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  1. peekskill68

    It starts with talent

    +100 on the OL. People should go back and remind themselves of the OL talent we had when the team was winning. An example: Fabini, Kendall, Mawae, Moore and McKenzie were the starters in the Doug Brien playoff game back in 2004. Rex's OL was even better. Compare that to now...
  2. peekskill68

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    Mac's draft picks are not what I'm getting at. Rex transported two of his Ravens free agents to help run his defense and influence his locker room. Parcells had his guys too (Pepper Johnson, etc) What players did Bowles influence/recruit to come here?
  3. peekskill68

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    What does waiting do? If we go 4-2 after the break is this some sort of signal from God to stay the course?
  4. peekskill68

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    That's an excellent point. Even Rex brought in Scott (when he was pretty good) and Leonard. Who are "Bowles's guys"?
  5. peekskill68

    This is an all time low!

    Losing to the 'Aints in 1980 when they went 1-15 and their entire fan base was wearing paper bags was pretty friggin' low...
  6. peekskill68

    Interim Head Coaching Options

    There's not a single area of the team that is functioning correctly which makes elevating any assistant to interim HC a problem Based on merit you'd have to make Jason Myers a player-coach since he's the only guy who's been consistently good...
  7. peekskill68

    Bowles is done

    For those old enough to remember we have reached Kotite levels of performance....
  8. The only Jets teams I ever remember being good all had Pro bowl caliber OL players. We could sign Bell to megabucks and I'm not sure he's a game changer with our current line...
  9. Seems to me Bowles is trying to protect his defense by pushing ground and pound. At least with 3 yds and a cloud of dust Bowles figures the O can knock 3 mins off the clock on a 3 and out vs. 1 minute on 3 incomplete passes. That's probably also why the Jets are at the bottom of the league in terms of hurry up plays. I don't think its just a rookie QB. Every play gets snapped within <2 secs of the play clock. I think Bowles is in Bates head to slow the game down anticipating offensive failure. This pessimism is toxic for a young QB.
  10. Enunwa can do this...
  11. peekskill68

    Priority 1 for the Jets-New HC.

    Move Bowles and the entire Jets coaching staff to Kansas City. Take Andy Reid and his staff and move them here. Keep all the players the same. What would the records be? I'd argue they'd be pretty similar...
  12. peekskill68

    Dante Fowler

    Rams-Chiefs would be a fun game...
  13. peekskill68

    Dante Fowler

    3rd rounder in 2019 and 5th rounder in 2020. The rich get richer...
  14. peekskill68

    Golden Tate - any interest?

    I agree with this. The OL is holding up well enough that it doesn't feel like Darnold is going to get destroyed back there so why not see what we have? Besides we have to sort out Enunwa (contract year) and Robby Anderson's future as well. Plus once he gets more comfortable with the playbook we can assess Matthews.
  15. peekskill68

    Toxic Jetsulinity

    The way I look at it, what would the Jets record be right now if Bowles/Bates/Rogers were instead Sean Payton/Jim Schwartz? Based on talent we'd probably have still lost to the Vikings but the Dolphins and Browns games? And I'd throw in the Jaguars too given the number of crossing routes they completed with no adjustments made by our defense. Maybe it's a GM problem but I'd sure like to see proper coaching and game management before doing a total burn down...

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