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  1. Is this an actual sign up? If so I think i can manage playing and dice has been looking to play too
  2. I might have rubbed off on him one too many times
  3. On Skype you never respond but then you suddenly pop in randomly. Bored?
  4. I only play here nowadays. So if it's offseason for them, it's offseason for me.
  5. The only good thing ive had happen to me since subbing out was finishing my tattoo without any adverse reactions. I'll show it off cause I wanna.
  6. Spoot ty for the save. No way I could keep up with the game. Thanks for modding, barry
  7. That's true. Barry doesn't get the concept of majority where's you don't get the concept of an unvote. The outcome however feels very similar
  8. Stark has a point tho. When you're getting lynched you should at least feel included and appreciated.
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