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  1. #1 Agree #2 JMO if you're JD and you're 0-6 in 2 weeks, and you know the massive holes this team has at CB, edge, WR and OL, you're selling prior to 10/29, accumulating as much draft capital as possible and slotting for 2020. If Sam goes down again, short of a team mutiny, Gase is going to get a pass regardless of whether Fales or Mike White plays vs, guys like Bradford or Osweiler.
  2. Even with a healthy Darnold we're quite possibly looking at 0-6 in two weeks time. If this is the case, and he goes down again, are you looking to add assets like Bradford to be more competitive in the 2nd half or to sell assets and position for 2020? Even if we finish 0-16 with Sam at the helm do you really think the Johnsons are going to eat Gase's contract in year 1?
  3. If Darnold gets hurt or sick again all we're playing for is 2020 draft slotting anyway so Fales is probably the right guy in that scenario...
  4. On the flip side he may see a guy like Brian Cashman getting velvet rope treatment all over town and embrace the challenge...
  5. Agree on Bell altho he may be shot before things turn around, especially if JD embraces tank mode. But Jamal? I could easily seem him traded for draft capital...
  6. Douglas holding a press conference to say "I got this" and getting peppered with BS questions from Manish and Cimini does NOTHING to move this franchise in the right direction. Actions speak louder than words. Let's see what he does prior to the trade deadline Oct 29th. I'd be surprised if he's not active. My gut feel is we're going to be 0-7 or 1-6 and he's going to be selling...
  7. Nobody's disagreeing but he came in after the draft and after free agency. Unless something falls in his lap like a Diggs or a Ramsey forcing themselves off their teams he's mostly stuck with picking off rejects from the waiver wire or high risk trades like Thomas. JMO
  8. What exactly do you want him to do? Sign AB? Go full tank after 4 games? He choked on the kicker. Otherwise he's trolling the waiver wire just like every other GM trying to polish turds into diamonds...
  9. Great point. Does any one think the team improves by Joe D wasting his time taking BS questions from Manish?
  10. Al Woodall accomplished that with Dave Herman, Randy Rasmussen, John Schmidt and Winston Hill playing in front of him...
  11. I've seen a lot of bad Jets football in my life. The only guy who rates worse than Falk that I've ever seen play is Al Woodall. His career rating of 60.3 is lower than Falk's 62.4. Brister (72.3) and Bollinger (74.6) had some semblance of being able to function at an NFL level. For younger fans, Geno's career 72.7 gives some perspective how bad Woodall was...
  12. I don't understand the Robby hate. With the exception of Bell and maybe Herndon this team has NO playmakers. Why take a guy who can stretch a defense and let him walk for a comp pick lottery ticket? He's not a WR1 but assuming he's not nutting in anyone's eye off the field, I would retain him and draft a true WR1 to go with him and Crowder.
  13. I use Game Pass and I like it. I used to think having to wait until 8 pm to watch the game was brutal, but knowing in advance you're going to watch a crap game anyway makes the pangs of anticipation go away. Beats having to go to BWW and stomach a bunch of geriatric Pats fans in Brady jerseys...
  14. Has nothing to do with Joe D's feelings. It has to do with fact that Gase lobbied for this guy, won the battle with CJ to fire Macc and may not want to show him up by benching one of his key signings. Makes Gase look bad as well. That's all...

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