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  1. Well he could have started with hiding in the stall, you know with the door closed. Like I said before he's the next ryan leaf.
  2. This +1 I'm tired of Namath, is it me or does he struggle to put a sentence together half the time and is proud of himself when he does. It's not much different then listening to John Madden at the end of his broadcasting career: "You know if if if if the quarterback...if the quarterback throws the ball in the in the in the endzone and they catch it....ITS A TOUCHDOWN" Thanks Madden!
  3. I got to go with D'Brick. I don't think we realize how much Mangold does. He calls out the defense so that Sanchez/Smith never had to handle those duties. His blocking has definitely slipped but I think we put a lot on his plate.
  4. Great why are you still here? Not sure what you mean by the steeler debacle because its not rex fault our guys forgot how to tackle rashard mendenhall or schotty was too inept in figuring how to get 1 yard. If you lost your passion as you say you have you wouldn't be responding so volatilely to the people who think you're a troll. And if you are a troll are you trying to go trying to get banned within 48 hours mark, cause thats impressive and you're on your way. We get it you think you're smarter and more knowledgable than all the Jets fan. Thank god you graced us with your presence on this
  5. Interesting that you lost your passion for the Jets yet you still come on this forum which talks pretty much solely about the jets. Tom Shane goes on a few rants which take it another direction sometimes but it is 95% about the Jets. Then you decide to post on this forum. Why bother? Just quietly leave and enjoy whatever people do on Sundays in the fall that isn't football related
  6. True I've never taken a selfie and don't really get it. There are definitely times I don't understand my generation, but I do go out every weekend so I don't have a problem with him going out, I just know if I saw him in a bar I would think he's a huge tool.
  7. Nope I'm 25, part of the Millennial generation and I think he's a huge jackass. This was among the reasons that I didn't want him, besides the fact that I don't think he'll make it in the NFL. Nowadays people like this get too much media attention and they eventually crumble. I'm really getting excited for a potential for Ryan Leaf meltdown...I can feel it coming.
  8. Just not that good of article especially being incorrect about when McDougle was drafted. And I don't think Calvin Pryor is 6'2. Regardless it would be awesome if we two DROY in a row.
  9. We don't win by 15-20 points, I could probably count the times on my hand the amount of times that has happened.
  10. Ultimate Dark Horse: Oday Aboushi...he will be our LG and Winters moves to RG since Colon can't stay healthy.
  11. Yea this is just wrong. The line was average last year, not one of the worst in the league. Sometimes bleacher report is a joke, and generally I don't ever take it seriously
  12. Can he run smooth and sudden routes and can he makes hands catches? I think you can learn to run better routes but I'm not sure you really can learn to be a better hands catcher.
  13. If the redskins are considered offensive shouldn't the blackhawks also be considered offensive?
  14. Well even if they did have our playbook last year...Brady looked pretty bad in both games against us.
  15. Should I be offended that the thread I started for yesterday got locked and this one didn't? I want the trademark of jetnation canceled for this injustice
  16. Canceled by the US Patent Office today...name change coming?
  17. Man to Man corner. Last year he personally covered Wes Welker and Keenan Allen in the broncos and chargers game. I'm not usually the guy that says we should sign this guy...but I'm saying sign this guy.
  18. I thought everything is slotted now so there aren't really any negotiations. He was picked in the 3rd round so he will get a contract that reflects that. Am I wrong? What could they possibly be negotiating?
  19. Davis was probably the most important defensive player that wasn't on the dline last year. Yes Coples played well at times but as of right now he can't be put ahead of Davis. Could Coples be better than Davis after this year...hopefully, but as of right now there isn't much of a case for that, especially since Davis was essentially the captain of the defense last year
  20. It's a small sample so far and is only when the team is in shorts but apparently Geno has outplayed Vick so far in the OTAs.
  21. Demario Davis has got to be higher than that. No way Coples or Patterson or Milliner or Geno are better players at their respective position than Davis right now.
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