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  1. ESPN is not wasting their Week #1 ratings on the two worst teams in the league during the 2020 season. Figure Cowboys with Dak back or Packers if Rodgers is still there and drama continues...
  2. And, unlike with just about any other position on the team, once you find your guy and he grows into the job, he can hang around for a long time. Many of these kickers are still good from 50+ yards into their late 30's...
  3. A lot of this WR1 vs. WR2 stuff is based on who's throwing. Would Davante Adams be considered a WR1 on the Jets last season with Darnold?
  4. Even as "lead" back, Mostert wasn't getting more than about 15 touches a game. The 49er running game was the most random distribution of touches in the NFL. A fantasy graveyard...
  5. Ultimately it comes down to Wilson. If he's a player, this franchise just made a major turn...
  6. If JD values AVT as top 10, the difference between 10 and 14 on the value chart is the equivalent of a mid 3rd rounder. So in JD's mind, he traded his early 3rd rounder to move up 9 spots and got back a 4th rounder to get his guy.
  7. I realize the OP's target is JD and his drafts/FA signings, but really the biggest upgrade he's made so far is getting rid of Gase...
  8. I'm with you. I wouldn't mind seeing a few old school AFL 45-38 type games for once...
  9. The Vikings trading out of 14 so the Bears could draft a QB is like us trading with the Dolphins or Pats. Not impossible but highly unlikely...
  10. Beck's man crush for Wilson > Orlovsky's man crush for Darnold
  11. I honestly believe JD was in on the tank before the season even started. All he did was sell assets and acquire draft picks and cap room, knowing what he was starting with was hot garbage and knowing he has a 6-year contract.
  12. I'll believe it when I see it. JD seems to be the anti-Tannenbaum...
  13. JD has said from Day 1 what he's about, and that is building the team from the trenches out via the draft. If he hits on his picks, he'll be a living legend. If he doesn't within a year or two, @Creepy Lurker will start another epic 200 page thread to have him fired...
  14. Agree with you on gauging his personality in an interview, but in terms of on field leadership, "love of football" and intangibles that produce victories, I'm going to trust what I see on the tape more than what he says in front of a white board.
  15. That performance Fields put on in the Clemson game after taking that shot to the ribs would count alot more to me than how he does in a Zoom interview...
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