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  1. Do I wanna know what curmudgeon means? Lol
  2. It's not that I don't wanna play in your games as of rule, we just tend to disagree a lot on certain key factors that it makes it a bit tiresome... I suspect for both of us. But I'll play if you need bodies.
  3. I could be persuaded though I usually shy away from Nol games
  4. See that's like double the sin for me so it makes it even more delicious than it looks
  5. It's hazing you for taking 2 weeks to respond. I like it.
  6. It kept waking him up. Bad for his rem cycle.
  7. Does the first look like a phoenix though? I avoid color cause it tends to fade more than black... but if I were to add color it'll definitely be red...
  8. Woo, pm me the ones you have if you feel like showing me. I found four I'm seriously considering. Thing is I've always avoided colors in my tats. But the Phoenix might lose some effect without it. I like the colored one the most. Thoughts?
  9. I also lost a lot of weight so that is prolly a contributing factor
  10. So I'm already thinking about the concept of my next tat. I'm thinking maybe do a phoenix. Still looking through the net to find a design I like. Maybe I'll post it here for feedback. Also I got bangs!
  11. I think Stark is prolly town if only by the way he went at me irt Crusher early on. You trended up after the whole barry debacle. But I think Barry might be town too and you were engaging in v/v violance. I still dont trust Nolder. Not too kin on JiF and Crusher towards eod. Pac's semi claim is something I never roll with. I was expecting him to go on record by now. Smash is a question mark and I'm pretty sure he left without consolidating on anyone.
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