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  1. His 2nd page of iso, 80 votes ape, folds after two seconds and starts hounding spoot
  2. Additionally from iso, 80 was hard on kdels' ass all of d1. Loads of nudges, then trying to talk him down the ledge of self voting. What an a$$hole lol
  3. I think kdles voting crusher, all things considered, seems more like derp town. Crusher wasn't getting lynched and being on Crusher wasnt gonna gain him any favors. GS seems more fishy to me cause he moved to 80 only after crush got outed. And considering 80 was unlynchable plus his claim already served its purpose, it would be the smart move.
  4. Highlights from eod 2 Looks like GS didnt come anywhere near 80 prior to him claiming. He voted 80 for a couple of mins after he claimed then unvoted. Then after Crusher countered and 80 caught his fish, GS moved to 80.
  5. I'm not in the habit of lynching someone I think is town. You guys do your thing. Obviously I dont have this detailed explanation why you shouldnt. I'm mostly saying I think you're looking in the wrong place. Dice is a big boy. He's gonna have to be more transparent to you guys if he wants to be more conducive to finding scum. So I'm not throwing myself on a sword for him or anything. There's obviously a small chance I'm wrong. But I don't think I am.
  6. Obviously 80 had this whole thing cooked up to draw out Crusher when realizing he could potentially be the lynch. I'll have to check later when exactly 80 claimed cause it seems like he was at l-2 more than one time. GS might have moved his vote back to move things back to that direction.
  7. As far GS, his voting d1 he was mostly parked on me and didnt really go for beaver or kdles. D2 he voted ape, then spoot, then kdles, then jif. He did move to 80 when he was around l2. Then unvoted when the votes subsided. Then moved back to 80 later closer to dl.
  8. Mosty focused on kdles, ape and some jif. He did vote 80 on and off but seeing as a scummate would know he cant be lynched... it's not as telling imo
  9. Sure sure. No point in mentioning that it was a lol train cause it was Wednesday. You should vote me too! Totally busted
  10. He's town *shrugs* You guys seem to get insulted pretty easily and over not much considering the atmosphere.
  11. Nvm missed his flip cause it was buried in 80's flip post
  12. As an added note recsllibrating meant mostly that I was feeling unsure if my direction was correct and I was going to think it over. Not gonna reread the thread
  13. Honestly? I legit think you've been a douche this game. Which is why im taking a step back from you. I'll still voice my thoughts regardless but i dont even feel like conversing much with you. Maybe im wrong about you but atp I kinda lost interest
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