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  2. Well let's pack it up and call it a season because PFF says we suck. Man I'll tell you that eagles dream team was prolly the best team of all time
  3. I think the writing is on the wall for Goodson. He's gonna get cut.
  4. Samuel is the least physical corner ever. He doesn't play man coverage either so he wouldn't be a fit. He's not a fit and just wouldn't be worth it
  5. The Patriots draft history lately has been miserable, including Mallet who they can't trade. So I'm not sure why you think the Patriots know what they are doing when it comes to drafting right now.
  6. Wait are you giving credit to Idzik right now?
  7. Yes Vick the bonafide starter, who lost his starting job last year, has had one season his entire career where he played all 16 games, and has a career completion percentage under 60%. And Idzik didn't sign Geno he drafted him in a slot a lot lower than most thought he would be available. It was a very good value pick. And Garrapollo, this guy shot up draft boards for what reason. He started the draft season as a 4th round pick and kept moving up draft boards. Why? Because he was great at Eastern Ilinois...awesome.
  8. I think the writers believe that if they call the team a circus enough and it will become a circus. It's such wishful thinking that the Jets and Rex Ryan can suck so they can just continually trash the team. Beyond annoying at this point.
  9. I'm holding out hope that he will be the starter opposite Decker as well, I'm just not sure if he can really take the job. I call it very cautiously optimistic because I have not been encouraged by his development. Yes he has had a worthless OC in Sparano and had to learn a new system under MM, but I just haven't seen development from this guy. And we're talking basic development, we keep saying he was so raw coming out of Georgia Tech and that's fine. That would mean, no matter what NFL program is in he should so some sort of development. Have we seen that? I don't know if we've had. And is Sanjay Lal considered a good WR coach? I mean he was the WR coach for the Raiders and their WR sucked. Now he is on the Jets and the Jets WRs suck. Is this guy considered a good coach and just has never had talent or are we scraping from the bottom of the barrel with him?
  10. None of us are asking Hill to be a superstar. We want him to be at least a comptent receiver, which he pretty muc doesn't show. We want to see that he runs smooth routes, has quick sudden breaks in his routes, catches the ball with strong hands, comes back to the ball aggresively, and can win the occassional jump ball. He has shown little to no development in all this skills, and that is why people have lost patience. His speed is completely neutralized by the fact that he is predictable and hesitant. It's not that he didnt become Randy Moss or Megatron. As for Geno it's hard to judge him based on last year. We all knew that he wasn't ready for the NFL in his rookie year but he got thrown into the fire. I'm encouraged by the end of last season and hope it carries over. I am expecting more things out of Geno than Hill
  11. Fact of the matter is none of those teams have money. Pats blew all their money on Revis, saints blew all money on byrd, and the panthers didn't even have enough money to resign brandon lafell and keep steve smith, their best wr ever. I'm not saying you're wrong, because I don't think the Jets would be Johnson's first choice or even his fifth choice. But money wise, there are very few options that would work without doing something very creative other then the Jets. I really see Johnson going nowhere. He has a big contract, is aging, and played well enough for the texans to demand a high price. All those factors lead me to believe that Johnson is stuck in Houston and will be unhappy.
  12. The only scenario in which I see Johnson on the Jets is if he somehow manages to get himself cut from the Texans. Other then that I don't see us trading for him considering his salary, age, and what the Texans would be demanding.
  13. I see what you did there
  14. Yea Damon Harrison and Demario Davis suck
  15. This game and the jets chargers game from 05 are my favorite because I really didn't expect them to win either one
  16. The only more uneducated forum of people talking football on nbc sports. All that exists now on facebook or nbc sports are people who can get the stupid likes or in nbc sports' case the thumbs up or thumbs down. There is no real talk, or legitimate points, only people who post things to get a reaction. Apparently people these days have no self-esteem because the only way they feel good about themselves is if people pay attention to their posts on these forums. No one makes legitimate arguments/or maybe they can't. I don't know anymore
  17. Probably bring these guys to Pazzo Pazzo, they seem to support the Jets and will say anything we want them to say...jk
  18. For the future of this team, the best case scenario is that Geno is the starting QB and develops. Because if Vick wins the job and starts throughout the season that means we would likely sign Vick to another 1 or 2 year contract and draft another QB, in other words starting over again. Idzik has done a nice job of getting rid of the dead weight and developing a younger core. But what he can't control is if the QB he drafted is the real deal, only Geno can control that. That's why Geno is the starter as of now, because if he isn't this organization is going to take a bunch of step backwards.
  19. I prolly should have started this thread just based on my profile pic...fail by me.
  20. Seriously? I mean this list means nothing, but Wilkerson not in the top 101 is ridiculous. One thing that concerns me, from reading this article is the amount of snaps he played. He played 1,067 snaps? That's a lot and is probably why he didn't garner a lot of sacks at the end of the year. To me he didn't seem as productive at the end of the year, is that because he was being double teamed or because he was tired?
  21. I had a comment about the three brothers all had different last names but I refrained. All I'll say is breeder
  22. If this is true, it's unfortunate and I'm not defending him...but we probably should nominate this woman for some good samaritan award because she was concerned about other women in the future...not so that she could appear on TMZ.
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