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  1. This post is lazy in any and all aspects....
  2. I kinda got tickled by the idea of running a venereal disease themed game cause the idea of it made me laugh. xD Would be tricky to assign CTM a role if he played since he prolly had all of them at one time or other... but I'll jump off that bridge if I get to it.
  3. Do you guys want me to try to run a game? It'll be as basic as possible and half assed from my part but I can try if you guys wanna play.
  4. This post lacks credibility btw.... Verbal gets lynched before me 100% of the times due to sexual ambiguity... plus he's kind of annoying where's I'm delightfully tolerable on my good days.
  5. I do my ignoring without involving technology. But it's nice to know that it's there. Missed you tho.
  6. I'm guessing there was a cop? If so was that the only PR town had? Cause if so I prolly would have given town a bit more to even things out and make it balanced. Some kind of counter to the bomb and the miller which favor scum....
  7. Suddenly feeling somewhat relieved I missed the sign up. Lol
  8. I hope you bolded it, made it at least 50 in size and put a spotlight on it just to be safe. Best of luck.
  9. I'd offer to help with vcs but I'm still laughing my ass off since the last time I offered....
  10. And here I thought you were an ass guy...
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