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  1. I'd be surprised if the Giants aren't locked in on Barkley...
  2. Injecting politics into the game is only going to add to the pressure on ratings and attendance. It naturally alienates a portion of your fan base who either 1) disagrees with the politics you are promoting or 2) look for sports to be an escape from politics. You're not going to gain fans who come to the league because they like the politics...
  3. Can we at least get to training camp before declaring this to be the worst NFL roster of the last 50 years?
  4. It would make total sense to me for Macc to take Trubisky at 6. Bad optics if he passes on him and the kid turns out to be a star elsewhere. No one remembers you passing over a HOF guard but EVERYONE remembers you passing over a franchise QB...
  5. Seriously, is any one going to be really surprised if the Jets draft Trubisky or Watson at 6? What's going to be more career threatening for Macc? Taking a QB at 6 that could be a franchise player and passing on a position player like Adams or Howard, or taking a position player, passing on Trubisky or Watson and seeing them shine?
  6. What is a "mentor" QB really?

    A good mentor is always there to stand by their protege...
  7. Geno, McCown or Daniels?

    You're right on Decker, but if Hack and Petty can't play to the point there'd be a revolt, the bigger revolt would be keeping them on the team. And if they really can't play, why go with a guy like McCown vs. getting out bid by the Bears for Glennon who may have an upside and a future?
  8. Geno, McCown or Daniels?

    What veterans are there to revolt? Tanner Purdum? They basically are in the process of dismantling the team. McCown is close to 15 years older than many of the faces in that locker room. I'm not sure how well his intangibles and leadership is going to translate to a 22-yr old UDFA...
  9. Geno, McCown or Daniels?

    I'm still trying to decide if these JAG retread signings like McCown and Fitz are all on Macc or if Bowles is forcing it. Last year they caved to veteran pressure. This year there literally ARE NO VETERANS (unless you consider Decker coming back from major surgery). Total lack of b@lls. If you believe in the 2 QB's you drafted show some b@lls and play them. If you don't, show some b@lls and cut them and draft another guy. They have a better chance of seeing billboards and airplanes putting McCown out there to suck every week vs. Hack or Petty or Watson/Trubisky/Mahomes...
  10. Jets just signed Josh McCown (MERGED)

    With this signing if we draft a QB, Petty's a goner...
  11. Jets add Wide Receiver Quinton Patton

    Where's Chuck Noll when you need him?
  12. Geno Visiting Giants

    Geno passed his physical and is signing a 1-year deal with the Giants for $2 million. If we have to have a JAG old guy QB because we don't trust Hack or Petty I hope the contact terms are similar...
  13. Man I hope you're wrong...
  14. The only way it makes sense to me to sign a guy like McCown is that you are unwilling to spend an early draft pick on a QB. If you covet a guy like Adams or Lattimore over say Trubisky or Watson, it seems logical to bring in McCown. Otherwise I'd vote we draft the QB and put him in the mix with Petty and Hack and forego the "veteran bridge guy".