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  1. I love how he's progressed. You can just see him going through progressions, and its not just to the second option either. Really never saw that last year. But to me the best thing is his pocket presence. He step ups, avoids rushes, and continues plays that seem doomed. To me thats so frustrating for a defense when they think they have you and the offense makes a play anyway. This is opposed to samchez who seemed to find sacks. I always felt like he had no awareness of the pocket and would literally walk into a sack.
  2. Meeting for writers: Cimini: Who's got a controversy we can swirl up, this camp has been way too boring. I try to mention Tebow in every article I write but it doesn't have the same effect anymore. Mehta: Well I lost my source, but I can just make something up. Cimini: Mehta we all know you make stuff up we might have to go in a different direction this year, you've gone too far. Vrentas: Oooh I think I got something. I might have heard from some coach or intern or something that MM and Rex wished Vick tried to get the starting job harder. Cimini: Well that's crap, but lets turn it into a s**tstorm. Jenny you shouldn't write it we need someone else to write it for you so that it seems legitimate. Wesseling: I'm not above trashing the Jets, I'll quote Vrentas Cimini: Good let's make this bulls**t work.
  3. This has what I been saying. Position coaches develop head coaches and coordinators develop and implement the strategy. But we want to blame rex for not being able to show hill how to run the entire route tree.
  4. I'm I'm a huge fan of Powell. Never understand the hate that people have for him. He does his job and he does it well. He isn't flashy like Chris Johnson, but if Johnson and/or Ivory get hurt I have full confidence that Powell will come in and do his job. If he was a cowbell running back I'm pretty sure he would get 100 yards every game in total yards between rushing and receiving. His blitz pickups are awesome, he stands up everyone. Maybe he is forgotten by the average football fan, but anyone with some knowledge of the game can see his value.
  5. There will be three major contributors to our offense this year that have been "developed" under Rex. They would be Powell, Kerley, and Cumberland. Powell and Kerley are both 5th round picks and Cumberland is undrafted, so we are producing low pick (or non picks) that are contributing. Now I don't really know how you can contribute to development of a player as a head coach, because I believe that development falls under the positional coaches job and the head coach's and coordinators' job is to formulate strategy and put their players in the best position to succeed. In my opinion the development of Hill has been retarded by the terrible QB play and Sanjay Lal. I don't understand what Lal is doing. He had horrible WRs in Oakland and has horrible WRs here. I don't know if that is bad luck or just simply him being a bad developmental coach. To blame Rex for not developing player to me is kind of comical. Are we to expect Rex to sit with every player and talk about the fundamentals of every position? That isn't realistic, that is why each position has their own coach. It is the positional coach's job to sit down with each one of their position players and hone their talent.
  6. I'm excited for him to be the next Ryan Leaf
  7. I think colon and breno will be penalty twins. Breno has a reputation for getting personal fouls and anytime you get Colon riled up he's happy to take a personal foul. So those two together will enjoy getting personal fouls to you know send a message
  8. I was not a Bortles believer coming out of UCF. I saw nothing that made me believe he had a big time arm or was even all that accurate. Today though, there were some throws he made today that had me saying "wow" outloud. I remember one in particular, it was like 2nd and 19 and the jags were at like the 3. Bortles rolled out near the back of the end zone and threw the ball opposite field on the run to the 25 and hit the WR perfectly in the hands. It was only incomplete because the DB pushed the WR out before he could get his second foot down. It was an absolute dime on the run across the field. And I wasn't watching this game. I was at a bar and I saw a few throws randomly, they were all frozen ropes on target. I was very impressed and was not a bortles believer before tonight. Like villian said, it had nothing to do with being against the second team. He made throws that most QBs can't make
  9. This is nothing. They were saying how if Geno didn't know the playbook and started over Vick regardless people like Decker, Johnson, or the Dline would be pissed. They did not provide any evidence or even say they heard that Geno doesn't know the playbook. In fact Boomer said he would love to be a fly on the wall in MM's meeting room to see if Geno would pass his tests. Meaning he has no idea. This is not even a story
  10. CJ Spiller and Roddy White both never really recovered from high ankle sprains that they got. However, both of their teams tried to play them every week and they both were non factors. Atlanta actually shut down White for a little while and then he played pretty well at the end of the season but it was too late. Hoping we don't make the same mistake as the Bills and the Falcons
  11. Its not an indeal situation for sure, but its too early to panic. I missed the Indy game so I can't speak to what Patterson or the rest of the defense looked like but I did hear Patterson was not good. Maybe because he's banged up, maybe because he's just not that good, I don't really know. But I'm tired of people pulling the fire alarms and blaming Idzik, injuries happen, we need to have someone else step up, that is football. I don't think we were in a terrible place at the start of camp, with two first round corners (although Kyle Wilson is just not that good) a decent veteran who has an injury history (like Willie Colon did) a 3rd round rookie and some other corners that we took a flier on. Right now we are in some trouble for sure, but its not because we should have splurged on some free agent that didnt fit our system anyway.
  12. I saw a report of 3-4 weeks this morning, thats manageable. If he misses the Raiders game I don't think that is the end of the world. The last thing you want is for him to be gimpy, come back too soon and suck, and to hurt his confidence again. He was playing really well this camp, so you have to think he was gaining momentum mentally as well as physically which is important for a second year player. So I'm with you, don't rush him back we need him to come back as a number 1 corner.
  13. The Jets secondary will be fine, they came to camp with 10 corners. Milliner may miss the first week, but you should be back. Losing McDougle sucks but it happens. Hopefully someone steps up, because Asante Samuel is definitely not the answer or Corey Webster or anyone that is still a free agent. Relax the world didn't come to an end because our 3rd round pick tore his ACL.
  14. I'm done going up and down the schedule and looking for wins and losses. It's so hard to predict in W's and L's in the NFL especially with the Jets. You never know what injuries pop up and what teams were the hot pick but actually suck (Texans and Falcons last year). And the Jets are especially unpredictable; they win games I expect them to lose and they absolutely blow games I expect them to win. I rather take it week by week instead of saying that after week 10 they will be this record.
  15. You think it's better for him to face vanilla defenses that don't challenge him? Why, he won't see those in games. And isn't the point of the competition mantra to compete with everyone so everyone gets better. People do better when they're challenged. From all indications Geno has improved compared to last year and that is not because he was babied. I have no problem with Geno being challenged by Rex everyday. And if we truly have one of the most complex defenses in the league then he should feel a lot more comfortable facing defenses that aren't. For me personally when I took a test I wanted the practice test to be harder than the real one.
  16. Yea, they definitely didn't like Tebow and all the attention he attracted.
  17. I Continue to be a huge fan of this guy
  18. Really a huge fan of this guy. I loved that he took a leadership role last year despite it only being his first year starting and he seems to have the drive to really be a great linebacker.
  19. I mean thats unfair to call him a pothead because you think he has a look of a pothead. If someone had a source thats one thing, but besides the point you can't just call him a pothead because he has a look. And a lot of guys smoked weed in college. Regardless, despite how Josh Gordon and Justin Blackmon act, weed is not addictive so if Geno did smoke weed in college he could have easily given it up. I think Geno seems pretty mature, the new york scene doesn't overwhelm him. He has an arrogance about him, but a good arrogance. Its a mindset that I'm good and I know it but at the same time when he is with the media he is humble. That is really how you survive the new york media. Be fully confident in yourself but never have it come across as overly confident. Jeter carries himself like that, he knows he's better than you but he doesn't carry himself that way.
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