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  1. I'm trying to think of any big money signing in the NFL over the past few years where the player earned his contract and I'm struggling to come up with one. Not sure it's a Macc problem. Seems like it's a pretty common mistake throughout the league...
  2. I felt the same way watching the game yesterday. As impressive as the two throws to Anderson were, that out he threw to Kearse on I think a 3rd and 11 was a throw that neither Sanchez or Geno could consistently execute...
  3. Does anyone really think the fans would be less pissed off if Marrone had called off the dogs and took the knee? 25-12 or 31-12 or 33-12, the team was overmatched and outcoached the entire game...
  4. Agree with this. There are three 1st round picks over the last 4 years running around out there giving up 500 yds. I hate saying it but I bet Rex running the defense would have these guys playing better...
  5. peekskill68

    Bowles is a quitter

    I've defended this guy. No more. Today was it for me. Simply no progress is being made. Time to move on...
  6. peekskill68

    The Fitztragic cycle begins in Tampa

    Never. Grows. Old... https://youtu.be/FftFvwwxD2U
  7. peekskill68

    Jets Sign Jerimiah Attaochu

    This could be the best OLB currently on the team...
  8. After what Donald just got paid Mack's leverage went up. Not sure how many teams have the cap space to sign him to that kind of money (including the Raiders)
  9. The Giants D in the 80's was pretty special and it was more than just LT. Also, he won his 1st Superbowl at NE by beating the "greatest show on turf" led by Kurt Warner. Also the Jets D under Belicheck (and which Pepper Johnson played on) was pretty good too...
  10. peekskill68

    Dakota Dozier

    I thought Qvale looked pretty bad last night...
  11. peekskill68

    Jamal Adams - anti-Revis?

    I think the term for seeing Revis now is called recency bias. People tend to overemphasize what they saw last: an overpaid, out of shape, somewhat disinterested player. They tend to underweight the 2008-2011 player who was one of the best ever...
  12. peekskill68

    NY Jets Trade Christian Hackenberg

    For anyone that's ever traded stocks, Hack is that one bad position that you kept hoping would bounce, that you promised God you would go to church every Sunday for the rest of your life if you could just get back to break even, but that kept getting worse and worse...
  13. peekskill68

    Antonio Gates

    https://twitter.com/AdamSchefter/status/989968826535219202 This might make some sense especially for a young QB We have the money...
  14. peekskill68

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    We all watched all the games last year. Maybe it was Wilkerson, maybe it was more than that, but to me the DL played worse than the OL. We had some run game and our pass protection was average. We had NO QB pressure of any note from the DL and the run D dropped off quite a bit from the prior year. JMO...
  15. peekskill68

    Day-3 (Rounds 4-7)

    Macc is clearly saying he believes our JAGs on the OL are better quality than our JAGs on the DL. Pretty simple explanation...
  16. peekskill68

    Talent Available Rounds 4-7

    I really don't see the OL as being as bad as you. We upgraded at center, Winters was a cripple last year, we invested decent $$ into Beachum so he's not going anywhere, Carpenter was great year 1 and iffy year 2 and Shell is gaining experience. Biggest weakness to me remains NO PASS RUSH...
  17. peekskill68

    We should draft a second QB tonight

    Use free agency if there's a need for depth (if Bridgewater can't play). Why not Kellen Clemens Part 2? Season would be toast anyway...
  18. peekskill68

    Josh Rosen: Huge A-Hole!

    +100 How does his ego/personality play with his teammates? It's going to come out when times get tough...
  19. peekskill68

    Rosen vs Darnold

    Would you put Deshaun Watson above this year's class?
  20. Serious question since I don't watch much college: If Deshaun Watson was coming out this year would you rank him above Mayfield/Rosen/Darnold/Allen? Thanks
  21. Marvin Powell belongs on the list. So does Freeman McNeil. I would put Gerry Philbin > John Abraham and probably Shaun Ellis too.
  22. peekskill68

    Gil Brandt’s latest draft predictions

    I still think the Giants want Barkley over any of the QB's which is why I don't think they'll trade out of #2 since they fear Cleveland will take him at 4.
  23. peekskill68

    All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    That's not what I'm saying. And I wish it wasn't the case. But given there is no clear consensus that Rosen is the #1 QB in the draft I just think it's better to avoid alienating anybody regardless how idiotic you think they may be. Activism, whether your pro-Trump or anti-Trump, pro-guns or anti-guns, is always going to be irritating someone. It just isn't worth the hassle if you have comparable talent available without the controversy. Also, IMO it's not apples to apples with Vick. The ONLY reason he got any support is he did his time, admitted his failures and people believe in redemption.
  24. peekskill68

    All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    If the activist QB is clearly rated higher you take him. In this year, where there seems to be legitimate debate as to who the best QB is, why take a guy who is going to antagonize a part of the fan base (and maybe some of his teammates) vs. a 100% football guy?
  25. peekskill68

    All Draft QB Rumor Mill Thread

    I'm not disagreeing. In this particular year there seems to be no clear cut "better QB" as there are as many advocating for Rosen as Mayfield or Darnold. And unfortunately given the climate of the country now there is going to be a good sized part of the fan base that will struggle with the non-football stuff win or lose...

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