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  1. Nolder felt like town from initial early game feels. He seemed very focused early on before he went ape sh*t and subbed out. It was a good look overall for him... with him I mostly separate things ie I look at how he's handling himself vs what he's actually saying cause I legit almost never agree with his take lol I said it at the time and I'll say it again now. I think Nolder's concept with VT claiming is NAI. I think he believed in what he was saying 100%. It's a principle thing with him and not the first (or last) time he'll do that. Which is to say I don't think he was nudging kdels at all. He was mostly speaking his mind. dice I just know how to read really well from playing together for over a decade. He came into the game sounding invested and determined. The way he regarded me is the way I expect him to, no signs that I saw of me making him nervous or him trying to cater to me. He feels very centered. So I feel pretty comfortable with his slot overall. It's not something I'm trying to "sell" to anyone, since it's based quite a bit on personal experience, but imo he's not a concern
  2. My vote had nothing to do with Spoot. I voted beaver solely based on kdles' reaction and self vote. Spoot's placement in the train doesn't clear him but it's not a bad look.
  3. Count your blessings. I don't need to drink tequila to have feelz. In fact I'm pretty sure tequila would have the opposite effect on me lol
  4. Arsis was one of the players that went hard on kdles irt his odd post where he voted drums. So he was opposite of a scum train. plus since d2 he kept trolling me and trying to spin a narrative where I was role fishing for asking kdles to claim when he was at L-2., that I was saying that voting for kdles was in itself scummy (I didn't). Also went on about me allegedly leaning scum on someone for not showing up at working hours and just a lot of spew that mostly served to detract from my stance. Plus he was trying to nudge the notion that kdles was scum with beaver, which is not impossible but I think is highly unlikely. Eventually he voted me saying I did my best to save beav and for fishing for claims on d1. He was working very hard, along with ape, to try to put me in a bad light. Later he got distracted by 80.
  5. Arsis. didn't think he was town. And JC hasn't really blown me away here
  6. well it would be nice if he voted based on scum lean vs information lol
  7. I think he means barry changed his mind from GS to Ape...
  8. Just go back to look at Gsexy's pics. It's a good distraction.
  9. As a rule, tagging me doesn't guarantee a response. I enjoy ignoring people at times. Not as much as killing 80, but it has happened before. lol
  10. What was there to address? I understood what he meant from the context of what he wrote. He said he didn't think I was town. It's a free country, it's okay to be wrong. Later when it was brought up as a fos, when some thought he was role fishing, I weighed in. I didn't see it as a ping at the time or now.
  11. Unlike ape, JiF's vote actually feels like he was just testing the waters. I don't think it's fos worthy at all, and considering where we're at train wise it's not a bad look imo.
  12. False. I did say that I think his comment came from an ignorance standpoint. Not sure what other acknowledgement you expected from my general direction. If I thought it merited a vote, I'd be voting him right now. So I think my feelings on the matter are pretty clear.
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