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  1. Honestly I think that's naive. A player goes off the rails posts something alarming on Instagram or blabs to the press or whatever. CJ has $ X millions tied up with that player representing the Jets brand. You really think he's just going to let Gase sort it out? Do you think his football acumen is good enough to manage the on field product vs. the marketing side?
  2. That's not the issue. If Gase gets into squabbles with his coaches and/or players and there is dysfunction in the locker room, Douglas isn't going to get involved. As Gase's direct boss, that's CJ's problem...
  3. The way caps and free agency work these days no sports franchise can go from zero to hero faster than an NBA team...
  4. True but apparently a lot of NFL teams have owners who understand football...
  5. I wish I shared your optimism. Let's see what happens when Gase gets a boner for a FA and Douglas loses him to another team...
  6. I see your point. However he has chosen to put himself right in the middle of football operations by having his GM and HC report directly to him as equals. So he has to manage all the egos in the room and make smart football decisions when there are conflicts...
  7. Whether CJ has evolved into some kind of football genius or remains an incompetent dolt will be determined as he is asked to manage the obvious conflicts that will arise between the coaches and front office along the way. It's kumbaya time now, but it is almost 100% certain that there will be issues with this "dream team" that CJ will have to mediate and/or decide on...
  8. Fair enough. I'm not endorsing Mangini as much as I'm puking on Walton. He had a lot of talent to work with on both sides of the ball and perpetually underachieved...
  9. 1. I would put Michaels over Herm. If Shula doesn't pull the tarp off the field, he goes to the Super Bowl with Richard Freakin' Todd as his QB 2. I would put Mangini over Walton. Walton had O'Brien who was better than Todd and peak Toon, Shuler, McNeil, Walker plus a good chunk of the Sack Exchange and never got beyond the 2nd round of the playoffs. Mangini had a broken down Chad and a broken down Favre and had the same winning percentage.
  10. For every example I cite you have every right to disagree. Neither of us knows what was really going on behind the scene so will just have to agree to disagree on CJ's competence. I hope Gase and Douglas turn out to be winners.
  11. I'm sorry but I don't see your point. Are you saying in hindsight CJ didn't know what he was doing but now he's figured out?
  12. JMO but all these moves show a lack of football acumen: 1. Not firing Bowles at the Bye while meeting with agents/intermediaries about Klingbury and Harbaugh 2. Keeping Macc because he lacked confidence to hire both a GM and HC at the same time 3. Trusting the scuttlebutt that McCarthy was burned out at Green Bay 4. Contributing to the screw up of the potential Rhule hire by not allowing him autonomy with staff selection 5. After Rhule, hiring Gase after taking Peyton Manning's phone call FWIW I think he handled the kneeling issue pretty well but I don't consider that a matter of football operations. I also think he handled the Douglas hire well by not flopping to Plan B to save a couple of $million...
  13. Hope you're right, but I disagree. IMO he reacts to whatever he's being told vs. having an organic sense of how to run a football operation...
  14. Hard pass CB... The Johnson's seem to have no football instincts. They should stay in the owner's box and cheer like it's the Kentucky Derby...

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