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  1. That's my read too. I also think the guys in the lower right are getting alot of attention but aren't showing much production. I think that was always the defense of Leo. He was tying up two guys so someone else could make a play...
  2. Interesting chart posted by Cimini. Shows the win rate vs. double teams among all starting NFL DTs. A few things are interesting to me: 1. Ed Oliver > Q Williams. He's also top 6 in the league as a rookie 2. Q is pretty close to the NFL average when it comes to both the % of double teams he faces and his % win rate 3. Leonard Williams sees alot of double teams but doesn't win much 3. Aaron Donald is a freak
  3. Do you really consider the Steelers to be a "home" game? There could be 50,000 Steeler fans at Met Life for that one...
  4. I'm taking a slightly different view. I think that Gase was trying to show Joe D that he can get the same production out of a JAG RB like Powell vs. a $15 million dollar trophy horse like Bell. This was his point from Day #1 and based on the numbers he's probably not that far off...
  5. I agree. Watching Powell against the Fins, he seemed more effective at just hitting the hole and getting what was there. Bell's style requires the OL hold their blocks longer and we don't have the talent for that...
  6. It's a shame we caught the 1-12 Bengals just as they were peaking...
  7. For once I'm actually agreeing with you. With our OL as currently constructed, a guy like Powell who just hits the hole and gets what he can is probably more efficient than a superior talent like Bell who is asking JAGs to hold their blocks longer to set up lanes for him. It's not the same without guys like Pouncey and DeCastro in front of him...
  8. Would love to know the PFF rankings of D'Brick, Faneca, Mangold, Moore and Woody circa 2009. Might have been the best OL we've had since the Super Bowl.
  9. Maybe it's just me and it was only one game but I didn't see that much from Scherff last weekend that showed him to be a Man God...
  10. When you have an OL that can't block that well and a receiving corp that can't get open that much, a 2 TE set isn't the world's worst idea...
  11. Richardson was DROY. Let's not confuse his on the field play with driving 150 mph with his nephew, a bong and a gun in his car...
  12. I have no evidence to support, but probably goes back further to Rex. Suspect Mangini tried to change the culture back to Parcells era post-Herm and Woody listened to the locker room helping to force Mangini out. This flush out needs to happen...
  13. I see a strong push by Joe D to sign Scherff...
  14. Myles Garrett might disagree with you on this...
  15. Going back to the 60's it always seemed like the Jets had better than average centers. Up until Macc that is...

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