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  1. A lot of love in the thread lol Mostly self love but still
  2. I do the same with you. It makes my heart sing.
  3. Agree to disagree. It could have been a lot better.
  4. I prolly won't stop watching it... but it was a bit of a let down.... and im being charitable in my criticing lol
  5. It hasnt. That's why I came here in hopes of some blood shed. Then I got to see beaver mislynched for the 100000th time. Felt a bit anticlimactic...
  6. Seems more like Verbal so far... maybe he's doing a metamorphosis thang...
  7. Im good. Been pretty busy. Jvill slipped me a crisp 20 to get you lazy asses to start playing... he wouldnt go with my offer of insta modkilling 80. Le sigh
  8. Id tell you to play dead but it looks like you've got it pretty well covered.... lol
  9. It made me chuckle that I come in to say hi just as beaver gets creamed. Classic. Hai guys
  10. This post is lazy in any and all aspects....
  11. I kinda got tickled by the idea of running a venereal disease themed game cause the idea of it made me laugh. xD Would be tricky to assign CTM a role if he played since he prolly had all of them at one time or other... but I'll jump off that bridge if I get to it.
  12. Do you guys want me to try to run a game? It'll be as basic as possible and half assed from my part but I can try if you guys wanna play.
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