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  1. I'm with you on this. HOWEVER, if the worst does happen, I see planes with banners on the horizon and immense pressure on Woody to not allow JD to select another QB
  2. If we are 4-13 again, Zach craps the bed and JD is entering year 5 of a 6 year deal, I look forward to all this kumbaya about "process"...
  3. If Zack misses, the whole "strong process" meme is going to take a hit, and the team is going to suffer....
  4. I keep wondering how much influence Gase and the prior coaching staff had on the 2020 draft. Could just be a rookie GM feeling his way, finding out which scouts he can trust. Could also be drafting traits valued more highly in the prior regime not fitting as well under Saleh and LaFleur...
  5. Always one of the best waiver wire pickups in PPR fantasy...
  6. All these draft picks + FA signings just to replace Jamal's production...
  7. The only point I would counter with is Mims actually showed some flashes as a rookie in Gase's system with Darnold as the QB. This doesn't feel like a Devin Smith/Steven Hill type of situation to me. I tend to agree with people that there was something else going on here that explains the drop off in year 2...
  8. Taping this guy to the goal post would be ratings gold on Hard Knocks. Unless of course he goes and kills six of his teammates... And the camera crew... And the coaching staff... And JD... And Woody....
  9. Strength and conditioning for the Jets peaked at Sal Alosi...
  10. LOL. I was waiting for him to say he once ate a guy's liver with some fava beans...
  11. You don't realize how off the wall Gase's eyes are until you sit and listen to Eisen for 15 minutes while watching your avatar keep going and going and going...
  12. The biggest question I have is with Quinnen Williams. Unless they plan to extend this guy and pay him $18-20m a year, they should have addressed finding his replacement in this draft. Q's maximum trade value would be on his rookie deal similar to Leonard Williams.
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