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  1. Im good. Been pretty busy. Jvill slipped me a crisp 20 to get you lazy asses to start playing... he wouldnt go with my offer of insta modkilling 80. Le sigh
  2. Id tell you to play dead but it looks like you've got it pretty well covered.... lol
  3. It made me chuckle that I come in to say hi just as beaver gets creamed. Classic. Hai guys
  4. This post is lazy in any and all aspects....
  5. I kinda got tickled by the idea of running a venereal disease themed game cause the idea of it made me laugh. xD Would be tricky to assign CTM a role if he played since he prolly had all of them at one time or other... but I'll jump off that bridge if I get to it.
  6. Do you guys want me to try to run a game? It'll be as basic as possible and half assed from my part but I can try if you guys wanna play.
  7. This post lacks credibility btw.... Verbal gets lynched before me 100% of the times due to sexual ambiguity... plus he's kind of annoying where's I'm delightfully tolerable on my good days.
  8. I do my ignoring without involving technology. But it's nice to know that it's there. Missed you tho.
  9. I'm guessing there was a cop? If so was that the only PR town had? Cause if so I prolly would have given town a bit more to even things out and make it balanced. Some kind of counter to the bomb and the miller which favor scum....
  10. Suddenly feeling somewhat relieved I missed the sign up. Lol
  11. I hope you bolded it, made it at least 50 in size and put a spotlight on it just to be safe. Best of luck.
  12. I'd offer to help with vcs but I'm still laughing my ass off since the last time I offered....
  13. And here I thought you were an ass guy...
  14. No... TG from DM. Used to play a lot of mafia. He's cool.
  15. In a way. If you ask who's prolly gonna die d1 it'll be 80. Or other questions like who's gonna send everyone pms with a pic of their junk or who's unable to count votes properly even if their life depended on it... knowledge is power. Netflix merely offers themes for the actual mocking platform.
  16. Btw TG reached out and wants to play whenever a game starts...
  17. You can put me as a sub since im guessing there's no room left
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