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  1. Looks like Idzik knew what he was doing when he wined and dined him
  2. Him and Josh Gordon must have serious problems
  3. Let's say we keep Barnes on the PUP list and he isn't eligible to play until week 6, he doesn't count towards a roster spot right? If so I think that would be a shrewd move because you never know what injuries could come up by week 6. And if he is 70% right now as he says, why bother rushing him?
  4. Good depth sign I guess, this might be a red flag for Barnes since they are the same player. Both him and Barnes do nothing but rush the passer. I'm still suspicious of Babin since the Eagles and the Jags unceremoniously axed him despite getting pretty good sack numbers.
  5. Why did this guy never mention Vick's name? He referred to him as the Eagles former QB, the other QB, Philadelphia's former signal caller. Seems like a personal vendetta with Vick. Anyway, this was one of the worst articles I've ever read about the Jets. Somehow our offense will be worse than last year's offense with the additions of Decker and Johnson and the growth of Geno Smith (the QB we shall not name will take over though). Our defense sucks even though it was what? Number 10 last year. I mean come on, this was a horrible article. And our Special Teams didn't do anything wrong last year...but they sucked. Ok thanks. Makes Mehta look like a good writer.
  6. I saw the argument. I was simply pointing out that injuries are not an excuse in the NFL because every team will have serious injuries. You will never hear a coach ever say that they will not make the playoffs because they had injuries. The Bears and Packers were are huge examples of that. Both lost their starting QBs last year and it still came down to the last game of the season for them. Chargers finished 9-7 last year, we finished 8-8. While Rivers is definitely better than Geno Smith right now I find that Rivers is overrated. The guy is a punk first and an average QB that had a great team around him when he came in the league so he was able to put up big numbers. The Jets defense is better than the Chargers, so the Chargers have a better offense we have a better defense and they were 1 win apart last year. That seems like equal footing.
  7. This is an unnecessary argument. Injuries happen in the NFL to every team, some more than others. The best teams are able to overcome the injuries, the Chargers were able to do that last year, so good for them. No one thought the Jets were going to be a playoff team last year and they flirted with it, overachieving. And they certainly had injury problems, so good for them too. This thread is more about going forward to next year and if the Jets can get in the playoffs over a team like the Chargers, since they snuck in last year. Right now the Chargers and the Jets are pretty much on equal footing and it should be our hope with the development of the young guys we can be better than them by the end of the year.
  8. That's true, and that is why some of the games we lost like the Bengals and Titans we got absolutely steam rolled. Because those two games the secondary play and the QB was obnoxiously bad. If we can have some real improvement and consistency from those two areas this year that makes this team considerably better than last year.
  9. Good write up. Really the achilles heel of our team last year was our secondary and our quarterback. If we can get real improvement out of Milliner and Geno this team will be very much improved and really have a good chance at the playoffs. You could see at the end of the year that Milliner was much more comfortable and aggressive. The best part of the end of the year for Milliner is that he really started to locate the ball. I think that shows that he really started to figure it out and trust himsel.f I'm also really hoping that Pryor and Allen can step up so we can finally have a young combination of talented safeties. Having Bell and Landry two years ago I thought was a big reason why our secondary was very solid despite losing Revis to the torn ACL. Undoubtedly Cro had a lot to do with that but stability at the safety position makes everyone else's job easier. Our secondary can't be as bad as it was last year or else we will not make the playoff again.
  10. We're just the biggest market in the US. Plus it is the NFL city with the most temptations and the largest chance of getting in trouble. Oh and it has the most media of all the US cities. No way we're the same. Yes everyone has cell phones and access to youtube but that does not mean that every city is the same.
  11. Well I just entered into a bet that the jets will have more wins than the giants. And pats, colts, broncos, chiefs, and bengals. Not sold on the chargers. But seriously I like my bet
  12. 2000 Ravens had 12 wins with Trent Dilfer sucking his way to the Super Bowl
  13. I'm tired of Kerley setting records for fair catches, so I much rather find another punt returner. Did Jacoby Ford return punts in Oakland? I feel like I only saw him return kicks there. It seems to be that Jalen Saunders is fearless, which is important for return punts in the NFL. I didn't watch much of him live, but from what I've seen he seemed like a hell of a returner.
  14. Jalen Saunders was on Oklahoma last year.
  15. I never saw this happening, Johnson is older and Idzik is looking to get younger. Idzik is looking to keep the salary cap lower so that he can pay the young guys if they pan out and Andre Johnson has a bloated contract. I don't think Idzik wanted to replace Santonio Holmes' contract, because that was what this would have been. I'm not saying Johnson is Holmes, far from it, but I don't think Idzik wanted another one of those types of contracts on the books.
  16. I don't think it is unreasonable to say that Manning makes these WRs better for good. Everyone seemed to think that Reggie Wayne or Pierre Garcon were products of Manning too but when they no longer had Manning they were still very productive. Maybe they are the product of Manning, but they certainly learn a lot from him and are still high quality WRs when they don't have them . In regards to Davis, yes he missed tackles, but frankly he made a lot of plays that our linebackers last year were just too slow to make. And where do the stats come from saying he missed the fifth most tackles in the league? I really don't remember him being that bad in coverage, but I remember Bart Scott being pathetic. And when you say he can't read an offense, I mean it was the guy's first year starting and frankly I don't remember him being out of position too often or overcommitting. I thought he was pretty discplined for the most part.
  17. I don't understand why these writers trash on Demario Davis, I thought he played great throughout the year. And Harris was a lot better than he was the year before. 26 just seems way too harsh, Decker now is average because he is on the jets, chris johnson is washed out, and who said we're expecting Amaro to step into the starting role anyway? This just seems to be a pile on the jets article.
  18. All I think about when I see pros younger than me is the dream's over, slow pitch softball for the rest of my life...but I'm totally going to dominate it.
  19. I'm born in 88 and I'm still hanging onto the 25 label until August, really don't want to lose it.
  20. Sometimes there is a fine line between fearlessness and stupidity
  21. Can't see them cutting him, maybe trading him but I find that unlikely. RBs seems to always get hurt. I'm of the belief you should have 4 rbs at the beginning of the season, 3 on the roster 1 on the ps, because they always get nicked. I like Powell and think of him as an all around solid back. I think MM really likes him too, so no I don't see this happening
  22. Not exactly a ringing endorsement but progress I guess.
  23. You can't be a wr in a peyton manning run offense, you couldn't be more wrong. Decker is known for his precise route running, that combined with his size is what makes him an impact wide receiver. The whole post overall was just bad.
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