battles with the Ravens were heated, but professional. It appears his feelings toward his newest rivals have grown more personal. The Jets right guard said he had “a lot of different reasons,” for his new distaste for the Patriots, compared to what he knew before. “It’s weird,
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