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  1. Nynaeve

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    You got most of it right. Chag Sameach. 😃
  2. Nynaeve

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    Ctm ❤️
  3. Nynaeve

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    Go for it. I appreciate ctm nominating me but I'm under a lot of time constraints
  4. Nynaeve

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    LK can win the troll category if he puts in the werk. ❤️
  5. Nynaeve

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    People keep saying mazel and I have no idea why. It's mazal in case you... well... care. It's totally fine if you don't 😃
  6. Nynaeve

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    Or "apparently celibacy leads to low sperm count, who knew?" thread....
  7. Nynaeve

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    Just admit that you're tapping that and we'll be cool. There's nothing to be ashamed of, Thingyman is somewhat attractive.
  8. Nynaeve

    Mafia Championship Season 6

    So I guess you're his favorite this year...
  9. Nynaeve

    Alcoholic Anonymous mafia game

    At least he can donate blood
  10. Nynaeve

    Congrats jetsfan80!

    I'll just stalk you on fb
  11. If there are enough players up for it I can run a booze game with loose chicks. If no chicks sign up though we'll have to strap a bra on 80 and turn off the lights.... we'll make due 😛 Basic game. lmk if anyone's interested. No hard feelings if you're not. interested: 1. Nolder 2. Crushluv 3. Possibly spoot, while working on an existential crisis.
  12. Nynaeve

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

  13. Nynaeve

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    God I hate my job
  14. Nynaeve

    Jets vs Patriots Mafia D3

    My question to her is because she could tie her train with you or avm. She chose avm. Wanted to know why I'm voting avm cause he seems kinda just there. Expected him more amped up after a long leave.

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