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  1. I also think Hennessy was the top ranked long snapper in the league...
  2. Agree with this. Actually I was very surprised he traded up. Seemed like all he ever wanted to do was trade back to acquire more picks...
  3. I can't explain it, but I keep seeing Buddy Ryan and Kevin Gilbride...
  4. I noticed that. Seems like a good payoff for who may be the best receiver on the team...
  5. Interesting premise. The problem I'm having with it is that the genie is out of the bottle when it comes to league rules pushing offense to better sell the product. Similar to a MLB team investing heavy in undervalued Gold Glove outfielders with a juiced baseball...
  6. Interesting point. I kind of felt that way about Winters. JAG skills but great culture guy...
  7. I have to admit the hog dog thing while beating the Raiders 38-0 was pretty funny...
  8. I'm old enough to remember Marshall (not Kevin) Faulk catching 90 balls a year...
  9. ESPN is not wasting their Week #1 ratings on the two worst teams in the league during the 2020 season. Figure Cowboys with Dak back or Packers if Rodgers is still there and drama continues...
  10. And, unlike with just about any other position on the team, once you find your guy and he grows into the job, he can hang around for a long time. Many of these kickers are still good from 50+ yards into their late 30's...
  11. A lot of this WR1 vs. WR2 stuff is based on who's throwing. Would Davante Adams be considered a WR1 on the Jets last season with Darnold?
  12. Even as "lead" back, Mostert wasn't getting more than about 15 touches a game. The 49er running game was the most random distribution of touches in the NFL. A fantasy graveyard...
  13. Ultimately it comes down to Wilson. If he's a player, this franchise just made a major turn...
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