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  1. Well if you promise, that's a whole different story.
  2. Look guys... this chat is super but bagging beaver was pure dumb luck so aside from maybe stark... and kdels indirectly stirring us that way with his manic attack....we should mostly just be high fiving each other and leave it at that lol I think this might be v/v violence.... lets lynch ape or arsis
  3. There's something about your tone that I really like, fwiw. lol
  4. Btw you didn't quote it but like 45 mins from DL I tagged a bunch of people and asked them to move to beaver and wrap it up, which is when I got into an argument with drums where he claimed we had plenty of time and what was the rush. Which is why I'm amused that Arsis was trying to imply that I was pushing away from beaver. But w/e. All in all, I didn't peg beaver as scum and I said as much. He was null to me. But with him and kdles as lead trains and having to choose out of them two? I was a lot more sure of my lean on kdles which is why I ended up voting beaver, despite my hesitation.
  5. I probably would have ended up ******* up and voting kdles if he just voted beaver. But his actions were just so... out there... there was just no way i was voting him despite Nolder egging him on to self vote. With that said I don't think Nolder's actions reflect on alignment. I thought Nolder was prolly town and I think dice is prolly town, based on his content so far. Nolder just gets hung up on certain things which is why I really didn't want him expanding on the matter. A really exasperating eod overall....
  6. @Dicetosser https://www.tickcounter.com/ I cant find the old one we used in games but I came across this one via googling... should work
  7. Now suddenly I have to factor in rl stuff into game considerations? Lol as far as I'm concerned if it wasn't something said before the game started, it's irrelevant.
  8. I mean no one ever gave a **** what time a dl was for me. Or dice for that matter. If I was a lead train and even sometimes even when I wasn't, I'd get crap for it. I get that you feel like the champion of the working man, but no one gives a **** so get over yourself. Hiding and laying low as scum is a classic move, especially around dl when your ass is on the line. So I dont care which time the dl was on in your neck of the wood, comprende?
  9. How do you know beaver was busy at work and not in hiding, Arsis? Know something we don't? I get that you're mad that we caught a lucky break with lynching Beaver. But you gotta learn how to accept things you dont like and move on.
  10. What about the players who avoided his train by pushing the competing train or avoided both altogether? Any thoughts on any of them? Also why 80?
  11. Tell me more about what's pro town and what isn't. I'm riveted!
  12. @Integrity28 Remind me again how omgus works, would ya? lol
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