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  1. That was my complaint with Idzik in regards to the corners. I thought we might as well have brought back Cro instead of signing Patterson since they essentially signed the same contract. Both were injury prone, at least Cro was liked in the locker room and had been in the system for years.
  2. One specific play I saw of him he was on Keenan Allen. He was about five yards off Allen at the line. Allen acted like he was running a vertical and cut it off 10 yards past the line and did a curl. Cro picked that up, came crashing in and broke up the pass as it arrived. He looked like he was at full speed.
  3. What's the point of putting $.20? If you didn't like the service and felt they didn't deserve a tip you just write $0. I mean I was a server, so I always tip well because I know the job sucks, but tipping less than 10% on anything is really hard unless the service was completely unacceptable. I just feel like putting $.20 was a slap in the face more than anything else.
  4. Watch Fireman Ed come back at the end of the season for an important game when we are fighting for a Wild Card berth. I bet that would really get the crowd energized.
  5. Well if we want to nitpick here Antonio Cromartie is 1-0. I'm done getting excited over week 1, especially against a bad team. Remember when we smacked the Bills two years ago and Tony Sparano looked like an offensive coordinator for one day? It's a long season, if we can find a way to beat the Packers I will be a lot more encouraged. But for the record I feel like the Packers are this year's version of the Falcons. Good skill players, but terrible lines and that will cause them to have a down season.
  6. I'm out of the money. Demaryius thomas doing nothing killed me
  7. Cro doesn't look too bad for the cardinals
  8. I'm kind of confused to why this is any different from what we thought. I always thought that he knocked her out with a Floyd Mayweather type punch. This video being released doesn't changed anything for me. I thought he should be suspended longer and I thought Goodell completely botched. I don't get why now all of the sudden the Ravens think this Domestic Violence act warrants being released now, but not before. And just so I'm clear I think what he did was downright horrible. I'm not defending him in anyway, I just don't really see what has changed.
  9. He definitely played well. The best part about his game yesterday was definitely his tackling. That will be especially important for us because it seems like the game plans for all these teams will be short quick passes due to the pressure that our front seven can generate. If Allen can make a tackle and allow no YAC that will kill the short pass plan. I'm hoping he can really step in at corner and play well because I think I would feel comfortable with him and Milliner as our top two CBs this year.
  10. The crew that we had was especially bad. I know that was the ref's first game, but it was bad.
  11. That was a defensive smack down. Carr was lost and most of his completions were within five yards of the line of scrimmage. That easily could have been a shutout. Very happy we didn't push Milliner and play him in this game, it was unnecessary. There is no way raiderholic comes back. Carr was nothing anything that he was hyping him up to be.
  12. Let Decker get pissed off and get 80 receptions this year. Prove he's not the product of a system and a good player. I believe decker is a good player and really don't care for stink, buf maybe this a good thing. Nothing like a motivated player
  13. No it will be pass interference on Wilson, but before he realizes there is flag thrown on him for mugging Cobb he is wagging his finger Dikembe Mutombo style
  14. Expected this, really hoping that he can be healthy for next week but I doubt even if he plays that he will be as good as we hope he'll be.
  15. Caught me skimming, completely missed that
  16. Ellington apparently got hurt too and is definitely out Sunday and may miss significant time.
  17. I'm aware what week it is, but you can notice weak lines. There were multiple times last night Marshawn Lynch didn't get touched for 9 yards. The Dline was getting blown off the ball and the Seahawks Oline isn't known for dominating. And the Packers Oline is really banged up, no depth, and they were getting manhandled. It is week 1, but you can't create line depth over time, you either have it or you don't. And for what it's worth, I haven't said it on the blog, but have been saying it to friends of mine that I don't think the Packers are a good team this year because of their lines. Rodgers c
  18. To me the Packers are this year's version of the Falcons. Very talented skill players but terrible offensive and defensive lines. Kyle Wilson on Cobb scares the sh*t out of me but other than that I think we can match up well against them, especially if their oline is hurt even more with Bulaga going down. But lets get this win on Sunday first and then look at the Packers
  19. No that's santonio holmes. He'd throw his hands up for a flag before the ball even passed him. God I hated him
  20. Thank god we got Mark Schlereth's expert opinion on a WR since he was a WR and all.
  21. But neither is Alshon Jeffrey, that doesn't feel good. Cue your blood boiling.
  22. I mean they made the AFC championship last year, I doubt he's under any pressure
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