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  1. In case it wasn't clear, JC already had the gun that day phase.
  2. The gun slip was the reason I had no issue with it, no matter how it turned out
  3. I could play as long as it doesn't start before Wednesday cause I got a final...
  4. You know what was also in the back of my mind? That scumdice would shoot me n1 if he was scum. I guess defending him earned me some more days in the game which since I was a PR turned out to accidently be beneficial. As did our dispute.
  5. I slip him things all the time. Dice isnt the only recipient of my affection. Honestly didnt give ape or jif the gun cause I wanted more certainty. Giving it to jc was a calculated risk but I figured either he gets it or we lose it. Which felt like better alternatives than scum accidently getting it.
  6. Honestly I really did think there were 3. Which is why I didnt sweat the mislynch cause JC signaled me that he got the shot so I knew dice was going down if he was lying. So that tripped me up.
  7. Should have tipped you off that it was anyone but Verbal then
  8. no I did get mad however that you viewed me cause I really needed some insight lol
  9. I guess there's more than one way to make a fella happy
  10. I don't hide as scum behind a statement I made before the game started.
  11. I'm mostly glad I didn't gift scum, cause that was my main concern.
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