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  1. You have to put up with alot of political stuff if you follow him on Twitter...
  2. You make a good point. He basically stole a SB from the Falcons by making their D stay on the field forever. They ran 93 offensive plays and made 37 first downs, both SB records (actually both incredible when you think about it)
  3. I'm no film guy but there seems to be some correlation with our DL play dropping off and Snacks going to the Giants. Wilkerson and Richardson forgot how to play football after he left. Maybe that also exposed Leo...
  4. Cimini's poll of 8000 seems to fit pretty closely with what we're seeing on this thread: 58% pro-Bell. It's not a slam dunk in the minds of the fans...
  5. Agree on Mangini. But at same time if I'm not mistaken Trader Mike had to move up for Dustin Keller as well as Harris so I guess they complimented each other...
  6. Is there a "tank" forum? Isn't it about that time we should also be debating trying to avenge the Bills loss with a meaningless win and developing Darnold with a lame duck staff vs. putting him on ice, letting McCown (Webb?) play out the string to 3-13 and start the "Blow for Bosa" chant?
  7. Right now if you were a top tier HC candidate which would you consider to be the better situation to step into? Jets with Darnold or Cleveland with Mayfield? I think you could make the case we'd be looking at sloppy seconds given the pieces they already have and the fact that their GM Dorsey seems to know what he's doing...
  8. peekskill68

    Where do you stand on Maccagnan?

    Agree. It will limit the list of HC's willing to come here if you don't start with a clean slate. And the HC will be a recruiting factor with free agents.
  9. peekskill68


    It's not just the Steelers. Look at the talent pools that the Saints and Chiefs have developed from their middle rounds...
  10. peekskill68


    Mac was hired specifically because he was championed as a talent evaluator. He has failed at that. 'nuff said...
  11. I guess I am biased for two reasons. One is it feels like very few big money FA signings ever work out. It seems like once these guys get their money, something changes. Two is RB has got to be the worst Risk/Reward position to dole out big money. The odds of injury and performance drop off are higher there than with just about any other position. If we knew how to draft we wouldn't have all this cap space. We'd be signing our in house talent to extensions...
  12. Chubb = 2nd Round. Kamara = 3rd Round. Hunt = 3rd Round. Conner = 3rd Round. What am I missing here (other than the fact that its the Jets needing to scout and find a similar guy)?
  13. With our current OL, he'd be a waste of money. With our lack of other weapons opposing D's will stack the box. Bell had A Brown creating space for him. Gurley has Cooks/Woods/Kupp. Kamara has Michael Thomas. Hunt has Tyreek Hill. All these high production RB's succeed behind decent OLs on offenses with multiple weapons. By ignoring the OL and whiffing on EVERY WR he's drafted, Mac has made the Jets a terrible landing spot for Bell unless all he cares about is money...
  14. Love the talent but feels very "Mevis" to me...
  15. No one on this board really knows how Adams is being received in the locker room. Sometimes rah-rah guys that don't make enough plays get tuned out...
  16. JA is young and he will learn. Right now he just needs to keep his mouth shut and play ball. Pretty soon he's going to get called out by teammates. Wouldn't surprise me if there aren't several plays a game where the guy goes big play hunting for Sports Center and winds up leaving an uncovered hole or zone that gives the offense an easy 20+ yds...
  17. peekskill68

    John Harbaugh

    There is no right and wrong formula. For every successful Parcells there's a failed Shanahan. Some retreads succeed (Belichick) while others fail. OC's succeed (McVay) and fail (Triestman). DC's succeed (Tomlin) and fail (Bowles). I don't think you can make a blanket statement on what works and what doesn't...
  18. peekskill68

    John Harbaugh

    Out of curiosity anyone know why Pete Carmichael of the Saints is never mentioned as a HC candidate? Is it just assumed that Payton does everything and he's a clipboard holder? Forgetting it's Brees for a sec, that team has done a great job finding and developing skill position talent...
  19. peekskill68

    #1 reason Todd should have been fired

    I'm watching this game. The Rams are driving and have a 3rd down inside or close to the Seahawk's Red Zone. 30 secs left to the end of the 3rd quarter. Play clock is set at 35. Goff gets the team up to the line and tries to hard count the Seahawks into an offsides knowing he doesn't have to run a play. It didn't work but I said to myself at the time, no way Bowles would have the game awareness to try this.
  20. What A-list HC prospect is going to consider the Jets if Mac is still here picking all the groceries?
  21. peekskill68

    It starts with talent

    +100 on the OL. People should go back and remind themselves of the OL talent we had when the team was winning. An example: Fabini, Kendall, Mawae, Moore and McKenzie were the starters in the Doug Brien playoff game back in 2004. Rex's OL was even better. Compare that to now...
  22. peekskill68

    Todd Kotite/Rich Bowles

    Mac's draft picks are not what I'm getting at. Rex transported two of his Ravens free agents to help run his defense and influence his locker room. Parcells had his guys too (Pepper Johnson, etc) What players did Bowles influence/recruit to come here?
  23. peekskill68

    Rapoport: Jets not Expected to Fire Todd Bowles

    What does waiting do? If we go 4-2 after the break is this some sort of signal from God to stay the course?

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