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  1. This beast can't catch...we think Stephen Hill can't catch, this guy makes Stephen Hill's hands look like Larry Fitzgerald's hands
  2. A corner turning their head to defend passes is a lost art. I don't know if corners are being taught to not turn their head (I know where my brother played college football they told their corners not to turn) but you see so many corners just trying to read the eyes of the receivers. Or in Kyle Wilson's case, where he never turns and then claps about the play he didn't make when the QB overthrew the WR that had him beat by a step.
  3. I didn't say he was going to take olineman early, I was just saying that he will take an onlineman every year to have depth on the line. And I agree, except for the blind side tackle, you can take olineman in the third round or above and allow them to develop and they can still be at the very least reliable, Brandon Moore who wasn't even drafted is a great example.
  4. Nice write up and I agree with most of it. I think Idzik's philosophy is to build the lines first for depth and fill in the skill positions with low risk propositions. I see Idzik adding an offensive lineman every year in the draft, and as far as I am concerned I'm fine with that. I believe that what really determines if you are a solid team or not is how your offensive and defensive line are. Last year both the offensive and defensive line of the Falcons were horrible, so they were horrible. Last year we obviously had a very good defensive line and an average offensive line, so we were on the low end of solid. To move from a solid team to a contending team the key is getting better play out of your Quarterbacks and skill positions. I think Idzik's philosophy is get either proven commodities or low risk players at the skill positions and have the group be better than the individual. For example, Geno in the second round was a low risk pick, taking Geno where he did was a value pick and there are less expectations (not a lot less) because he was a second round pick instead of the #13 overall pick. A different example is Decker, he's a proven commodity, so we opened the wallet a bit to bring him here. He's another low risk move becuase there is a lower likelihood that he won't work out due to his track record. And the last examples are the WRs he drafted this year. If we drafted a WR in the first or second round we would expect immediate results from them, instead Idzik drafted three WRs late. These WRs were pretty productive in college, and frankly most of us don't know who they are so there is less pressure on them. So if they do well we are pleasantly surprised, much like with Kerley. Less pressure on Idzik and the players and more darts thrown on the board hoping that one will hit the bullseye. Idzik is trying to build a core that he can continue to replenish every year through the draft, and it starts with having solid lines. You won't see Idzik trade all around during the draft, because he is a hard negotiator and I'm assuming he likes everything planned out. I don't think he is a very spotaneous person, so he is not someone who will pull the trigger quickly in the draft room out of fear that he is not getting the best deal. To me it's a simple philosophy, build from the inside out. Once the inside is solid then work on the outside by taking a lot of shots at it, until it works. I like what Idzik's doing, he's not overpaying, not taking risks that will hurt them in the future, and building the team internally. It's what the Steelers always seem to do, and it seems like a pretty solid philosophy.
  5. What a joke that article is...the Jets are the number 1 team that will regret not picking Manziel? Trolling hard.
  6. I think we can attest to how meaningless a wide receiver that has no motivation is to a team. Santonio Holmes proved that if you have a WR who doesn't care, you have a WR that is not a good WR.
  7. Why would the minimum asking price be a first or second rounder? He's 32, has a large contract, and does not want play for the team that owns them. The Texans would have little to no leverage with a trade partner. This is like the Randy Moss to the Patriot's situation...the Patriots gave a fourth round pick to the Raiders for Moss
  8. Gates took 10? No need to remember that frankly, he won't make this roster
  9. I was thinking the same thing...I'm 100% serious when I say this, Revis may consider holding out.
  10. I see it playing out next year like Austin Howard's situation. Idzik will give kerley a number and will not budge. If kerley likes it he'lm resign, if he gets a better offer he's gone
  11. Manish makes up a story and then gets called out on it. Idzik #winning
  12. He's kerley insurance. He's a punt returner and a shift receiver. I kind of think this pick means we aren't resigning kerley next year. Evans wasa replacement for hill, saunders a replacement for kerley
  13. The picture of Jon Snow in my profile pic is my shocked face
  14. Prolly sign reed and cut josh bush
  15. This guy just chose weed over millions of dollars. Sometimes I just don't get these guys.
  16. I posted this on another thread but I figure I will post it here too: To move to the Skins (34) pick from our pick requires 150 points. 150 points is equivalent to a mid third round pick, so just a fourth would not be enough. It would actually require out first two picks in round 4, pick 104 (from Bucs) and pick 115 (our actual fourth round pick). Are you willing to give up two fourth round picks to move to 34 to probably draft Lee?
  17. I read something that Idzik went to a Louisville-Central Florida game during the season to scout him. He came away very impressed with Pryor and showed Rex a DVD of his game. Rex salivated. This was in the middle of last season. They knew they wanted him, and they knew they wanted him in November.
  18. To move to the Skins pick from our pick requires 150 points. 150 points is equivalent to a mid third round pick, so just a fourth would not be enough. It would actually require out first two picks in round 4, pick 104 (from Bucs) and pick 115 (our actual fourth round pick). Are you willing to give up two fourth round picks to move to 34 to probably draft Lee?
  19. I agree Rex is very flexible, I was just responding to being called out for being surprised that we picked a safety because Rex has a history of not placing a high value on safeties.
  20. He didn't draft Ed Reed, he was the dline coach for the ravens then. I'm sure he wasn't banging on the table for a safety then. And while he was at the ravens I can't remember him bringing in another major safety to play alongside Reed. Then when he came to the Jets he had spare parts playing safety like Leonhard, Eric Smith...even Laron Landry was considered a spare part because of his injury history. He also got rid of Kerry Rhodes a very athletic safety. So yea his history says he doesn't value safeties
  21. Solid, uninteresting pick, very happy with the pick. I'm surprised they went safety considering rex's history with safeties. But maybe he enjoyed having laron landry and wanted that back
  22. Very happy with a smart, uninteresting pick. This is a position of need and I'm assuming the best safety in the draft. I guess Rex missed having Laron Landry. Very satisfied with the pick...not exciting but solid, very Idzik like.
  23. This forum would explode, I would throw up, and we would be mediocre again this year and who knows for how long going forward. I think Idzik has a plan and I don't think it involves drafting a QB in the first round this year.
  24. The only trade I would like is if we can move back into the first round using our second round pick and later picks. Otherwise I don't want to trade up. I'm sick of trading up for anything out of the first round. I don't need the Shonn Greene's or the Stephen Hill's eating up picks where we are confident that they are diamonds in the rough. Those picks that are used to trade up can at the very least be used to improve our depth. And remember Richard Sherman was a 5th round pick...a more Jets related pick was Jerricho Cotchery, he was a fourth round pick. I rather have more picks so that we can have a few more tickets for the lottery.
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