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  1. Now we know what Revis will be demanding next year when he's cut by the Patriots...$14.1 mill a year.
  2. 4 years 57.4 million, $40 million guaranteed. That is an absurd amount of money guaranteed when you consider that Talib got $26 million guaranteed. The Seahawks now have the highest paid corner and safety on their team. Then they have to pay Wilson and the rest of their young guys. They are headed to cap hell even with the raising of the salary cap.
  3. Leaving some people on One Jets Drive (aka Manish and Cimini) to wonder whether he's shrewd, paranoid or both. Statements like this are unnecessary and just bad writing, you can read the bitterness through the writing. Isn't the second statement complete opposite? If you are making bold moves you are likely trading a lot of your draft picks away and mortgaging your future. We can fill a lot of holes with 12 picks and I like the idea of using all those picks so that we can for once get some late round gems and/or depth. The only trade that I would likely be excited about is being able to trade our second round pick and later picks to get back in the first round. I don't want to move up from 18 and I really want this team to build some depth.
  4. This is such a non-story, we're just bored waiting around for the draft trying to grab any content that comes up. Coples has been solid, not great. This is an important year for him. He was hindered last year by the change in the position and then his subsequent injury. Someone who doesn't know his position all that well will likely play more timid and look like he's lacking a high motor. In reality he probably just wasn't trusting his instincts or was unsure of exactly what to do. Any hesistation in the NFL makes you look slow. If he still looks like that at the end of this coming season then it is a bigger deal, but let's see what he does this year before we start calling him lazy/unproductive. He definitely shows flashes, I think it's just a matter of him figuring it out.
  5. Well it was an anonymous source, it was just an anonymous source that spoke positively about us for once...the nerve!
  6. You'd think that if you're less than a month away from a life changing event in your life you would go out of your way to not go out. Hope that night was worth a few mill, because thats what he just lost. Stupidity like this would have me completely take off my board. If he's dumb enough to make a mistake like this, he will likely do worse in new york. See ya bye
  7. We played the raiders at home last season. This schedule is real rough in the beginning. And I'm sick of playing the patriots Thursday night too...especially in New England. Definitely a disadvatage.
  8. I like the idea of keeping all 12. For the last few years we've all noticed how there is no depth on this team. We had five rookie starters last year, that doesn't indicate a team that has a lot of depth. Idzik got all the comp picks so he could build depth this year. Plus this is considered one of the deepest drafts in recent memory. Keep the picks
  9. Brian Fantana: Take it easy, Champ. Why don't you sit the next one out, maybe just stop talking for a while.
  10. Well Sheldon was the starting DE and Harrison was the starting DT. They moved Coples because they drafted Richardson, not because they decided to do so at the end of last season, so in reality we drafted Richardson with someone who already was a projected starter at his position. I agree we need a WR/CB and would prefer to go WR in round 1. However, not drafting a tight end because we've had a bad history is a terrible reason not to draft a quality player. I've read that this is the reason we shouldn't draft Ebron in the first round a lot on here. You don't like his stats, his measurables, his work ethic, etc...fine I get it don't draft him. But don't tell me we shouldn't draft him because we screwed up before, that is ridiculous mindset. That's like saying don't draft a QB in the first round because we haven't drafted well in the past there either. Personally I prefer Niklas out of ND for tight end, partly because I've had a friend talk him up to me for a while but also because he is different from Cumberland. He was originally a pass rushing OLB/DE at ND before changing sides. In high school he was a dominant OL and is an extremely physical blocker. These are things Cumberland are not, so I like the idea of matching those two up together. And I like his potential to eventually be a solid pass catcher, since he is apparently a freak of an athlete.
  11. They didn't go that way last year. Last year they selected richardson when we all thought that the starting line was set with mo, ellis, and coples. Everyone was in an uproar when we took another dlineman...I know I wasn't happy, and then he became DROY. I'm not saying that I want ebron, but a clear path to start does not dictate who they pick. Furthermore this is becoming a two tight end kind of league.
  12. There is no way we would be in the position that we are in with Tannebaum. First of all, the guy has never even heard of compensation picks, judging by the amount of picks we got while he was GM so we would have a maximum of 8 picks. Most likely we wouldn't have 8 picks though, because he likely would have traded a pick or two away last year to move up in the second round to grab Geno Smith insted of displaying patience like Idzik did. Would his draft class from last year have five starters one being the DROY? Who knows, Tannebaum had a so-so ability to draft but either way we can say Idzik had a quality draft. Maybe not awesome, but at the very least solid. Free agency wise Idzik again showed patience that Tannebaum never would have. Idzik didn't go to Decker immediately, he waited three days, made him wait and think about what he was worth. Tannebaum would have been knocking down his door day one and Decker would have all the leverage. Desean Jackson, if we got him it probably would have been through a trade for him like we did Santonio Holmes and acquired his large contract, Tannebaum likely would not have had the patience to wait for him to get cut. That would mean losing one maybe two of our 8 picks (since we don't have the 4 comp picks) Austin Howard would prolly still be a Jet and we would have paid something similar to the Raiders I'm sure. We would have gone begging to Revis, but he would have used us for leverage and gone to the Patriots anyway. Then to compensate we would have chased DRC, given him a large contract, which likely would have weighed on the team over the next few years. DRC to me was nothing but a trap, a guy that seems to play well contract years and then be extremely disappointing the other years. Didn't want any part of a long term committment, especially for a guy that considered retiring. At this point, I'm guessing we have 6 maybe 7 draft picks with large contracts given to Decker, Jackson, Howard, and DRC. On paper this makes the Jets very competitive, but here is the problem, we again won't have any depth. Then guess what, Chris Johnson gets cut. However, we already gave out these big contracts, and we can't give Chris Johnson a contract because we need the money to sign our draft picks. Maybe we go begging to our signed players to renegotiate a contract to make room, maybe we don't. Either way we end up with the same problem we always had with Tannebaum...very little flexibility, contracts that weigh us down, and no to very little depth.
  13. Flynn was making that kind of money in Seattle and they started Wilson. I'm not saying Geno is Wilson, but if they're preaching competition the money shouldn't matter.
  14. Decker, Vick, Johnson. If vick were to play, which I hope doesn't happen I want Geno to win the job. That is quite an overhaul of the offense...and that's before we get to use our 12 picks in the draft
  15. Tough to compare Decker and Johnson. Decker is ascending player that was an absolute need for the team. Johnson is a player that is on the decline and is likely more of a luxury for the team as we have capable running backs. I agree with you that this is playing out like Vick. Vick like Johnson is a player that is past his best years. And Vick first rejected our offer, then came crawling back. With a limited amount of teams in the market for a running back I wouldn't be surprised if he comes crawling back like Vick did in a week.
  16. In other words, my only "source" is Chris Johnson's twitter page
  17. Am I missing something here? He didn't sign a contract and left the facility? Doesn't that make perfect sense, since his agent wasn't there. What did we think Chris Johnson was gonna negotiate his own contract himself? That's why you pay agents. If something doesn't happen tomorrow then we can be concerned
  18. Because Ivory couldn't catch and Johnson can. Geno didn't throw it to Ivory, but he did throw a lot to Powell and Bohanon, so I would imagine it is due more to lack of trust with Ivory than Geno and MM not throwing to RBs.
  19. Honestly, who says to a security guard "I have a bomb"? A four year old knows not to say that an airport. This could be either the dumbest person in the world or he is really messed up. Either way, I don't want him and I am sure most if not all of the NFL is not going to take a chance on him, seeing as he already had to go to rehab and is now prolly going to jail.
  20. Based on what? Decker has been more consistent over his career than Jackson. You can say that was because of Peyton Manning, but the eagles were supposed to be prolific themselves, especially with Vick. Jackson is Holmes Jr., whiny me guy who hasn't been overly productive in his career but everyone seems to think he has. I was not upset that we didn't sign him and don't mind going into the draft with the deepest WR pool in years. Plus Jackson's contract was a half million more/year than Decker's when you average it out.
  21. He won't be brought in to be a great player, he will be here to be a complimentary player and will be paid as such. No one is expecting him to be the workhorse, just to be lightning to Ivory's thunder.
  22. Thanks, typically do more reading than posting, but will try to post some more, especially when there is more things to talk about
  23. I think this was Idzik's plan all along in regards to Johnson. Have him sit around and wait to drive the price down. He knew that teams like the Browns or the Dolphins couldn't make a play for them since they already signed a running back, so he sat back and waited so the price would come down. Just for perspective, if Idzik does get Johnson he would have signed the best WR available, the best QB available, and the best RB available during this free agency period. There were a lot of people freaking out during this free agency period, but if the beginning of the free agency you were told (stoic) that we would sign those guys you would be happy. Yes, he missed out on some defensive players that would have been useful, but it is pretty obvious that Idzik is not going to reach, and maybe that is better.
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