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  1. 100% FU to Woody. Pull this on Dak Prescott and Jerry Jones just might have someone killed...
  2. I honestly wonder how much of this is on Woody. Somehow I doubt this type of sh!t happens to teams where the owners have the respect of the league. I could see Jerry Jones literally sending a hit squad to Goodell's house if Prescott was getting mauled like this...
  3. Interesting observation. Reminds me of Pete Carroll with the Jets. Total rah-rah guy who Hess canned in one year for a known entity named Rich Kotite...
  4. Before his arm fell off, that Favre guy was pretty good...
  5. There is absolutely no downside for the refs when it comes to calling penalties on the Jets...
  6. Wouldn't surprise me to see him slide into Van Roten's spot and JD draft a center next year...
  7. Don't misread what I'm saying. No argument safety is not a high money position vs other spots. But what I'm seeing is a level of frugality which is a bit counterproductive IMO. If you keep stockpiling cheap draft picks and letting your talent walk, you only move forward if you're nailing all your picks. Given Maye's age and value, I would think JD could structure a fair deal that keeps him here until he needs to start spending big money on Becton, AVT, Zach, Q, etc. Why not spend the money now to keep the team competitive vs. letting your talent walk for comp picks and stockpiling cap ro
  8. Based on what? I'm trying to figure out where this whole "safeties aren't worth the money" train of thought comes from. Safeties will earn whatever the market will bear, just like any other position. If Maye's market value is $60 million and other teams will pay that, then I need to understand JD's logic to let him walk so he can sit on a bunch of cap space and keep drafting cheap safeties that aren't as good.
  9. Feels to me like one of JD's goals in life is to set up the Jets as an NFL farm system where he can groom talent and sell it to the highest bidder for more draft picks to acquire more raw talent. At some point you have to pay some money out to stabilize your organization...
  10. For James Bond aficionados, there's only one JW...
  11. Mangold made $40 million. Brick closer to $60 million. They'll never have to buy a beer in the Tri-State area for the rest of their lives...
  12. This is the question I would ask Revis - "You made > $100 million in your career. You and your Uncle Sean were smart and used the system to maximize your earnings. Are you better off now, or would you be happier with $75 million in the bank and 90% of the fan base not thinking you're a greedy a$$hole?"
  13. You know I read this and it struck a tone with me. I feel we are in the early innings of the Darrelle "Jet for Life" rehabilitation tour. All with one thing in mind, fame/recognition/personal gain for the post-football "Revis Inc."
  14. +100 I gotta watch Corey Davis's mastery of the route tree while going 2-15? I want to see Wilson draw up a hook and lateral to Mims in next game
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