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  1. 15 minutes ago, Jetscode1 said:

    Yes, I realize that but we also have a gifter who enjoy passing out shiny objects.  I understand 80 had some juice but that sort of makes town a little over compensated.  Don't ya think?

    Not really. My role specifically, for example worked so if I gift someone, they can only really use it in the following night. Plus I could have just as easily given it to scum by accident... it's like a vig shot.. it can be anti town in the wrong hands

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Dicetosser said:

    well it seems there is an advantage to knee pain. im up at stoopid o'clock when you all are.


    So I dropped my vote that way to see what reactions I got. Jifs was par for the course. Expect him to blow up after this post.

    JCs was exactly what I expected. No thinking just come straight at me like he has all game.

    I was hoping someone would be over eager and show their hand but that was a bust.


    So im a JOAT. 1 doc 1 track 1 watch. N1 I self protected because of nolders rant and substitution.

    N2 I tracked 8 0. He went to Spoot

    Last night I watched Green. Only person who showed up was Jif. 

    I will also say that i didnt believe any of what Jif said last night. The ATE and the come kill me just read fake to me.


    so like i said  Vote Jif

    Why did you watch GS and not JC?

  3. 7 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

    just poe in this order dice/ape/kdels/gs 

    could swap kdels and gs, they're close

    • nyn & you confirmed town
    • jif uncontested doc claim
    • gs confirmed tracker - not confirmed town but unlikely he's out like this as scum tracker
    • kdels end of D1 doesn't look like something scum would do but he's useless
    • dice was in my lynch pile yesterday and putting stark at L1 on a Saturday after he said he was going to self hammer doesn't help.
    • ape seems scummy AF all game except he and jif basically smoked out a super scum role. 

    Going into D3 I had removed ape from my scum pile due to his role in the 80 lynch. nyn, dice, stark and gs were my scum list based on POE. 

    fwiw I would have hammered stark if it was a weekday. he's been pretty clear about how he feels about weekend play so running him up Saturday afternoon was just ass.


    You actually took that as jif claiming doc? lol

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