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  1. Will be interesting to see how our "interim GM" feels about signing Claiborne....
  2. This power structure only works if the owner knows what he is doing. If he is in over his head and/or has no football instincts it is doomed to failure...
  3. IMO best thing they can do is hire Ozzie as a VP of Football Operations to insulate CJ and Woody from decisions related to the on-field product. I'm not sure he's spry enough anymore to keep up with full GM duties, especially with Gase as HC...
  4. peekskill68

    Leo not apart of the Jets plans?

    I blame the Russians...
  5. peekskill68

    Neil Glat, do the right thing-Step down

    Don't agree with this. They are not negligent regarding the on-field product. They are incompetent and too unwilling to admit they lack the skill to run a football operation with both the GM and HC reporting to them on parallel paths...
  6. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    C'mon man. Lighten up...
  7. peekskill68

    Clayton: jets could trade Bell

    "If she had balls I could absolutely see my Aunt being my Uncle"...
  8. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    Maybe a guy like Ozzie Newsome?
  9. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    Agree. But if you're CJ you know you just messed up royally and you've just seen your HC shiv your GM. So the cluster**** seeds have already been planted. And say you bring in a guy with bona fides like a Parcells or someone similar. What's Gase going to do? Resign?
  10. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    What would be ballsy here is for CJ to mea culpa and hire a true football guy to run everything and then let HIM hire the GM...
  11. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    Do you think he purposely lied or just f--ked up a personnel decision due to incompetence? Seems to me when he said Macc was safe he really had no intention of firing him. Once FA ended and the draft took place he realized he messed up...
  12. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    I think this only works if the owner has exceptional football smarts or is willing to be hands off. If he says "I'd really like us to sign Bell because we can sell more merchandise" a GM might have a problem telling his boss to GFY...
  13. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    sounds like mccags had zero clue mccags would be fired too...
  14. peekskill68

    Manish Speaks

    Probably the only time in the past 20+ years where the Jets weren't considered Clown World was when Parcells/Weis/Beli ran the show...

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