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  1. My Dad introduced me to John Schmitt over 50 years ago. I still remember it....
  2. Don't you think some sort technology/AI based ref system would find multiple fouls on every play thus making the product unwatchable?
  3. Beyond the "shy" issue does anyone really believe our "woke" owner Chris Johnson is going to take the heat in his social circle by signing Hunt?
  4. peekskill68

    Why no OC announcement yet?

    I think you're right about this. They probably don't want to cut Loggains loose until they have Brian Flores signed. I'm also interested to see what happens with Bates. Wonder if Gase would consider retaining him as QB coach?
  5. peekskill68

    interesting piece on the chiefs from wsj

    Obviously personnel is the key, but that paragraph on the odds related to 1st vs. 2nd vs. 3rd down to me was the most interesting. How many times did we see Bates force a 2nd down run? How many times was it stuffed leaving Darnold with a 3rd and long where the defense can adjust to put the odds in their favor?
  6. I'd be happy if Williams and/or his Secondary coach can get the blown coverages and the ridiculous PI/holding penalties to stop...
  7. peekskill68

    O-Line Review

    There's the stat sheet and there's the naked eye. Saying Darnold wasn't affected by Long's errant snaps is basically saying you didn't see the games...
  8. peekskill68

    Way too early KIPER MOCK 1.0

    If Macc gets a couple of decent OL's in Free Agency or if by chance an edge like Clowney doesn't get franchised it clearly changes the draft board...
  9. peekskill68

    Way too early KIPER MOCK 1.0

    I could see a CB making more sense than another DT...
  10. peekskill68

    Way too early KIPER MOCK 1.0

    Wasn't Leo supposed to be a perfect fit as a 3 technique in Williams 4-3 defense?
  11. peekskill68

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    If you got fired as a National Sales Manager at a competing firm, or worked in that capacity in a smaller firm and were hired at a new firm, I simply don't believe upper management is going to grant you full autonomy to fire the entire Regional staff and bring in whoever you want. But that also makes you probably right on #1 above regarding trust...
  12. peekskill68

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    Point taken. Even if he is "senior" management, the Johnson's and Neil Glat still run the team. They are upper management. The GM and the Executive Staff work for them. Then come the coaches (altho I'll concede Gase reports directly to CJ). Just because there aren't 12 layers here doesn't change how the organization is set up. I see no reason why upper management should concede total autonomy to a HC to build a staff, especially when a) he just got fired from his previous lateral job, or b) he has no experience at the current level of proposed employment. https://www.newyorkjets.com/team/front-office-roster/
  13. peekskill68

    So what the hell WOULD make you happy!?

    What organizations with a multi-billion dollar market cap can you cite where a newbie can come in off the street, be hired into a middle management position (which basically the HC of the NYJ is), and fire/hire the complete organization below him with total autonomy from management? If you don't like the Johnson's, you don't like the Johnson's. That's your right. But this argument that they should write checks to whoever the HC wants to hire without input is weak. You want to put a rock star in there like Jim Harbaugh, maybe that's the price of admission. But Matt Freakin' Rhule? C'mon man...
  14. peekskill68

    SNY Blog Post: Road from Bowles to Gase

    Sometimes the simplest answer is the right one. For whatever reason, McCarthy just didn't "click". Maybe he's burned out. Maybe he didn't like having OC and/or DC candidates like Monken and Williams suggested. Maybe he had worries (justified) about Macc's control of personnel. There is nothing here suggesting it was about the money. It just wasn't a fit. End of story...
  15. peekskill68

    Dave DeGuglielmo- Colts OLine Coach fired

    Callahan would be a great hire IMO. Made Thomas Jones a Pro Bowler. Not sure if he's under contract with Redskins however...

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