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  1. 3 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

    To be fair it helps when players are around to claim so we don't do this but I know that's not always possible. 

    People sign up for games and then several end up contributing sparsely, often by no fault of their own.  That's the real culprit.  We all want to play Mafia but only a few players in a given game have time.  It happens.  Its Summer.  @The Crusher is naked on vacation, with @JiFapono trying to get a good look, and @Integrity28 is drunk and on vacation.  @Nolder naps and @Beaver starts playing 15 minutes to the deadline, starting the train on you in the process.  @Pac starts playing when there are dead bodies.  @Nynaeve is always up front that she won't be around.  

    Yeah, sorry. Between covid sh*t at work and finishing my tattoo I hardly had any time or brain power for anything else. I'm hoping it gets more chill tomorrow and I'll try to catch up

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