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  1. You guys are thinking about the old NFL. Teams are in nickel packages 75% of the time in today's game. People are questioning his ability in the run game need to realize he has only been playing LB for two years, he used to be a safety. His UPSIDE is ridiculous. People love to grades these cats and disregard and player development.
  2. Lmfao man whats up with these MFs diving head first with their neck downs....wtf
  3. A lot of people are counting on McDougle and eventually Milliner, but Marcus Williams has it now. He could be big time for us especially if Cro struggles.
  4. Miles and Pryor got to understand not every tackle is gotta be a big time stick. Tired of them diving into the dirt looking for a big time hit
  5. Understand the position...but why not just put your best guy out there. Guarantee Cumberland gets more snaps on him this season.
  6. Seriously dont get it...I dont buy this H-back bullsh*t.
  7. My bad jimmy graham was in that class too
  8. Notable players from the 2010 draft class: Suh, Gerald McCoy, Trent Williams, eric berry, joe Haden, Russell okung, earl thomas, jpp, iupati, maukrice pouncey, Kareem Jackson, demaryius Jackson, dez bryant, devin mcourty, tj ward, gronk, and Sean lee. Class was loaded
  9. SonnyJet

    2016 QBs

    the class seems very deep...we prob won't have to trade up too far
  10. Kelce actually ran a 4.4 at his proday...on tape it's not even close. In fact, I think Amaro should drop 10 pounds to be more explosive. 265 is too big for him, really Looks very stiff.
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