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  1. It bothers me that 80 never moved to vote for ape as his counter train. He stayed on spoot even when votes peeled off of him. Then claimed at L-2 and of course had to move to Crusher with the counterclaim.
  2. The no lynch stance rears its ugly head... lol FYI It goes to random if no majority is reached
  3. Just so you know... including yourself in your town pile is precious
  4. To whoever nixed 80, THANK YOU for helping me get through this difficult time. Much appreciated.
  5. God I hope not. Otherwise it's gonna be a long winter
  6. Be careful. If swallowed it can cause an obstruction... could end up in death... and the op can get really expensive
  7. They say in spanish... no hay mal que por bien no venga...
  8. You've been extra obnoxious this game and I dont really care for it.
  9. I dont disagree with any point here Also I think it's important to make the call to see where everyone lands on the matter... even if it ends with a mistake.
  10. On a personal note I started off having a lot of fun in the game but now I feel kinda drained from it. I hope that with the weekend coming up it'll help with the energy levels. So if I feel kinda flat, that's why..
  11. Not seemingly btw. I've been pretty upfront about it.
  12. It's cause I think he's town. I explained why. I understand it's not based on something that would seem solid to you but just like you have the knowledge and instincts with players like Crusher you've played with for ages, it's the same with me and dice. I wouldn't be sticking my neck out for him if I didnt feel strongly about it. His rationale is not something I'd go with myself but I dont think it's inherently scummy. One of the two was lying. The one who wasnt might have gotten targeted for a nk if scum has the balls to go there and risk getting blocked by protection. Ie it could have been self resolving in theory. I can stand here and say what I would have done at eod till I go blue, but I wasnt around and it's pretty meaningless after the fact. But I prolly wouldnt have opted to do what dice suggested.
  13. Gonna try to recalibrate and see where I'm at. I still think JC is a good direction tho. He feels wrong to me.
  14. Though I was feeling okay with him, considering. So lolme
  15. Glad I went to bed. EoD looks like a cluster****. Plus I would have been sad to be on a 80 train that didnt result in his death.
  16. Dicelogic makes more sense than nolderlogic, fwiw. But yeah I expect at least one stubborn push based on something that makes zero sense to me but I could sort of see what he means.
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