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  1. peekskill68

    $35.7 Million Left in Cap Space

    I'd like to see that backup QB number lower so maybe we can add another vet WR...
  2. peekskill68

    What is Jeremy Bates doing?

    Agree. Problems with Bates were more related to playcalling and predictability than anything in particular he did wrong with developing Darnold.
  3. I still think Rosen's getting traded to the Giants...
  4. peekskill68

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    You could be right. But I'd sure like to see how Mara and Tisch handle the "Fire Gettleman" billboards that will pop up on Route 3 if he defers QB to 2020 and drafts defense and OL...
  5. peekskill68

    Two Round Mock from CBS

    If the Giants don't trade for Rosen, no way are they sitting there at #6 and taking Montez Sweat. Gettleman is getting roasted for trading their best player. Their fans are going to rebel going into the season with Eli and no transition plan. He needs to make a splash. Maybe #2 for Haskins since he has to worry about the Raiders?
  6. peekskill68

    A J Green

    I think we just gave $51 million gteed to one. That's a lot of dimes...
  7. If I'm not mistaken, by trading him now you are giving your trading partner the ability to decide on his 5th year option for 2020. There is some value to that I think. Waiting to see how he does with our new DC is fine but if he sucks he will have no trade value then since its likely the Jets won't exercise the option. So if it were my call, I'd hit the phones now....
  8. peekskill68

    Ryan Fitzpatrick to be Dolphin's QB

    2 years for $11m sort of puts how dumb McCown's 1 yr for $10m was into perspective...
  9. peekskill68

    Donald Penn Released

    Why not sign Nick Mangold? He's been to more Pro Bowls and is a year younger than Penn...
  10. We're at the right point in the cycle. Just sayin...
  11. peekskill68

    Tyreek Hill under investigation

    Presumed innocent until proven guilty. But if this is true a suspension would be the least of his worries. I think child abuse in most states is a Class D felony requiring a minimum sentence of one year without parole or probation...
  12. peekskill68

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    Agree on Eli. But I can see them using the same model for Rosen like they did with a young Eli and Kurt Warner. Hold a clipboard and learn to be a pro for a year...
  13. peekskill68

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    You're on. Personally I think he's going to the G-men...
  14. peekskill68

    Ryan Tannehill traded to Titans

    With Bridgewater and now Tannehill off the market signed as backups it puts even more pressure on teams like the Fins and Giants to address QB either by trade with AZ or via draft. I like our spot at 3...
  15. peekskill68

    CB Poole to the Jets

    Good point on the drug suspension. But I'm not sure I agree on his value. It's like some of the comments over on the other thread about PFF. We see him every Sunday and he fails the eyeball test. But relative to all the other LB's in the league he rates above average. It makes me think someone committed to a 4-3 would value a guy like Lee's side-to-side speed. Maybe someone like Spagnuolo at KC for example...

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