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  1. gee thanks. Makes me really want to put in effort.
  2. I could run a basic game if you guys want. Got holidays coming up so id have time.
  3. At the end of the day, "knowing who was who" didnt help you much because I was in better standing and less likely to get lynched between you and gata. And that happened to benefit you in the long run.
  4. No. If you had pushed for me you prolly would have just gotten yourself lynched cause I would have joined gata in lynching you. But sure lets keep it at you "wanting to keep me alive to shoot 80"
  5. I dont have a mad. You're going on as if you set up everything and I followed your plan like a puppet. Im just saying that's not the case and that it seems kind of unbecoming of you to paint it that way. Would have expected that kind of talk from others.
  6. Weird seeing this type of bragging from you but so be it. Gonna turn in. Ty for the game nolder Gg everyone Diseased verbal still sucks Dice - i decided to kill you 😛
  7. You making it sound like you set out the path for the tie. Maybe I should remind you that gata's train went totally stagnant for days so... *shrugs*
  8. 80 couldnt target himself so he was the obvious shot.
  9. So what? The kill would have been 80 regardless of your reveal
  10. I dont understand why 80 didnt protect stark...
  11. If spoot voted you i would have voted you. As you would if the situation was reversed. Otherwise I would have voted with you.
  12. I think ctm was teamed with verb and you with crushluv
  13. Lol if you think I was in a scum team with verb
  14. You should have known that before this game. Now stop with the act. You and ctm already won anyhow.
  15. Gata flips town and of course I'm your only scapegoat now. Nice try, buddy.
  16. What? I was surprised. I almost made an expression.

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