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  1. Is there a player in the game that wasnt fosed at one point by ape?
  2. I wont either prolly. DL is at like 1 am for me... and i got work tomorrow...
  3. I'm pretty sure I voted beaver before kdels even self voted (the self voting just confirmed it further for me and made me feel good about the vote)... kdels insistence not to vote his counter train so close to DL when his own train was leading by quite a bit, made zero sense to me. Yes, it was a contributing factor that beaver wasn't around and I said as much. I was weighing all the factors around it to make a call. I don't remember if I saw JiF's vote or not. Or if he voted before or after me. I have a good head on my shoulders but I don't remember that much detail. That's reserved for studying. I recall wanting a speedlynch on Barry. No one was following me on it (which in retrospect it's prolly good that they didn't lol).... and those were the only two viable trains close to DL. beaver was null so it seemed like a better alternative than lynching a town lean. It was a really rough EoD overall. I was frazzled but eventually found my footing.
  4. BTW at no point am I even taking credit for my part in it. Know why? Because we caught a lucky break. Most of us didn't vote beaver cause we thought he was scum. We voted beaver cause we thought kdels was town and beaver was his counter train. So the fact that anyone would be trying to take credit for any of this is laughable.
  5. The reason things shifted is because of kdles actions
  6. Keep on not liking it. It's dumb to lie about something in the game thread that can be proven so easily. This whole topic is also irrelevant. Even if spoot influenced someone to move to beaver, that doesn't mean anything irt his alignment. It could still be bussing if he was clever enough to see where it was going to shift.
  7. I'm not voting anyone today that isn't Ape or JC. You guys have fun.
  8. Go read my posts in the span of the two hours from DL. THAT'S the reason I landed on voting beaver and was leaning on others to follow suit. You asked me why the quote is there. I didn't remember quoting him, so I looked back to check. I didn't address him at all. I merely commented that at least kdels showed up. And since I don't remember quoting him, and obviously his quote IS there, that means it was done accidently because I legit don't recall having anything specific to say to spoot. And just in general, I wouldn't lie about something that can be so easily checked. Mostly cause it's dumb as **** and I am not dumb, unless you're asking ape.
  9. I have over 200 posts in this game thread. So so very sorry that I can't recall how spoot's quote ended up in my post. But if you bothered reading all my posts in the span of around 2 hours from EoD 1, it'll be pretty clear that the reason I landed on voting beaver wasn't "Cause Spoot voted him".
  10. You're legit voting me for quoting someone I didn't even remember quoting while I was voting scum? LOL I'm not even voting spoot so that makes zero sense to me. What possible motivation would I have to lie about something this insignificant?
  11. So what? did I say "OMG SPOOT MADE ME SEE THE LIGHT!!! I'M GONNA RIDE INTO THE SUNSET WITH HIM!!" I don't even get why this is a thing. I was literally preaching to everyone that no way kdels does this as scum cause it made no sense and I tagged people on his train and on randoms to move to beaver.
  12. Yes, I have the gift of sight, good on me. I don't make a habit of voting for someone just because someone else voted him first. Not sure why you think it's so important.
  13. I don't recall it. Might have been an accident cause I don't recall talking to you specifically. I think I made it pretty clear why I thought kdels wasn't scum and why I was choosing to vote beaver over him. I just remember explaining the rationale to crusher.
  14. lol NAI - Not alignment indicative FOS - Finger of suspicion
  15. I didn't like Nolder's take on the matter and I was pretty vocal about it. But he has certain ideals about mafia that tend to be pretty radical which is why I've learned not to incorporate that into my read. You're of course free to think as you please, but that's my take on it. I don't feel like he was saying those things as an underhanded attempt to get kdels lynched, I feel like he was saying it because that's what he thinks is right.
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