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  1. Biggest disappointment so far has to be McGovern. He was supposed to be better than he's shown. Van Roten and Lewis have always been JAGs... McGovern was PFF = 71.9 last year and is 50.1 so far in 2020
  2. They need to make sure 100% he's not going to pull an Eli. The new HC is probably the biggest factor in that. That's my only point...
  3. Dude... If you don't think CJ's selection of the next HC of the NYJ isn't going to play into the calculus of Team Trevor's decision to stay in school or declare, then, whatever...
  4. So you're the Johnsons, you've just been thru a humiliating 0-16 run, you've just fired Gase and the whole staff, TL is undeclared for the draft. and you're NOT going to send out feelers to TL's camp about your HC short list? C'mon...
  5. If he's dead man walking, and JD convinces CJ to go all in on the tank, what leverage does he have? Resign? This is the perfect year to go all in on tanking. No live fans, TV ratings down, generational talent at #1
  6. If we're sitting at #1, TL's team literally will have input into Gase's replacement. He'd be here...
  7. The more he plays, the lower Darnold's trade value drops. Wouldn't surprise me at some point if he doesn't "re-injure" his shoulder to go on IR. Gives Morgan a shot to see what he has...
  8. Archie would be throwing his son Peyton under the bus if he recommends Trevor stay in school vs, learning pro football from Gase the Wizard...
  9. Worst case scenario is the team goes full "Major League" where JD flips Crowder, Maye, Q, etc. for Serrano, Vaughn and Willie Mays Hayes. And then they start winning under Gase. Key tell will be if there's a picture of Woody on an easel in the background of Gase's Zoom calls with strategic pieces of clothing missing...
  10. I have these circular arguments with myself - Can you evaluate Sam with these weaponz? Can you evaluate Sam with Gase at the helm? Bottom line = talent is talent and it will raise the level of those around it. Sam has not been able to do that...
  11. It's even more remarkable considering Gase's schemes don't rely on motion pre-snap or otherwise to help the QB with his reads...
  12. Really interesting. I'm trying to translate this into how Peyton Manning succeeded with Gase...

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