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  1. I'm satisfied knowing I'm hanging with just the right crowd...
  2. I dont think I've seen JC this intense in a game lol he's always so spazzy. Heh And at least we got Crusher. That's the only thing I wanted lol
  3. Nah. I always claim vt as scum, except this game. Because I don't do it well.
  4. Yeah. Hess was a trooper. I apologize to everyone really. Had a job crisis and I really did want to sub out but I didn't want to ditch jvill and hess if there were no sub prospects so I sort of dragged along. GG everyone and thanks for modding jvill
  5. I dont understand all the omar commantary. Shouldn't be our focus today.
  6. I wouldn't know where to start honestly. Just got home a bit ago and have to be up in 7 hours. Still think either ctm or jc need to swing.
  7. I got like 10 mins before I have to hit the sack. I skimmed through this sh*t show and decided I dont really give a **** anymore. Feels like I've been swimming against the current for days. I thought about JC's rationale irt sussing me and it doesn't make sense and is kinda hypocritical. I did see his "change of hearts" post (which I think CTM was wondering about) but I didn't buy it. Felt like he could be baiting me not to self protect. Then he kept pointing at ctm and hess iso. Then went back and forth with barry. Now that he claimed it's back to me. He's all over the place. Feels like any lynch will do. Lizzie is maybe the only one he didnt go at length about. At first I thought it could be frustration but he's well past that point for me. I think he did a hell of a job throughout the game keeping the facade but he's been slipping. unvote vote jc
  8. Sunday and Monday I'll be a lot on the road so I'm not sure how much I'll be able to check in. I'll do my best.
  9. Not that I think you care much about what I think, but I'll bite. I don't mind hess or have seen something that made me lean scum. I'm more wary of CTM. Was okay with Lizzie before but at this point of the game he should get a lot more involved or hang. You have been my strongest town read but your erratic behavior is making me doubt that. atp Barry seems most solid to me. What you're spewing makes no sense. Just FYI,
  10. I'm not scum And you're using some twisted reasoning where I was supposed to doc kdles cause you said you'd guard me after hounding me for pages to no end. If it was actually your priority to keep kdles alive then you should have guarded him. Period. And I literally just said in my post that your claim gave you credence since you didn't counter me. Are you even reading what im saying? Thirdly you want to tell me that the game is set up with scum with bpvs, a third party/vig with shots and town gets one weak protective role that even if he manages to protect correctly it's a one time deal cause he dies? Tell me something. If you're so universally town read and an outed PR, how are you still alive? You've been tunnelling me to the point of exhaustion. Maybe you should take a moment and think why you're still around. Assuming I'm even right about you.

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