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  1. I don't see it. Saleh/LaFleur just came from a system that generated a decent rushing attack using motion, misdirection and a bunch of guys like Mostert, Hasty and Wilson. They paid up for FA's like Coleman and McKinnon and they did nothing to distinguish themselves vs. the others...
  2. As more of a pro-Sam guy, I agree your points are fair. The biggest reason to move on from Sam now is the fact that we've burned three years of his rookie deal and we may not be this close the top of the draft again without having to give up significant picks. It's more a function of probabilities than anything related to Gase or new schemes or weaponz...
  3. Alex Smith gives me a Josh McCown kind of vibe...
  4. "Totally different game back then. Head slaps, QB's were pinatas. Lester Hayes. Sam sucks even with all the rule changes" "Namath is a fake Hall of Famer. Look at his stats. More Ints than TDs. One 4000 yd season" Am I doing this right?
  5. The disaster here is that we burned two years of Darnold's rookie deal fielding this dreck. Even if he can be turned around, how can you take the gamble? We're literally an expansion team at this stage...
  6. The guy on the Saints we should be targeting is Lattimore. They're in cap hell and he's due a payday. We're loaded with cap room and need talent. Should be a deal in there somewhere...
  7. I like the fact that there's been two dozen reporters who write and tweet out all sorts of BS everyday for eyeballs and clicks, and at least two dozen posters on this site who have put up > 100 posts each and to this day, NO ONE knows WTF JD is going to do...
  8. Not sure. Seems pretty evenly divided to me. Maybe the anti-Sam guys are making stronger arguments. Tough decision...
  9. If JD is picking at #2, it's for a QB. Period...
  10. This is very fair, and even though I lean pro-Sam, he may go from a round 2 pick to Josh Rosen if he sucks again this year. I think JD is going to trade him simply because he can get max value now by using "Gase/no weaponz" as an excuse...
  11. I'm not trying to pee in anyone's Cheerios, but many of those deep throws Captain Morgan made on his highlight reel ain't working at the pro level...
  12. I think they see Robinson and Golladay as similar role to Mims suggesting Mims would move from "X" to "Z" if we landed one of those guys. They really like Samuel but I guess he might be considered a replacement for Crowder
  13. Jet X guys are way down on Ju Ju ranking him 20 out of 47 free agents. For perspective, they rank Perriman at #25. They are very high on Corey Davis FWIW...
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