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  1. Spoot ty for the save. No way I could keep up with the game. Thanks for modding, barry
  2. That's true. Barry doesn't get the concept of majority where's you don't get the concept of an unvote. The outcome however feels very similar
  3. Stark has a point tho. When you're getting lynched you should at least feel included and appreciated.
  4. Yeah, sorry. Between covid sh*t at work and finishing my tattoo I hardly had any time or brain power for anything else. I'm hoping it gets more chill tomorrow and I'll try to catch up
  5. FYI, this is one of the reasons it took you over 30 years to get laid.
  6. Gotta say I'm kinda disappointed I got literally no attention so far. Then again if the last couple of games are any indication, I guess I'm the kind of girl that attracts attention at bedtime. lol also hey
  7. Prolly Though to be fair you usually do most of the heavy lifting
  8. In Corona business might make me scarce
  9. I'm always a PR? feels like I've almost always been scum lately but okay lol
  10. But seriously, things are getting bad with covid and I'm swamped at work. Otherwise I would have
  11. First I get put down and then crushluv? I guess they have something against sexy thangs
  12. The fun part is that it won't necessarily be intentional
  13. The last couple of games make me feel semi stalked and semi special
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